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Can I call Skype on computer from Xbox?

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I agree i have no idea how to get any good customer service on SKYPE. This is ridiculous, makes me ask question and try to find it in community and sends me to ask for more help and sign in again. Then when i did that said i was putting the wrong password and didn't ever let me get past it. I just wanted to know if Xbox one skype and users on computers could skype to eachother? Still have no idea becasue there isnt really a a customer service on SKYPE. Never got to ask anyone never thought i would find such bad customer service with something that is meant to connect people.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

Sorry to hear that you feel like you've had a bad customer service experience. I'm not sure where you asked your original question, btu I can't see it in this forum.


In asnwer to your question "Can Xbox One Skype users chat/call Skype users on other platforms?" (assuming I've reworded correctly), the answer is: Absolutely, yes! You can use Skype on Xbox One to chat and call with any of your Skype contacts irrespective of which platform they are using Skype on.

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Re: Can I call Skype on computer from Xbox?

If you previously tried to use Skype, that could be your problem. It might be that you set up a previous account, used a slightly different user name (like I did with a space).  When I typed my name with a space, it was a legit user name however it wasn't my CURRENT user name.  The old account was never used and I forgot about it.  It wasn't until I changed my user name by removing the space between my words that I was able to get in with my password.


I'm thinking they don't have a 'your user name is wrong' signal.  If I were you, I think I'd delete the program and reinstall it with a new user name.  Hope this helps. 

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Please restore my service

Popup blockers of more credit or subscription block my calls.  Please eliminate the blocker so my calls can go through on my Premium account.

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Re: Can I call Skype on computer from Xbox?

I want you to allow my Skype open

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Re: Can I call Skype on computer from Xbox?

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