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Ainol Novo 7 Basic - MIPS Platform - Development Support Request

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how can i install skype on ainol novo 7 paladin i did not found on net please help

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I have purchased Ainol Novo 7 Paladin. Same problem occur in this tab. Did not install skype. I have installed with the help of Magic Code but it did not log in and closed when i want to connect skype.


I have installed a skype version which only support text message but did not support voice and video.


It run properly but it did not support voice call.


Please develop skype application for Ainol Paladin and basic.


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no video support on Ainol Aurora ((((, Skype please solve this at least.

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I recently purchased the ainol novo 7 advanced ii for my nephew for the purpose of being able to "Skype" on... but same issue, video does not work.  We can just hear each other.  Will we ever get to make skype video calls on this tablet?

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Does anyone else get the feeling that Skype (and Microsoft) have no intention at all in porting to a MIPS platform ?


After all Microsoft are investing heavily into ARM based tablets with Win8 and it seems they have no real incentive to expand such a useful application onto a competing platform that is a 10th of the price.

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Please, add skype for mips !! :happy:

Please, add skype for mips !! 

Please, add skype for mips !! 

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Come on Skype.make us happy with MIPS support ))))
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After 6 monts from 1st post,and no even simple answer,yes ,will be,or not




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I think we have to rate them bad.. so thes learn respect us and give us an answer!!
I need Skype on MIPS
there are enough people with MIPS tablets!!
they could make more money!
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please i have Novo7 Basic Tablet Why you wont to make skype Support Mips

Many People replay say Want it And It Will Make More Money for you


really We Want Skype Support Novo 7 Basic We Waiting.....................

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