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How to Set Logitech C920 to 1080P for Video Calls?

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Two quesionss:

(1) Can someone please confirm for me if I, as a user, have any control over my web cam video resolution in Skype for video calls, or am I at the mercy of Skype deciding on the transmitted resolution?


(2) How can I determine, in realtime, the current transmit video resolution and frame rate?


Config wise I have an Intel quad core, HP notebook, running fully patched Win 7, 64 bit, (and I have just bought and installed) a Logitech C920 HD cam, and a 25Mb broadband connection.



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Hi g4pilut,

Excellent, comprehensive answer - great job!  Thank you.

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Re: How to Set Logitech C920 to 1080P for Video Calls?

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1)  As a user you have no direct control over video resolution in Skype.  Skype auto-negotiates what it thinks is best based on condtiions that exist on the call.


2)  When on a call, click on Call > Call Technical Info.  You'll be able to see what resolution and frame rate you're sending and receiving.


Your specs sound OK for 1080p.  Are you running the latest C920 driver from Logitech?  Mine is 13.40.840.0.


Keep in mind that for 1080p, or even 720p, the contact at the other end of a call has to meet certain conditions too, bandwidth, CPU and RAM among them.


It also matters what version of Skype each end is running.  Both sides should click on Help > About Skype to confirm specific version number.  The current version today is  If that's not what's seen, an update can be done via this link:


What I see when I start a call under good condtions is 640x480 uploading at ~150 kB/s for the first 50 seconds or a minute, then a jump to 1280x720 and uploading at ~350 kB/s, and then in another minute or two, up to 1920x1080 and uploading at ~650 kB/s.


If the contact I'm on the call with also has a C920 the results are the same in the other direction.



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