Can't access full skype chat history on Windows 7

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Can't access full skype chat history on Windows 7

I'm looking for a specific conversation that took place about a year ago via Skype chat. When I open the application, I'm given the option to view messages "from the beginning" with the user I'm concerned with, but the messages shown don't actually go all the way back to the beginning. They only go to about October 2011 when I know for a fact I started chatting with this user in about February of 2011. I can't remember ever intentionally deleting chat history, and don't know why I would, so I don't think that's what happened.


Next, I looked in the Skype folder on my computer to try and see if the messages from Feb-Oct were saved there. The folders themselves are saved, but they're empty. For example, I have folders from Feb through October (which the actual Skype application doesn't show), named things like "0b", "36", "cc", all  random things, but when I open the folder there is no chat file saved.


I'm wondering WHY this has happened. Skype knows I sent and received messages from early-late 2011, but for some reason hasn't saved the actual messages. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the version of Skype that I currently have ( And does anyone know how I could possibly access the older messages?

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Re: Can't access full skype chat history on Windows 7

All your messages are saved in one file – the main.db database file, which you will find in the folder named as your Skype name. Looking in files saved in the “chatsync” sub-folder is useless.


If you can’t find the particular conversation in Skype, then it might be that you have used another computer at that time or for one or other reason the chats were deleted.


You can see which chats are available in the main.db file using this free application – SkypeLogView.


If you will not be able to find the chat you are looking for using SkypeLogView, then it’s gone or at least is not available on your computer.


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Re: Can't access full skype chat history on Windows 7


I've got the same problem - from some time now I can not display the chat history... tried a couple of reinstals but did not help... anybody has apt solution??


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