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Always busy signal trying to connect to Portugal landline from Skype Mobile (verizon)

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Novel Tourist

Can't connect to Portugal landline from a Verizon droid mobile phone...

  • Using latest Skype Mobile app, basically get busy signal
  • Using latest Skype app, basically disconnects immediately with no dial tones
  • Even signed up for Skype Number To Go (specifiying landline in question), get voice message that it can't connect due to being busy
  • Using same app(s) on phone, have NO trouble getting through to Portugal mobile line contact or voicemail

To test did following (on various days and times [morning and afternoons {EST}]):

  • tried several consecutive attempts to connect (with either phone app), but no success
  • then immediately using regular home phone to direct dial same Portugal landline, it connects and have conversation with the party on the other end
  • upon completing call with regular home phone, tried to callback using phone apps ...but got the same results as before with either busy signal or immediate disconnects.

Please help.


Whole reason for purchasing credit was to call this Portugal landline which has not been successful at all. For testing, was forced (to use up credit) to call Portugal mobile line knowing that I would get their voicemail just to verify where issue may be ... which is Skype since regular home phone has no issues calling it.


Thanks in advance...

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Casual Tourist

I'm having the same issue dialing from Australia from my laptop number 351 21 4423712?

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