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Bada OS

Данная тема перенесена в архив. Для поддержания сообщений актуальными для всех пользователей Сообщества Skype, темы, которые небыли активными в течении 6 месяцев или больше, переносятся в архив на регулярной основе. С более подробной информацией, вы можете ознакомиться здесь.
Pleas we need skype for samsung wave
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Plz add skype for bada
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Dear sir How are you ?sir there is some request for you from the depth of my heart i really thankfull to you if u make Skype Full version application with voice chat for my samsung Mobile model  Samsung GT-S5333 Wave533. i really want Skype Application with voice chat for my cell phone . i am not a rich boy n cannot buy new cell phone there fore help me out and make application for my cell phone i am waiting for your kind reply . Thanks And God bless You n Your company / software.. 

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Skype should really be available in Bada platform by now as Samsung has opened bada platform for VIOP.  There must be some business reasons for which Skype is not allowing its application on Bada platform.

But there's a Skype application floating on internet. Its a Java version that can be used on Bada handsets. Looks like a older version but works fine with chatting. To make calls you need a skype registered number.


"Where there is will, there's a way"

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Please, give us a skype for Bada os with phone call!!!

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The problem is money??? If that is the problem, create a paid app! and I assure you that I and other users would rather pay a fair price for the app to have to replace the unit. By the way I think Bada The best that Android ...

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yeah i will pay too if this app was on my wave!!!!!!! please wee need skype on samsung bada
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I very need skype for Samsung Wave BADA
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Can you give some information about will be skype available on Bada OS?

Thank you.

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I can confirm something.... 99.9 % of Bada users need skype app ..please..achieve our pitition

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