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Drawing for Desktop

Status: New Idea
by jay_h yesterday

Please extend the drawing feature introduced for Windows Phone to desktop clint as well! It'll make conversations much more fun and easier as well :happy:

This has been mentioned quite a few times since the recent updates came about, but I wanted to propose what I think is a simple idea to get around the UI complaints and (I hope) please as many users as possible: add the option to disable the speech bubbles in IM view. This could be a simple checkbox in the Settings menu, along the lines of "use speech bubbles in IM", or the opposite, something like "compact IM view", that, when enabled/disabled (depending on the wording of the setting) would change the IM view to be more compact as it was in previous Skype versions, removing the speech bubbles, aligning your messages to the left of the IM window (in the same place as the receipient's messages instead of in its own right-aligned box with left-aligned text) and removing the large amounts of space between messages from different people (and maybe removing the display picture next to each message in favour of just the one at the top of the conversation, but I don't think that's quite as important).

I understand that some people favour their IM windows looking like a smartphone text conversation and the current layout is perfect for that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Skype for voice/video calling and hardly touch the IM side, in which case it shouldn't matter to them. However, the layout does not work well for people who have IM conversations very frequently (personally, I rely on Skype to keep contact with friends and important contacts, so this is my main method of conversation), as the speech bubble-look makes every message take up a very large amount of space, causing older messages to be pushed off of the screen much quicker and making conversations harder to follow. The way that your own messages are displayed in a speech bubble that is aligned to the right of the window while the text is left-aligned also breaks the flow of conversations like this by a large margin; I personally find it hard to track conversations when each line begins in a different place on the screen, and shorter messages that I send appear to just be floating somewhere near the middle of the screen instead of at a definitive edge, which looks very jarring.

This is an even larger problem if you use group IMs; if the group is a busy one, the large amount of space between each message means that individual messages leave the screen very quickly, often making it impossible to even keep up with the conversation, and the more complicated visual flow makes the problem even worse. I always have my Skype window maximised and it is still a problem for me regardless, because it can fit only half of the messages that it used to on screen at the most. Again, I can see that this wouldn't be a problem for people who use voice/video chat or don't use IM groups as frequently because they will usually have time to read the conversation fully, but having to scroll up the window to be able to read messages before they leave the screen makes more serious IM groups quite inconvenient to use, and I don't want to have to find something other than Skype to do this because the groups I use are quite well-established on Skype. I'd think that I'm not the only person who feels this way because some of the groups I use are reasonably large (about 12-20 people) and most people in the groups agree about how the new UI affects them.

I hope that what I'm asking is a reasonably simple change; I'm not asking to just get rid of the new layout because I know that some people are happy with it (and have no problem with it being the default as long as I have an option), and I'm not asking to just make the whole of Skype look like an older version. I'm just asking for the option to use the old IM layout rather than the speech bubbles. I know that it is probably easier for a development team to just keep one UI that works on all desktop and mobile devices, but, as you have already had the more compact view I'm asking for in previous versions, I would hope that it wouldn't be too much work to reimplement it as an option.

Thank you.

Before updating to the new Skype recently, the local time / location of the person we were chatting with was displayed. Now it seem to be missing.


It was a very neat feature, when Skyping with people all over the world, so you did not intentionally b ug them at unacceptable time :happy:


If possible, please enable this again or tell me if possible manually.



I just wanted to say that the fact that putting stars like this * before and after your sentence seems to make the text bolded like this nowadays, which I must say is extremely inconvenient and annoying, being that most people who write and chat a lot use stars to describe what they're doing, as in roleplay, like *goes to get food* or *sneezes* or something like that, and now the bolding ruins the whole purpose of that traditional "what I'm doing"- chatting. I just want skype to note this, and hopefully make it voluntary if nothing else, being that it's complicating all skype discussions and people don't get what you mean. In my opinion you should find out how people chat or roleplay before you make those kind of big changes.


In the same breath I might mention this smiley-> :3 which now turns into a cat that looks nothing like the original, cute face smiley loads of people use. It's really annoying doing smileys when you need to do a space in between for it to look how you mean it to look like. 


Hopefully someone notes this. Thank you very much in advance! :happy:

Remote for Skype

Status: New Idea
by Wednesday

Hello, how are you? I have an excellent idea for Skype. When people are away from their computers, but still talking on Skype, big group job meetings or you have a job and always talking on Skype with people. So, it would be easier to have like a Skype mini-remote on your desk or in your pocket when you are presenting a project on Skype video call, which would connect to computer by a mini USB, like wireless mouse, something like that. It could have Answer, Decline, End Call buttons, Volume Up or Down, Mute Call, Mute Microphone, and all most needed buttons. It would be a great fit for bussiness people or just for people talking and relaxing away from computer, but still comunicating and controling their Skype Call. Thank you and I'm waiting for your response if you want to hear more about this, because it would be an excellent fit and idea for your community.


