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Answer from Skype RE: Green Screen

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Novel Adventurer

I think everybody who upgraded to ICS has the "Green Screen" problem. After emailing, posting to support, twitter, and live chat I got an answer from "live chat" team!! Here is Skypes response: 




Following your chat support session, I’m here to help you further with your Skype green video issue on HTC Vivid with Android 4.0.

As we understand, your Skype is showing green video after you updated your HTC Vivid to Android 4.x.
Please note that our developers are aware of this issue and the fix for this issue has been developed.
Unfortunately, we are unable to give you an exact date of release for this fix since it needs to undergo testing for several devices, so we ask for your patience whilst this update is released.
Should you have any further questions regarding Skype, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards


Skype Customer Service Specialist

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Novel Tourist

Has this issue been resolved yet?  When I skype someone from my HTC Vivid, it appears that it is working, but the person I'm skyping with sees a green screen instead of me.

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Casual Adventurer

It's great that they realized this, and that they will give us the update. Now, all we have to do is wait...It's fine, at least we know we will get it! 

Thanks for posting this response!

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Casual Adventurer

Any update on the "ICS 4.0 - Green Video Issue"?  Does it still remain un-resolved for un-rooted devices?


HTC Vivid (AT&T)

Android 4.0.3

Sense 3.6


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Novel Adventurer

FWIW, I upgraded to ICS on an HTC Sensation Plus on T-Mobile about 3 weeks ago. 


Unfortunately, I had not used Skype on this device before the upgrade to ICS so I can't provide an earlier data point.


The phone has 2 cameras, one facing 'forward' (180 degrees opposite the viewing screen of the phone to allow viewing what the camera sees on the screen) with the other camers pointed the exact opposite way to view the person looking at the screen for webcam calls of course.


The person at the other end of the call sees the very low res picture that is monochromatic green.


The interesting part is when I am looking at the screen, the little PIP of myself is NOT green so the signal from the camera is color-balanced and the color-balance goes off elsewhere.


But Skype says they have already identified the problem and worked through it but need only to test the solution.  It does seem like it is taking a long while to get this resolved...  But thanks all the same Skype.

Casual Adventurer

Yup, I emailed HTC recently, since Skype is pointing the finger at them & they recommended I contact HTC to resolve the issue & HTC responded on the 23rd of June:

"Dear Mr. Antonio,

I know how handy it is to keep in touch with your friends and I will be glad to help out. Although I don't have a specific ETA on the next firmware update for your device, the kind of driver update that the Skype admin was discussing would generally be part of a maintenance release. While we cannot guarantee compatibility with third party applications please keep an eye out in the future for updates as they are made available.

Thank you for being a part of the HTC community. I hope you are having a great weekend!

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In other words, no fix yet!!!

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