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2.5 update - More videocalling + Bluetooth support

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Neither my bluetooth works or the speakerphone. The only way it works is when I have it plugged into the radio speaker.
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Still does not work on my phone (neither front or back cameras), I removed old one before installing new one:
LG Optimus 3D Lg-P925G
Android 2.2.2
Kernel Version
Build FRG83G
Software Version LGP925g-V10c-JUL-20-2011

Rogers Network.
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The video is still not working on my HTC Jetstream. Any idea when that will be fixed?
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I'm Android platform developer.

There is my devices infomation.
- Qualcomm MSM8660 1.2GHz Dual core
- 7” WSVGA (1024x600)
- Android 3.2.1 (Honeycomb)


I'm installed skype(V in my devices.
But skype camera didn't work for video calling.
Of course, I did enable video calls in the settings.
I can see others' video but nobody can see mine no matter what camera I use.


Please, let me know why camera don't work for video calling.




Here's quick workaround for bluetooth headset to work with skype:
(tested on Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Gingerbread android, newest skype, several Bluetooth headsets)
-Quit Skype (task manager->exit)
-Disconnect your bluetooth headset (in settings\network)
-Plugin your wired headset (any will do)
-Open skype and make sure the audio go through your wired headset (make a test call then end)
-Press home (this put skype in a standby mode in memory, not quit)
-Unplug your headset and connect your BT headset.

-Make a call to your voicemail then end it to make sure audio go through BT
-Restore skype. It will be trick into thinking it is still using the headset while it is actually using the BT. As long as you don't quit skype or disconnect the BT, it will stay working.
Works for me.

BTW if it works for you too, please go and post around the net so other people will know.

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Hi, Skype video call doesn't work on phone but voice call is working fine. Looking forward for newer update.
Motorola XT319 - Android 2.3.4
Novel Tourist

I have the same problem with my Motorola Razr. No Bluetooth connection. Video don't work either


Novel Adventurer

I can connect via voice but the video does not work on the Samsung Galaxy 8.9.  Any resolution to fix this?  

Former Staff

How do you mean the video does not work?  Have you tried enabling it in the settings menu?

Product Manager - Building the Skype for Android app...
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Can you please help me on below.


I do have China android 2.2 table.


1) Do it supports skype vedio call.

2) From were can i find the skpye app for my androind ?

3) and which version will be best for my android.



Thank you in advance.