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Mean Seriously it isnt that hard to add a frigging Dark theme to the client on Windows. Do you realize that some people have sensitive eyes and you realize that people may have SEZIURES due to hypersensitivity. Mean seriously I even have a hard time at dark to see the **bleep** thing where I litterally have to turn on lights to see my messages. I am getting sick and tired of your excuses to not even implenment Theme Customization.


If YOU really CARE about your consumers then actually change something to implenment multiple things for accessiblity.


Do not even send a bot or automatic reply for things like this. We need a HUMAN to see the requests that people have been given you all. Get it through your head Skype/Microsoft Devs all you are doing is making the program seem less reliable than other Chat/Video/voice programs. Fix your bugs, and add more customization to the client.

Skype should automatically make backup of settings (every time when they have been changed and saved) to cloud (e.g. OneDrive) and suggest restoring them during the new installation (if the backup was found for current Skype account).

Now Skype saves sent and received photos to the same folder with their thumbnails and hyperlinks preview images. It makes inconvenient viewing of photos. Please either implement a gallery within Skype that will let to view full-size images from all chats or selected one, or just move full-size photo to another location, in which the photos could be viewed without any «junk» images, and would be ordered by date of sending/receiving.

No mobile-esque changes

Status: New Idea
by ehlo 2 weeks ago

Stop slowly changing Skype for desktop to look like a mobile version/simplified version of skype. Skype for desktop and skype for mobile SHOULD look different. On desktop you can fit a lot more information and detail, stop trying to make skype for desktops look like you're on a mobile it started with removing things such as the time of the person you are speaking to during a conversation and removing their display picture whilst in a conversation then slowly changing the chat panel to look as if you're texting someone. I hate to think whats to come next.

Social Skype

Status: New Idea
by a week ago

Skype has more than 300 million monthly active users so it's good matter to make it more social.

I think, the next social features may be added:

  1. Now Skype homepage displays contacts' statuses update. Why not allow posting there not only statuses but photos, hyperlinks etc? The homepage should contain "Share" button which will allow posting various stuff. Privacy settings should be available: e.g. post for all contacts / set of contacts / group (i.e. for contacts of selected group chat) / set of groups. The posts should be available for commenting by contacts.
  2. To the sidebar with "CONTACTS" and "RECENTS" tabs the "UPDATES" tab should be added. On this tab should be listed chronologically the contacts that posted something visible for me, and the number of posts should be highlighted (e.g. like for number of new messages). When clicking on the contact on this tab, the contact's page with posts should be opened (see point 3).
  3. The chat window of each contact should contain two tabs: one for chat and another one for contact's posts. When opening this tab, the contact's posts hould be visible and available for commenting. The number of new posts should be highlited on the tab's name when the tab with chats is opened.
  4. The Profile Page (when clicking on own name in the upper left corner of skype's window) also should be tabbed and contain all my posts on one of the tabs. The posts on this tab should be editable and deletable.
  5. Notifications that my posts have been commented should be available.

For the people who like to occasionally use plain text smilies. Not only becuase of the strange emotes connected to some smilies but also because it looks cleaner and less bulky.


Please add an option in settings to completely opt out of them (except when they are selected in the emote window).


Yes, I am aware of the "Show emoticons" setting. But many I wish to not accidently send a random, giant emote within my messages to others.




I'm sure I'm not the only one upset by the looks of many common emotes such as :] :I :3.


Some have just avoided typing them altogether, others have to put a space in between the characters to prevent the icon. It's very frustrating to send :] and see the smiley with hearts over it's head and frantically try and edit before the receiving party gets the wrong ideas.


When :I is typed, a smiley with a lightbulb appears, whereas :I is more commonly use as an unenthused face on the internet.


:3 is suppose to be a face but in Skype it is the cat itself. People use the :3 emote to infer playfullness, not usually cats. No, I am not feeling very cat right now.



Microsoft, you can't please everyone with the emotes, please consider an option to prevent the auto-input emotes into our chat? I don't like to look like a 6-year old with bright colors all over my messages.


As for the "hidden" emotes, maybe make those optional to add with a auto-correct-like option to replace those with the key phrase. (above the chat bar, not surprising the sender/receiver after it is sent)

Make a dark theme. Do it. Now.

Status: New Idea
by IRNatman Tuesday - last edited Tuesday

Seriously, ever single other program I use has dark themes. Firefox, Winamp, Adobe Premiere, Thunderbird, Steam, Rocketdock, even Windows itself. With the Firefox Stylish plugin, even all the websites I use are dark now. Then comes Skype with its blindingly ugly white and baby blue color scheme. It's ugly, please give us what we want, I'm by far not the first to request this.


