When called, my game crashes or closes.

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When called, my game crashes or closes.

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Hello everyone,


I have a problem with skype, whenever my voice-chat partner, adds a friend to the conversation, the video game I am playing at that moment, freezes for a few seconds, and after the freezing time, the skype window pops out showing all the people, in that conversation.


The worst is, when I am playing a game, and when my friend sends me a chat request, making my mouse cursor not moving, and stuck, in the skype chat options ( acept, refuse, acept w/ video )...


Leaving me with no other choice, than to click on that window where my cursor is blocked on, making my game closing.


Please tell me a solution to this annoying problem, I know I can put myself as busy, and that wont happen, but there is some important contacts I have in skype, and I want to know, whenever they send me a message.

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Re: When called, my game crashes or closes.

My issue is not as severe but still very anoyying.  When running a full screen game, and a call comes in (i have skype set to auto answer) it forces the game into windowed mode.  This is unacceptable, but judging from the age of this thread and number of replies on this topic the skype admins dont care about the issue.

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