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Android update makes LG nexus 4 reboot when on skype

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Gah, I spoke to soon... it worked for a while then started crashing again x(
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Yeah same problem. My skype, as of 4.3 update, will now restart my nexus 4 during my video calls. The randomness is real annoying, I mean it can restart again within 2-5 mins of starting up the call again, it can also settle down and not restart for hours like it did last night..
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My Skype is up to date but it rebooted my nexus 4 16gb phone after a few mins into a call. I love Skype more than hangouts but if it's not fixed soon I will have to delete Skype for good. It has become a useless app taking up space in my phone. This is sad. Please fix this problem soon Skype team!
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My Android is 4.3.... Same problem

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Dear Skype

Please fix this

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it has happend to me also ... they must fix that bug

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the same problem describes goes for me after update to android 4.3

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I have the same problem.

It's very annoying...

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Come on guys, this need to be fixed!

I'm switching to Google Hangouts, until it's fixed.

nexus 4 with 4.3 stock not rooted.


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This is a disgrace for both teams skype and android. We use skype a lot to communicate with friends and family abroad and this problem frustrates us a lot. Fix it please.

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