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У сообщества Skype новый адрес

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How do I use Skype on my ChromeBook?

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Skype for Outlook.com

Skype has been released for Outlook.com – however, it requires a non-standard web plugin. Hopefully, Skype will produce either this plugin or a standard Skype client for Chrome OS.

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IM+ does not allow video/voice option in skype mode.  Dont bother with all the "fixes" people suggest either.  I just spent two hours following all the suggestions and nothing works.  just wiped my chromebook, Taking it back to the store tomorrow.  Chromebook is definitely a superior product for web browsing and surfing, but when I deploy to Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/North Africa/Asia or wherever else the U.S. gov't decides to send me, I can't take the chance Microsoft (owner of Skype) is going to change something and I no longer have contact with my family.  Skype will be the sole source of communication in those environments.  


Skype/Microsoft Devs: you are seriously pissing off a lot of people.  If I could convince the rest of my family to get chromebooks and could teach my 80 yearold grandfather and my mother-in-laws friends a completely new system, I would drop MS in a heart beat!!

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I have nothing to say about Chromebook, however, I want to thank you very much for your service.  I'm very grateful that you are sacrificing for our country.

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The better option, instead of returning the chromebook, would just be to have your family get google account and use google hangouts instead. It's integrated into every webbrowser via standard plugin, and the video chat tends to be more reliable anyway. Chances are everyone you know has a google account anyway.


Opinions may vary of course.


In any case, Microsoft should be made to pay for lack of support. If they refuse to support certain platforms, you should stop using their products until they do. There's no sense in complaining about their position and then immediately validating it.

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