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how can i get into my contacts page and make call's?

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can someone please tell me how i can get onto my skype page that show's you who's online etc and all your contacts. Every time i sign in i get trapped on the profile page that gives you no way out to your page where you can actually use Skype. Please help me as my sister is in new Zealand and i must get in contact with her right away. This s.,t is so frustrating. Thanks fowks. 

Mark Of Fort william. Scotland

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The only way to do this is to install Skype application on your computer and login to this application.




Doesn't work.  will take you to download page which, after you download,  will bring you right back to profile page which I also can't get out of.




I'm in the saqme boat.  I have an account but I haven't used for a long time and now It seems I can get into my contact page to make video calls.  This is really frustrating.                                                      








Exact same thing for me. Does no one from skype read this forum and give answers????? Spent nearly an hour trying to sort this and no joy 😔

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