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2.5 update - More videocalling + Bluetooth support

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Hi pquroga

Thanks for the detailed report. This is a known issue, and we are close to resolving. Thanks for your patience, and keep an eye out for our next update to the app.


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I have a Jabra Clipper Bluetooth device and it doesn't work with the new skype. Any news on when it will?

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Im having an issue with the Samsung Galaxy s2.  running 2.3.4 / sgh i777 model.  i have video calling enabled but no video calling option is ever available on anyones contact.  i have installed it/ re-installed it several times and it still doesnt show up. ive read others with the same issue i just dont know if its been resolved or what. any idea if this is being addressed or am i missing something.



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Hello Dan,


I am using Skype 2.5 on both a Google Nexus One and on a Sprint HTC Evo 4G, both received one year ago from Google at the Google I/O conference 2010.


On the Nexus One, Skype works perfectly with the rear camera. And video streams nicely even to an iPad 1. Congratulations! This is brilliant!


On the Sprint, I cannot see any "enable video call" option in the settings, I see the settings menu but no video...


Can you help with this?




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Hi folks


Thanks for all the really useful feedback.  Many of you will have noticed that we published a further update to our app today, Skype for Android v2.5.0.106.  This is a small, but significant release, since it fixes many of the bugs that our users have been complaining about:

- It's now easier than ever to enable video calling, since if your device is capable, we offer you an option on first login

- Improved audio quality across all devices

- HTC Evo - fix for the rotated video during calls

- Motorola Bionic/Photon/Xoom - fixes for the login issues some folks have had

- Fix for bluetooth issues, particularly on devices running Android 2.1.  This also resolves the issue many people have complained about, where the ringing does not stop after answering a call


We also fixed a number of other bugs that were reported, or that we found.


Please let us know how you get on - I hope you'll see an improvement if you had been having problems recently.  If you still have issues, then please let us know, but take note of the post Claudius made recently about how to ensure we have the right information to investigate.


Thanks, and enjoy,



Product Manager - Building the Skype for Android app...
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Skype for Android v2.5.0.160

mic works only when loudspeaker button is pressed


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I just tried new version on GT-P1000(2.2). camera is not working both of them. Green picture with only partial real pictrue rotated 90degrees. Bu I get that.

What's bugging me is that Bluetooth support for Bt microphon is not solved. I have AADP BT-headset but BT mic is not connected only headphones. That is so much more important to me than video calling.





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For those with the Evo rotation problem, uninstall the previous version before installing this fixed version.  When I did an upgrade the problem was not fixed.  I needed to uninstall first, install new, then the rotation problem disappeared.



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Same problem as oseloth, since the first update 2.5 the back camera in my Samsung Galaxy P1010 shows green picture with only partial real picture sending to the other person, i see ok the video of the other person. In the information option the video resolution is set to 320x240 I think thats the main problem, we have no option to change the resolution of the video in the skype app. The galaxy tab has a bigger resolution than 320x240. This was working ok before the 2.5 realease. Please fix this for the next version. This was already informed in this forum as a problem. Onother problem informed is the front camera in froyo 2.2 not working with skype, and no response from the skype people. How is that you can alternate beetween the front a back cameras in the qik app and in the skype app this is not posible.

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Received V on my Acer A500 running Honeycomb 3.2.  My previous problem was that the volume control is completely ignored and the speaker volume is set at maximum and cannot be lowered.  Even if the volume control is set to mute the speakers they are still are at maximum.  This is a real porblem when using a earphone or headset as the volume is quite loud.


The above new version did NOT solve the volume control problem.  Please advise when this problem will be corrected.