Skype themes?

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Skype themes?

Is there a way to get themes for skype?

If no, i think there should be a theme selection to make it more enjoyable.

Thanks -JanTTuX

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Re: Skype themes?

For the love everything make this a reality. Or provide default backgrounds for us to choose from. I wake up early every day for work and like to keep all backgrounds on as much as possible dark or black. Looking at a bright white and blue window is like staring into the sun when your still waking up. Me and my eyes would thank you Microsoft/Skype.

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Re: Skype themes?

there used to be themes in Skype in version 4.x but these were removed in the first 5.x no explanation why i miss those it made Skype a lot better and more fun
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Re: Skype themes?

I dont know if Skype ever read these but please please let us have a way we can change the theme..i suffer bad headaches and cant always stand to look at a blue and white background. really would love it if you put some dark ones in.... please please please....

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Re: Skype themes?

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Dear Readers,


This thread was re-started after a break of several months.  I arranged to transfer it here to the Ideas Garage message board.  Please feel free to join the conversation in this thread if you like (remembering to stay on-topic, of course!).


Best regards,



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Re: Skype themes?

Hi there,


Sory if this is an old topic, but I definitely agree with this. I think that there should be a way for people to create their own Skype themes, add backgrounds, change buttons, make presets for people to download, etc.

Not referring to any preferral, there are plenty of different application that provide this (e.g. facebook, even if some of you didn't know it), and I think that it would be a wonderful addition to the next version of Skype. Obviously, I don't want to push any of the programmers too hard, but I would at least like to be able to do simple things like change the backround of my home screen and profile and change the colour "scheme" of the application overall.


Thank you if you take this message into consideration,



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Re: Skype themes?

It would be great to be able to have a different background theme. It is so bright and white and that is so very boring and unpersonal.

That is what i liked about MSN, you could personalize your background and also the letter colors and font.

Please do something about it, i am sure it would make a lot of users happy


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Re: Skype themes?

If you think Skype is white, boring, and makes your eyes bleed...

You haven't tried Office 2013 !  Much worse than skype.


I don't know why all 2012+ Microsoft products becomes so bright and white.  At least please give us options to change the skins. 

Even the oldest chat program I know - mIRC - allows to use white text on black background.


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Re: Skype themes?

If I may in an old thread...

I have been forced to be stuck with a version of Skype before the Microsoft takeover [5.10] due to the terrible minimalistic approach Microsoft took with the aesthetics. The combination of that disgusting puce green and neon turqouise being flat on the straight-white page actually gives me a headache, which isn't good considering that I do use Skype for business purposes on occasion.

I wouldn't mind upgrading to something newer if it had an option like before, where you could choose the Classic Windows aesthetic, only with a Classic Skype option added. And now, to make things better [sarcasm there], they're forcing us to upgrade or sign us out indefinitely until we do?

Fix the aesthetics. Give people a choice to themes or skins. It will help considerably and I will upgrade then. The day they sign me out is the day I put up with Trillian to access Skype, because I will not use a program that is detrimental to my personal health.

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Re: Skype themes?

This is a feature that should have existed (And actually did - but was removed for an unknown reason) years ago. Get to it already.

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