Audrius Borneika

Back when we had skype version, you could add a background to skype instead of having it white (which in somecases is nicers and pure white. It really strains the eyes to look at.), you could set backgrounds for conversations and single people, you could even give people a new profile picture if you didn't like the one they had. All of that is really cool! It make skype more personal to use. Your skype was yours, it looked the way you wanted it to, so why did we get rid of it?


Skype has been all about being personal and being with friends, so make it even more personal with customation! It's not like skype should get this huge update that adds a lot of customizable fetures all at once, but we can talk baby steps into it. For example, since we have a blue and white theme going on with skype, why not make a theme that changes it to blue and black? It's small, but it's a good step. Next you could add the power to change the colours of skype with hex code. And then add the power to upload a background image to skype. Something nice like a sunset or a stormy afternoon.


All of this ofcourse would be client side, and wouldn't be uploaded to any of the skype servers.


I just feel like skype would be a better experice if it was more customizeable and personal to me. The custom skype sounds are a nice touch to skype, but we're only dipping our feet into the pool, let's jump right in.

Sorry but the new 6.22 interface makes the Skype desktop application useless at all. Please remember this is not mobile nor tablet edition. It is intended for desktop computers. No more bigger icons, wasted screen space and completely ruined message conversation window.

Status: Duplicate

There are a lot of totally useless stuff that is wasting vertical space. Currently on my laptop I can see only like 6-10 messages at time because of this.

  1. Advertisement - I understand it's needed to run free software, but move it to somewhere else.
  2. Top bar - That thing shouldn't take anymore space than buttons on it (Videocall, call and add people).
  3. Atleast for me totally useless bar telling these messages are for "Today" or "Yesterday" etc. Make it optional or move it somewhere else.
  4. There is a lot of wasted space between messages and HUGE amount of useless space between messages from different people and totally useless big profile picture. Options should allow to choose to have only their name on left side and also removing profile picture from chat without having to make it narrow.
  5. Why there is empty white space between last message and "via Skype"?!
  6. Buttons for sending files should be optional (you can drag&drop anyway) or/and moved to right side of bar to type your messages in. There is empty space and it would not waste vertical space.

Skype UI



It's midnight, I'm winding down for the night. I have about 20 conversations open using Trillian, my instant messaging client of choice. I have several conversations over AIM, many over YIM, and a few over more esoteric instant messaging services. I have 3 different IRC servers connected and several Skype conversations. They all use the same type of window, they're all in different tabs. I'm not the average Skype user - I'm a power user, this is how I relax.


My instant messaging client has a set of accounts for work, gaming, and then a set of personal accounts. After that I have every instant messaging account I've had over the past 15 years bound to it. This means I have well over 20 accounts attached to it! It's a very busy program.



Skype used to support third party clients through the Skype API or Skypekit, however, support for both has been discontinued. The Skype client's interface is much different from my preferred IM client's. It isn't able to manage 20 different tabs at once and it's difficult to keep track with hundreds of different individuals because of how it handles categorization. I can't manage multiple identities/presences at once nor can I write my own plugins to help me manage the herculean task of keeping up with everyone. This is not stuff Skype needs to be worried about doing.


Currently there's no supported way for third party clients designed for power users like me to connect to the Skype network. Skypekit will stop working soon enough and I simply won't be able to keep up with the people who want me to keep up with them. I'd imagine quite a few other power users are in the same boat. None of us want Skype to try to cater the Skype client to our needs - we're not mainstream users, we're a minority and we know it.


However, right now the Skype network is closing to anything but the official client. In my opinion this isn't a good thing. It prevents new and esoteric platforms from accessing the Skype network, it prevents power users from accessing the Skype network in the way they need to access it, and it discourages innovation on the network.


I believe Skype should either remake the Skype API that put the official client in to silent mode, keep Skypekit up to date (though Skypekit had issues with multiple instances running in the background), or provide a means for third party clients to access the Skype network. This could even be done via federation with an open protocol I.E. XMPP or other protocols.


Besides allowing power users like me a way to access our Skype contacts in a way that is seamless from our AIM and YIM and other contacts, the last latter implementation would allow Skype to grow in new and innovative ways, especially as the Internet of Things expands.


Long story short: Skype should allow third party clients a means to access the service that does not require direct user interaction with the default Skype interface.


Thanks for your time and consideration!

I think that with the new skype update, a nice feature would be the option to change the chat style to the old listed view rather than the bubble chat.

The bubble chat is nice, however, it is a tiny bit annoying as it takes up more space and it takes longer to scroll through to look at older messages (IK you can use the jump back feature, but it can be more accurate to just scroll sometimes to find old messages)

And personally I prefer the old chat style to the bubble chat.


Status: Duplicate

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

Dark Color Scheme

Status: New Idea
by p4tchs 3 weeks ago

Having an option to change the color scheme would be great. Skypes white UI is really blinding, bright and inconsistant with the rest of windows UI with being able to change the colors, Skipped a few versions of Adobe products when they decided to try the white UI thing out.


Can do something similar to the lastest Adobe products if you want to keep your whole UI theme consistant and have a few Scheme swatchs.  White, Light Grey, Dark Grey


Really anything right now to be less white, If it wasnt needed for work would never use it mostly becuase of the white UI

All people I have in my contact list use Skype as a Chat-System rather than an SMS/Email like communication system. Hence, they are only available for communication when using it actively from a PC.


