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Ainol Novo 7 Basic - MIPS Platform - Development Support Request

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Novel Tourist
Another one with this device. waiting eagerly for skype for Novo7/MIPS processor
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Novel Tourist

Another with a MIPS android tablet plattaform that needs skype for it. I think that Skype developers have to do something for us.

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Another one here waiting

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I think it would be a good idea to give us a version of skype video call to our basic ainovo. mips processor
Know how many were sold in the world?


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Another one here too. Skype was to do it,if i recall well from summer 2010.

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Another novo 7 basic user here that wants to install Skype...

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I'm also waiting for this.

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Hello, this another Ainol Novo 7 Basic user. A Skype version supporting MIPS would be strongly appreciated. Kind regards,
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The Novo 7 Basic I have is no slouch running ice cream sandwich, but I bought it to use as a skype phone because it has front and back cameras and I've found ways to make everything I need to run on it work except for Skype.

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Even though all of us Basic user might not come here there many many of us that really would like this. Thank you would love skype install!

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