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Well. It's actually more an idea for Skype in general, but I couldn't find a place for that. If there's a better place for it, I'm sure some admin will be able to move it :happy:


I have a PC with Windows 8.1- I use Desktop version of Skype on that. Then I have a Windows Phone and and Android tablet. Now! I have two kinds of Skype contacts: One that knows I'm there if I'm set as Away and one that dosn't know this. There can be many reasons for that, but for me it's about not always wanting to answer people I know from games and stuff like that.


When I'm at home my PC will be running most of the time. But I might watch a movie and then opt to answer someone on Skype from my Phone or tablet instead. But I can't be away on my phone and tablet and they will override my status on my PC. This should've never been an issue! I NEVER want Skype to change my status automatically... NEVER! I want to be in control.


So I suggest something like the following.


1: I can tell Skype never to change my status automatically for me.


2: I should be able to choose all kinds of statuses on all devices ie. Online, Away, Do not disturb, invisible.


3: If I set a status on one device I should be able to have it set up so that is for all devices until I change it on one of my devices - Then it changes for all devices again.


4: A status that let's me choose if I want it to tell me someone writes to me without letting them call me. It could be something I could change in the "Do not disturb" mode. Sometimes I want it to tell me on screen but not with sound and sometimes the other way around - Sometime both. But I don't want the calls.


So that's my thoughts about how Statuses in Skype should work. I really hope for something like that in the near future. As I see it, it shouldv'e always been there and I'm a bit baffled it's not.


For all of my Windows Phone friends, the Messaging Hub is one of the best features of the OS.

It's clear and simple to use. The fact that it integrates Messenger, text and Facebook chat is an amazing feature.

It's literally the one stop place for all messaging and it's an extremely useful and valuable feature.

One problem is that Skype messages don't appear here, instead they go to a separate app.

It makes sense to include Skype to the Messaging Hub.

Looking at the Messaging Hub and Skype app side by side, the layout and how you actually view messages is so much clearer on the Messaging Hub.

It's actually pointless having chat on the Skype app, and annoying that it's not integrated.

It drives me CRAZY when I'm chatting with someone on my computer and I'm getting all the notifications about that chat on my phone and on my tablet (if it happens to be on, of course). Can't you somehow make the entire Skype "aware" that you are at your computer so there's no need to send notifications to your other devices at that moment? Please, do something about it. :sad:

Status: Implemented

This feature has been rolled out now. Thanks for your support.


Here's some more info on how it works:


Share to Skype

Status: Future possibility
by hartungstenio on ‎19-09-2014 20:21

Yes, I can send photos via Skype. And this is great.


But suppose I'm in the Photos Hub, see a photo and want to share it to someone. I need to open Skype, find the photo again and them send it.


I'd like to be able to use the standard Windows Phone "share" option.

When sharing a picture, I'd like to select Skype right from the list of apps that pops up.

Status: Future possibility

This would be the next evolution of the "Send picture" functionality we've released two versions ago. It's on our to-do-list already.


file transfer

Status: Implemented
by tibal32 on ‎08-10-2013 09:00
I would really appreciate if you guys work on the file transfer for WP8. It would really enhance the user experience besides it is a must, a lot of ppl use it to transfer important files be it educational, professional or of sentimental value. I would personally enjoy to share and receive photos with my friends on the go not having to get home to see what they send or for me to send something to them. Ur part of the microsoft family now and the lumia series is in there too, that's a great opportunity to experiment and enhance the skype mobile experience. Also it would ve awesome if u guys worked on a conference call feature! That would be amazingly cool. I know you guys must be working really hard but I've feel the skype app is lacking those mayor features.
Status: Implemented
We have implemented photo sharing in Skype 2.21 for Windows Phone available today. Read more about it here:

Transparent Live Tile

Status: New Idea
by lmassnoriega on ‎06-08-2014 20:09

To meet Windows Phone 8.1 new features, should be great to have Skype live tile like other apps to match the user background.

The title says everything: Allow me to send a video already in my video library as a Video Message.


Audio messages

Status: Under consideration
by on ‎19-11-2014 22:58

Add the option to send audio messages in the + buttom on the chat windows, and receive them on the chat tab where we read & receive everything else(IM, photos, video messages, etc)


And dont forget to add the option to save received audio messages as mp3(or whatever codec you choose) to the ringtone folder for example


Also since most lumia phones have high quality microphones and multi-channel audio recording capabilities, add the option to "enable high quality audio messages" in the settings menu to send 5.1/6ch audio at 256kbps bitrate(xbox one and desktop computers can benefit greatly from this)

Well i'm aware there is already a thread requesting file transfer and recently it got marked as Implemented, the problem is that the said implementation is far from what we ( users ) understand as file transfer, the implementation isn't even a proper photo sharing, as you can't save the photo and the photo is processed to reduce it's size, this is  just shameful, really guys... i can't understand this logic.

