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Can no longer see contacts' local time

Casual Adventurer

Even Skype awarding me a "You earned the Round of Applause badge on Skype Community" just now means the morons count messages  and kudos but take absolutely NO NOTICE of the contents. NakiBest, join the forgotten customers of this inept and incompetent organisation, this conglomerate of fools.

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I too miss this feature, which I referenced frequently. Is there a better way to voice my concern to Skype?


Contacts in all North American time zones, Ireland, India, etc.


Skype on Windows 7


This is a work-around:


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Novel Adventurer

It was recommended earlier in the thread to go to the menu in Skype under "Help" -> Give Feedback.

It looks like the kind of thing that isn't monitored very rigorously and it probably isn't, given the state of Skype these days, however, it is also a known fact that Skype people (management who make decisions and devs who make decisions happen) do not use this forum, which means that for problems related to idiotic feature implementation, this forum's usefulness approaches a limit of 1 over infinity. But I guess the usefulness of Give Feedback is probably 1 over a billion, so that's "immeasurably more useful".


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