Many of them run Skype on mobile devices, but only in order to be able to chat on the go, if needed. They normally will not respond to messages received on the mobile device only, but will always be shown as online.


Related topics (link lost) mention that by now even a desktop that hibernates or sleeps may still be shown as online, unless the user has actively set the status to offline. Users who leave their PC running at all times likewise will always be shown as online, since by default they don't seem to ever switch to “away”.


As a consequence, the status “online” has become entirely meaningless, as it carries to information about whether the person will respond.


Since it is impossible to reeducate my contacts to actively log out/go offline when they are not available, a solution must be implemented on the software side.


Some ideas how to improve the situation:


1. Desktop Devices


  • Make sure that a user is shown as offline when the device is disconnected from the network.
  • Consider flagging users that have not used input devices for a certain time as “away” by default.

2. Mobile devices


  • Introduce a status “online on mobile” to make clear, that the use is connected only through a mobile device and may respond only with major delays or not at all.
  • On Android, allow going “offline” without logging out. On mobile phones the battery cost of running Skype continously is prohibitive, and when using a secure password with a password manager, so is the overhead of reentering the password just in order to quickly check for new messages when needed.


Such changes should be implemented as far as possible without requiring a client update (i.e. on the cloud-side), at least on the desktop side were updates are not fully automatic. Otherwise the changes will remain ineffective, since many users will keep using old clients, either by neglicence, by choice (e.g. preferrence for layout of old versions) or by necessity (e.g. corporate devices that require updates to be approved by IT).


Note: I am well aware off commands like /showplaces and /removelogout useable to make my own online status more meaningful. They don't solve the problem however, as reeducating my contacts is neither possible nor desireable, especially when the solutions reduce convenience.

Hey :happy:

i tought it can be really nice if you will add custom emoticons to skype.

it was really nice function in the Messenger and many people love it.


hope you can add it :happy:

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for the feedback. Custom emoticons are being considered. There are other custom emoticon requests such as If other users would like this added, please include your kudos.

Option to mute individual group call participants

Status: New Idea
by DollaDollaBill a month ago - last edited a month ago by Community Manager Community Manager

[Idea title updated by moderator to be more descriptive. Original topic title was: "Free Unbelievable Call Kleptomaniac "]


I believe that you should be able to adjust the volumes of seperate people in a skype call. For Example, if you are in a group call and one of your friends has quite a loud microphone and the other has a quiet one, you should be able to just turn the volume down of the loud one from regular. Do you see what I am getting at? Also, it would be nice to completely mute people in the call if there is a lot of background noise or if you dislike them.

After checking out the preview version, I'd like to suggest some improvements to the layout of the interface.  Please refer to the included interface mockup:

  • Reduce the height of height of the profile panel, as it takes up an unnessecarily large portion of screen real-estate, with no aesthetic benefit.
  • Move the Search bar to the Contacts/Recent view, as the only context that search is used under is to find contacts.
  • Align Home and Call phones options to the same line, as these also take up space unnessecarily, also with no aesthetic benefit.
  • Display all contact lists as individually collapsible trees, as this improves visual presentation of contacts, and promotes organization of contacts.

I do like the direction the user interface is being taken in, and look forward to seeing future improvements.

So I had skype on an old computer that recently bit the dust, got a new computer and installed skype on this one. And while I'm sure the skype team worked hard to make it look nicer....I really really dont like the lastest versions look and I REALLY miss the old version. Would greatly appreciate being able to get my old version back!

Status: Duplicate



The auto answer feature is great for the elderly.


There used to be an "Automatic Full Screen" feature on Skype but it has been removed.


Can this be added again, it would suit so many applications if full screen could activate once a call comes in!!



I have a large monitor and the skype box uses more than a quarter of it.  There is a lot of white space in the new format -- maybe it's wonderful from a graphics perspective but it's responsible for covering up more of my screen than I like.  Can an option be added for those of us who wish a reduced/compressed skype presence?


Status: Duplicate



I'm the owner and admin of a decent sized (60 members and growing) skype chat and for the past several months I've been using a downgraded version of Skype (6.2) that still allowed Chat Admins to edit and delete messages made by others in the chat, for moderation purposes. I was well aware more recent versions have removed this feature which was why I never upgraded...


Until I was forced to upgrade today which was very, very frustrating as I now can not moderate my chat and I can not downgrade again as you've removed previous versions ability to function.


I use these features to keep the peace, to make sure no hurtful comments are posted and now I can not do this.


I am asking that you please bring these features back, there was absolutely no reason to have them removed in the first place and now I can not moderate my chat efficiently. 


And I KNOW there are MANY other people out there who agree this was the STUPIDEST decision you guys have EVER made.


There is NO reason why it can't come back.

Status: Under consideration

Thanks for submitting this idea and providing the scenario details. Here's a summary of the current chat admin functionality

We are looking into how the message level moderation functionality can make a return in group chats.


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