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2.5 update - More videocalling + Bluetooth support

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Community Manager

We are happy to announce the availability of the new 2.5 update to our Skype for Android app. This update adds videocalling support for several new devices (especially a wide range of Android tablet devices. We heard you there!) and improves the bluetooth support. Besides we also did several improvements all around the app: 

  • Rotation (portrait orientation) and zoom during video calls
  • In-app advertising for free users (not enabled on some smaller screen sizes)
  • Improved Bluetooth audio support 
  • New emoticon set 
  • Revised ‘Recent’ view, in line with desktop clients 
  • Global search removed, to prevent app restarting on close
  • Ability to edit/remove chat messages 
  • Ability to join an existing group call

So please head over to the Android Market (or scan the QR code) on your device and get your Skype upgrade. Again we are looking forward to your feedback on this release. Did you try video calling on your device already? Does your Bluetooth device work with Skype?

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Casual Tourist

I updated the Skype software to the latest version on my HTC EVO 4G phone.

The only issue I have is how do I get the bluetooth headset to work for making Skype calls?


Thank you

              Earl R Chance 

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Novel Tourist

Do you now support LG G2X also? i.e Do you now support NVIDIA TEGRA DUAL CORE processors?

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Novel Adventurer

no love for the Motorola Droid X yet?  me cries.

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Novel Tourist

So while you updated Skype, Finally, to allow my Iconia to use video calling, you updated it for HC 3.1, rather than HC 3.2? Which most users are getting to with Acer starting to push OTA in the US, and already has in many other countries. What's the deal?

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Novel Adventurer

Video calls work fine on Xoom. And yes Tegra 2 devices are now supported. 


I have seen one bug : all Skype is stuck in landscape after a video call. If I want to put it back in portrait view. I have to force close Skype and restart it. 

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Novel Adventurer
FYI : My Xoom is in 3.2.1.And it still works.
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Reliable Adventurer

it's now 3 months after the skype 2.0 release that introduced a lot of issues for people, and not a single bug/usability issue has been addressed (other than video-related ones). yet this forum is filled with over 4000 posts, the vast majority of which are from people complaining about the same 10-15 things that skype refuses to even acknowledge.




there are plenty of decent skype alternatives out there. i am done waiting for you to make a usable, bug-free client and moving on, along with the majority of my friends.

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Casual Adventurer

It says it supports Lg Optimus 2x, but i tried it and it was stuck first and after i restart the video options are gone......not even in settings....???

what happened....if crashes you disable video forever or?

and where's the supported bluetooth phones list???

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Community Manager
Did your try enabling videocalling via the app's settings on the Droid X?

Zeroalphawolf: Are you saying Skype isnt working on the 3.2-updated Iconia?

ibraheempindi: I think there is no list of tested bluetooh devices. Just give your's a try and share your experience here.

rossen: we are constantly working on fixing bugs that affect our users. What's bugging you most right now?

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