So you guys can keep this thread open and write next to it Implemented when REAL file transfer is actually implemented, or you can delete this one and change the status of the original one accordingly ( accepted or what there should be ) .

Show the message(s) on the back side of the medium live tile.

I kept staring at the live tile for a while, but it never flipped. It was frustrating. :sad:

Status: Future possibility

Thanks for submitting this idea. Let's give the designers a chance to have a look if there's enough space on the medium tile to show a reasonable portion of the IM.


Use the phones accent color on your live tile

Status: Under consideration
by norwayfrank ‎16-04-2014 13:30 - edited ‎16-04-2014 13:31

Please either make the live tile follow the phones accent color or make it an option (as some developers have). I and many others prefer to have tiles that follow the phones live tile.


"All MS apps should be. The ugly red news tile backside, the green music and games tiles are ruining my start screen." -DaSchnee


Now I have the top part of my start screen with all tiles that follow the phones accent color and a buttom part with all the apps that does not look good but is usefull, Skype is in this part. 


And for the times when someone uses the new background features in WP 8.1 it would be nice if your live tile would allow for that as well. I only have two apps the follow the accent color that does not support the new background featues (still early days) but none of the ones that wants it's own color does support the new background feature (Skype, HERE, OneNote, Xbox).


The S and circles should be enough branding for Skype on Windows Phone, it would be more visible with suport for the phones accent color than it is without.

Using Skype on Windows Phone and Surface (as well on my desktop pc) it's now obvious to me that Skype contacts need to be merged with my Messenger contacts.

The duplication on a functional and visual standpoint is just messy and confusing. At least copy the Windows concept of linking if you're not able to integrate contacts.

The log-in for Skype is unintuitive. Maybe it's time to do away with the Skype log in and sensibly switch everything to Microsoft Account log in.

I find the Facebook log in pointless and seems to me just pandering to Facebook. Which is just bizarre. By adding another complication, it's diluting the message or concept of having one account across all services.

Please absorb Skype accounts with MS accounts and scrap the pointless and confusing Facebook log in.

Don't autoscroll to latest message

Status: New Idea
by fabio.albieri on ‎27-09-2014 12:28

Autoscroll to latest message makes Skype a nightmare when trying to catch up to several missed messages while people is still writing. Thonk of it in a group chat... nightmare.


Skype should catch up to the latest message ONLY if already there. The moment I scroll up and latest message is no more visible, autoscroll should be suspended.

I would really like to see a very high level of integration into the core functions of the OS. Integrating the contacts was a great step for this but the app feels under powered compared to the desktop version and it absolutely feels like an add in instead of tightly part of the experience.

GDR 3.0 update finally enables custom notification sounds for apps. It would be awesome if Skype would use their own chat sound so we can know which app triggered a notification without even looking at the phone.

Status: Implemented

This indeed is implemented since version Skype 2.22 for Windows Phone. Thanks for submitting and supporting the idea.

By using ''Windows Phone automated messages'' as she does with S.M.S.'es & M.M.S.'es. This would greatly imptove both Skype's functionality and Cortana's integration with Microsoft services.


Also another Cortana-Skype idea is the ability to add Skype contacts to Microsoft Remind Me, for example I say ''tell July to pick up milk from the store next time I talk to her'' and then Cortana could also remind me when I write to her on Skype. :manhappy:

Thx for the implementation of sharing photos and location. now, sharing photos is just available within the app itself.

i would suggest to implement also the option to share photos directly over the built-in "share"-function in the photos-hub. this is much more convenient, than after taking a photo to leave the app and start skype to share that picture.

Status: Duplicate

Duplicate of

Please share your comments and support there.

This feature is really needed. Currently, I only know about them inside the app. Thanks!

Away status

Status: Duplicate
by gladiababy on ‎06-11-2014 16:20
Hi people at Skype, I am a Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone user and I really think it is annoying not to have the Away status. It's a much needed feature. It should have never been taken away. Thanks.

messaging: sent delivered read

Status: Under consideration
by Boleman on ‎28-11-2013 18:25 - last edited on ‎17-04-2014 09:34 by Community Manager Community Manager

having a "sent delivered read" feature would be great as it would allow people to know if there message has got through to the person they sent it to, and on a mobile this is more important as you don't always know if you have  a signal.


whatsapp, facebook and BBM are just a few examples that implement this well. 

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