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Enable two step authentication?

Casual Tourist

How would I go about enabling two step authentication? I need to do this as I believe my account may have been compromised, I have already changed my password but I want extra security from this happening again.

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Community Ambassador

Two-step authentication is currently only available on Microsoft accounts.  If you have a Microsoft account you can enable two-step authentication by following the guidance here:

Novel Tourist

The problem with this approach is that the skype-only account, based on login/password, remains active. In this way, the two steps verification offered by the Microsoft account becomes useless from a security point of view. Do you know whether there is a way to disable the skype-only account?

Community Ambassador

You can unjoin your Skype account from your Microsoft account but that won't disable your Skype account.  Not having an account joined or TV/Phone account enabled is the only way to eliminate the single authentication of a Skype account from a Microsoft account.   You can abandon your old account and clear out personal info from a severed account but you can't add a second form of authentication to a legacy Skype account.

Casual Tourist

Haha this suggestion is really dumb since the problem was came from the comprimised skype account alone not MICROSOFT. Someone is still able to access the skype account even if you had activated two-step verification on MICROSOFT ACCOUNT.

Total **bleep**

Casual Tourist

My account was hacked on Friday. Just now recovered it. Having no two step verification for skype is a lame excuse.


My account had been hacked at the some time too. (11/6)

And linking SKYPE account with MS one seems to be a dumb choice because, once SKYPE suspend it, MS suspended too.


Novel Tourist

Got hacked, most probably thanks to the new skype web beta - and no 2 factor auth .. as people wrote, thats just horrible.


But as Microsoft is known, this will be introduced in about 10 years, when people moved to "4 technolgies further auth" - you will introduce it hear.


Microsoft has become better, but still, in some areas, you are like you always have been. 50 steps behind.

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Got hacked today. All folks in my skype contacts got spammed. Frustrating.
Novel Tourist

Got compromised as well, there really needs to be 2FA available.

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