I don't wanna hear any of the "It's our signature color scheme" crap either. That's 100% the wrong mindset to be using. Users should be able to choose what they want their GUIs to look like.


Do it for phones too. My Galaxy S5 has a AMOLED display which turns off black pixels to save battery. Not giving us a battery efficient black theme is just plain lazy.


I know I sound pretty angry, and that's because I kinda am. A program this widely used should not be lacking very basic features. But I know I'm just wasting my breath, Microsoft never listens to its customers.

Dual Screenshare

Status: New Idea
by Melinux 4 weeks ago

This idea would be similar to two parties using video chat.  Meaning, your camera (screen in this case) is a smaller picture on the screen and the other's camera (screen) is the larger picture.

I've recently have been trying to teach people things about a few programs, and it so hard to be able to explain and teach properly without being able to see what their doing while they can see what I'm doing.

Rather than exiting out your screenshare when the party decides to share their screen, you should just be minimized.  If you're in a group call, I believe there should be a max of two screenshares that would sit side-by-side in the call window.

Chat history

Status: New Idea
by Ilya_Holt a week ago

I have a few very large group chats with hundreds of thousands of messages. Sometimes I want to find a quote that someone said many months ago or simply re-read past conversations on a particluar date. At the moment the only way to do that is to use the Ctrl+F feature (which is quite buggy) or scroll back through all the chats and have Skype load ALL of the messages between now and the conversation I am looking for. As you may guess, this makes Skype lag horribly and is extremely inconvenient.


The idea is simple: add an option to display messages from a particular date up to another date, e.g. 20th February 2015 to 10th March 2015. This would then load the messages only from these 20 days, bypassing all the other messages from the whole year. Would be very simple and convenient. 

Could there please be an option to synchronize chat history to OneDrive.


Currently, users can only choose to receive a notification for everyone on their contact list if they come online/go offline/have a birthday, etc. There should be an option to override this for individual contacts.


For example, one of my contacts (let's call them Bob) has been going online/offline repeatedly for the last several hours. I went to Bob's contact info and set Notifications to "Do Not Notify Me", but I still see the notifications about Bob coming online. The only thing I can do to prevent the online notifications is either 1. Turn it off for everyone (which I don't want to do) or 2. Remove Bob as a contact (which I shouldn't have to do).

I do want to get a pop up when some of my contacts come online (my favorites, for instance, and a few others who don't come online as often), but I don't want to be notified for everyone.

Please add this functionality.

This has been mentioned quite a few times since the recent updates came about, but I wanted to propose what I think is a simple idea to get around the UI complaints and (I hope) please as many users as possible: add the option to disable the speech bubbles in IM view. This could be a simple checkbox in the Settings menu, along the lines of "use speech bubbles in IM", or the opposite, something like "compact IM view", that, when enabled/disabled (depending on the wording of the setting) would change the IM view to be more compact as it was in previous Skype versions, removing the speech bubbles, aligning your messages to the left of the IM window (in the same place as the receipient's messages instead of in its own right-aligned box with left-aligned text) and removing the large amounts of space between messages from different people (and maybe removing the display picture next to each message in favour of just the one at the top of the conversation, but I don't think that's quite as important).

I understand that some people favour their IM windows looking like a smartphone text conversation and the current layout is perfect for that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Skype for voice/video calling and hardly touch the IM side, in which case it shouldn't matter to them. However, the layout does not work well for people who have IM conversations very frequently (personally, I rely on Skype to keep contact with friends and important contacts, so this is my main method of conversation), as the speech bubble-look makes every message take up a very large amount of space, causing older messages to be pushed off of the screen much quicker and making conversations harder to follow. The way that your own messages are displayed in a speech bubble that is aligned to the right of the window while the text is left-aligned also breaks the flow of conversations like this by a large margin; I personally find it hard to track conversations when each line begins in a different place on the screen, and shorter messages that I send appear to just be floating somewhere near the middle of the screen instead of at a definitive edge, which looks very jarring.

This is an even larger problem if you use group IMs; if the group is a busy one, the large amount of space between each message means that individual messages leave the screen very quickly, often making it impossible to even keep up with the conversation, and the more complicated visual flow makes the problem even worse. I always have my Skype window maximised and it is still a problem for me regardless, because it can fit only half of the messages that it used to on screen at the most. Again, I can see that this wouldn't be a problem for people who use voice/video chat or don't use IM groups as frequently because they will usually have time to read the conversation fully, but having to scroll up the window to be able to read messages before they leave the screen makes more serious IM groups quite inconvenient to use, and I don't want to have to find something other than Skype to do this because the groups I use are quite well-established on Skype. I'd think that I'm not the only person who feels this way because some of the groups I use are reasonably large (about 12-20 people) and most people in the groups agree about how the new UI affects them.

