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How to login by facebook account on skype for iphone

Hi, I sign in skype by my facebook account on my computer, but in the login screen of skype for iphone I can't find the link for facebook account. I have tried to use the skype account name showed in the software ' facebook:XXXX' to login, but it still doesn't work. Could anyone tell me how to login on iphone please?

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Re: How to login by facebook account on skype for iphone

Any sollution?
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Re: How to login by facebook account on skype for iphone

Wait for solution, too.

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Skype login using facebook

we are able to login to skype using the facebook link on the Skype login page, however, if i try to do this using an ipad, there is no facebook link on the Skype login page and therefore i cannot login to Skype.. if i try to login to skype without the Facebook link i am unable to do so as the skype name/password doesnt work,, seems really very strange..

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Re: Skype login using facebook

Any answer?

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Re: Skype login using facebook

Unfortunately it is not possible to log into Skype for iOS with your Facebook account, so you can not use the same account on your mobile. You need an existing Skype or Microsoft account to log in on Skype for iOS.
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Re: Skype login using facebook

[ Edited ]

@Kadri - you basically saying, that for a new skype user whose only account with skype is through "login with facebook" feature - there is no option of using Skype on iphone other than creating a second Skype account? Isn't that a bit too much to ask of a new user, who is looking for convenience, and not for the confusion with multiple accounts.  

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Re: Skype login using facebook

Please add this feature to your next iOS app release! I just switched my Skype account to a Facebook-authenticated one (because there is no way to change your Skype username) only to find out now I can't use my Skype account on my iPhone.

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Re: Skype login using facebook on iPhone

When will Skype have a fix for their iPhone app allowing accounts created using Facebook credentials to be used on the iPhone????


Perhaps there should be a warning on your website not to use the Facebook login feature if you want to use your account with IOS...


Super frustrated.  Now I understand why your app is rated so poorly on the iTunes store...

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Re: How to login by facebook account on skype for iphone

First of all, I'd like to apologize to the mod of this board.  While I understand how frustrating it must be that a free application for a free service doesn't offer a feature that it never explicitly promises in the first place, freaking out like 14 year old who just got the Internet isn't necessarily the best course of action. This is a customer service board, not 4chan. 
That said, I too would love to continue using the same Skype account and use the ios app. Is there any chance of this in the future, while you clarified that it is in fact not possible, is it something I can hold out for? Like my ravaging brethren on this board, I'd really hate to have to deal with a second account. 
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