I hope that what I'm asking is a reasonably simple change; I'm not asking to just get rid of the new layout because I know that some people are happy with it (and have no problem with it being the default as long as I have an option), and I'm not asking to just make the whole of Skype look like an older version. I'm just asking for the option to use the old IM layout rather than the speech bubbles. I know that it is probably easier for a development team to just keep one UI that works on all desktop and mobile devices, but, as you have already had the more compact view I'm asking for in previous versions, I would hope that it wouldn't be too much work to reimplement it as an option.

Thank you.

Status: Comments Requested

Please take a look at the latest Skype 7.0 which introduced a compact chat mode:

It sounds like this answers your request from this idea.

Dark Theme

Status: New Idea
by Tokinsom on ‎27-09-2015 12:19

There have been over a dozen topics requesting a dark theme.


People work at night while using Skype, you know. Others just have sensitive eyes.


It'll probably take half an hour to add.


Please do it already.



i tought it can be really nice if you will add custom emoticons to skype.

it was really nice function in the Messenger and many people love it.


hope you can add it

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for the feedback. Custom emoticons are being considered. There are other custom emoticon requests such as If other users would like this added, please include your kudos.

Custom Emoticons

Status: New Idea
by CustOrgEmo 3 weeks ago

Dear Skype Support,


We use skype whole day(business hours ) to communicate .We Need customize emotions for our organization appreciate if it can integrate in coming skype version.



Muhammad Farooq

Custom Emotes

Status: Under consideration
by BananasGoMoo on ‎30-01-2014 03:12

My idea is to add custom emotes such as the ones from WLM, since all of those users were merged onto Skype, it would be nice to have that feature again.

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

Look I understand that it probably feels awful to put so much time and effort into updating skype only to have the community hate it so much.

To be perfectly honest though it's horrific and you should feel awful.

I can give you a list of things right now that would make the community love you to the moon and back and they aren't even hard changes.


  • Windows is not a phone. Please get rid of this weird blown out word bubble aesthetic. Backdate to the old Skype and keep it as it was. It was clean solid and efficient. We don't want pretty colors and nice rounded edges. We want it sharp and to the point. I just want outright text.
    ie: Friend A: Hey
        Friend B: Hey
  • We ALL hate non-consensual formatting. I don't want asterisks around my words to make them bold. You should literally fire whoever's idea it was. It's an outright awful idea.
  • Emotes are annoying. :I is a straightface not an idea emoticon with a lightbulb. What even is that Skype seriously. Remove all auto-emotes. Yeah I'm 100% aware I can turn them off personally but I still look like a moron when I type :I and my friends think I have an idea.
  • You know what weird thing on some versions where you click a message and it highlights it in dotted lines and yellow? Don't.. don't do that.. just no.
  • Ads are bad mkay.. Every time I see "It's your friends birthday buy them Skype things!" I want to buy them skype things even less.
  • Stop offering pseudo-"solutions" such as "@@ " removes formatting from a message! I'm not typing "@@ " before every single one of my messages.. how about "@@ " to use formatting!
    See what you do is you make the less commonly used alternative use the complicated procedure.

In all seriousness though I love Skype.. but these changes and "features" hurt my heart.

I have a good 40+ people that I frequently talk to in massive group chats on a daily basis.

We are ALL contemplating moving to a different program. Every last one of us. I get the feeling the rest of the community isn't far behind.

Status: Not right now

Plesae only request one idea per submissions.


Regarding the multiple requests you had: Please make sure you are making use of customization options described in 7.0:

The most recent update of Skype added  "and other media previews" to the option "Show images" This addition now previews urls as well as images contacts send you. I don't find this to be a good thing.


Please seperate these to two options. One option for images (like before the update), and another for "other media previews."  I really don't need or want to see url previews for what could be questionable material.


Skype is by far the worst IM client known to man. There are many irritating things about it:

1) the ads, which you can remove via regedit, but it still leaves an ugly blank space - Skype DOES NOT need ad revenue. it's funded by Microsoft

2) the idiotic skype wifi popup whenever I connect to wifi. It's completely pointless and an attempt to bilk money out of people who don't realize that wifi is free. It also refuses to go away even when you minimize or cancel it.

3) the inability to export chat history

4) the general slowness/clunkiness of the app compared to superior IM clients like Trillian

5) the ugly 2000s UI. seriously, get with the times. make it more minimalist instead of clogging it up with a useless home page and other clutter.


Sadly because of Microsoft's monopoly and inability to be a good company that puts customers first, Skype will continue to be garbage.


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