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In a call with this chick atm with a really loud and annoying voice and the thought, 'Skype really needs to get an adjuster for individuals in call' would be eternally greatful if this could be done.  Please, Please, Please.


Thank you in advanced,


Guy with a growing migraine.

It would be nice to have some features that MSN messenger had implemented in Skype for Desktop. I really miss the buzz lightning and font colour changing. 

Look I understand that it probably feels awful to put so much time and effort into updating skype only to have the community hate it so much.

To be perfectly honest though it's horrific and you should feel awful.

I can give you a list of things right now that would make the community love you to the moon and back and they aren't even hard changes.


  • Windows is not a phone. Please get rid of this weird blown out word bubble aesthetic. Backdate to the old Skype and keep it as it was. It was clean solid and efficient. We don't want pretty colors and nice rounded edges. We want it sharp and to the point. I just want outright text.
    ie: Friend A: Hey
        Friend B: Hey
  • We ALL hate non-consensual formatting. I don't want asterisks around my words to make them bold. You should literally fire whoever's idea it was. It's an outright awful idea.
  • Emotes are annoying. :I is a straightface not an idea emoticon with a lightbulb. What even is that Skype seriously. Remove all auto-emotes. Yeah I'm 100% aware I can turn them off personally but I still look like a moron when I type :I and my friends think I have an idea.
  • You know what weird thing on some versions where you click a message and it highlights it in dotted lines and yellow? Don't.. don't do that.. just no.
  • Ads are bad mkay.. Every time I see "It's your friends birthday buy them Skype things!" I want to buy them skype things even less.
  • Stop offering pseudo-"solutions" such as "@@ " removes formatting from a message! I'm not typing "@@ " before every single one of my messages.. how about "@@ " to use formatting!
    See what you do is you make the less commonly used alternative use the complicated procedure.

In all seriousness though I love Skype.. but these changes and "features" hurt my heart.

I have a good 40+ people that I frequently talk to in massive group chats on a daily basis.

We are ALL contemplating moving to a different program. Every last one of us. I get the feeling the rest of the community isn't far behind.

Status: Not right now

Plesae only request one idea per submissions.


Regarding the multiple requests you had: Please make sure you are making use of customization options described in 7.0:

Please allow users to create "skins" for the UI of the client as many other IM clients do. Many people have a specific theme for their desktop, and would like Skype to conform.


In addition, please allow users to disable the "chat bubble" style IM appearance in favor of a more efficient use of the space.


Also allow the option to change the color of the IM appearance, or at least provide "scheme" options as Windows Aero does. It is difficult to read pale blue usernames against a field of white.


Finally, allow users to adjust the scale and size of the interface to their liking. In a group chat with a 400x600 px window, only the first two letters of the name can be seen due to the text scale. The contact list is very wide, and in compact view could still be functional at half its width.

This has been mentioned quite a few times since the recent updates came about, but I wanted to propose what I think is a simple idea to get around the UI complaints and (I hope) please as many users as possible: add the option to disable the speech bubbles in IM view. This could be a simple checkbox in the Settings menu, along the lines of "use speech bubbles in IM", or the opposite, something like "compact IM view", that, when enabled/disabled (depending on the wording of the setting) would change the IM view to be more compact as it was in previous Skype versions, removing the speech bubbles, aligning your messages to the left of the IM window (in the same place as the receipient's messages instead of in its own right-aligned box with left-aligned text) and removing the large amounts of space between messages from different people (and maybe removing the display picture next to each message in favour of just the one at the top of the conversation, but I don't think that's quite as important).

I understand that some people favour their IM windows looking like a smartphone text conversation and the current layout is perfect for that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Skype for voice/video calling and hardly touch the IM side, in which case it shouldn't matter to them. However, the layout does not work well for people who have IM conversations very frequently (personally, I rely on Skype to keep contact with friends and important contacts, so this is my main method of conversation), as the speech bubble-look makes every message take up a very large amount of space, causing older messages to be pushed off of the screen much quicker and making conversations harder to follow. The way that your own messages are displayed in a speech bubble that is aligned to the right of the window while the text is left-aligned also breaks the flow of conversations like this by a large margin; I personally find it hard to track conversations when each line begins in a different place on the screen, and shorter messages that I send appear to just be floating somewhere near the middle of the screen instead of at a definitive edge, which looks very jarring.

This is an even larger problem if you use group IMs; if the group is a busy one, the large amount of space between each message means that individual messages leave the screen very quickly, often making it impossible to even keep up with the conversation, and the more complicated visual flow makes the problem even worse. I always have my Skype window maximised and it is still a problem for me regardless, because it can fit only half of the messages that it used to on screen at the most. Again, I can see that this wouldn't be a problem for people who use voice/video chat or don't use IM groups as frequently because they will usually have time to read the conversation fully, but having to scroll up the window to be able to read messages before they leave the screen makes more serious IM groups quite inconvenient to use, and I don't want to have to find something other than Skype to do this because the groups I use are quite well-established on Skype. I'd think that I'm not the only person who feels this way because some of the groups I use are reasonably large (about 12-20 people) and most people in the groups agree about how the new UI affects them.

I hope that what I'm asking is a reasonably simple change; I'm not asking to just get rid of the new layout because I know that some people are happy with it (and have no problem with it being the default as long as I have an option), and I'm not asking to just make the whole of Skype look like an older version. I'm just asking for the option to use the old IM layout rather than the speech bubbles. I know that it is probably easier for a development team to just keep one UI that works on all desktop and mobile devices, but, as you have already had the more compact view I'm asking for in previous versions, I would hope that it wouldn't be too much work to reimplement it as an option.

Thank you.

Status: Comments Requested

Please take a look at the latest Skype 7.0 which introduced a compact chat mode:

It sounds like this answers your request from this idea.

I don't like the new Skype user interface. (Version


The old user interface worked well, and the new user Interface has low contrast. It's difficult to find items and it's not intuitive.


Please give us the option to use the old skin, or old user interface.


6.22 is probably the worse Skype update ever.



Status: More Information needed

We have taken a lot of this feedback into account when building Skype 7.0 which offers more customization options:

Please review and share your feedback in that topic, so that we can make 7.1 even better.

In similar topic you recommended to check out 7.0
Here I have it installed, and the ugly bubbles with blueish background are still there.

I want my messages left-aligned and black-on-white, please add such option

I know this is a pretty radical idea and I'm sure this won't happen any time soon, but what's the harm of trying?
I want two things from the Skype team that will make me continue using this software:
- make it open-source

- implement end-to-end encryption


Reading the sourcecode would let us spot backdoors Microsoft could build in to give government agencies our data.

End-to-end encrypion would make it harder to let third parties read our messages.

I know that Skype relies on the data of the users and couldn't use that if they use proper end-to-end encryption and that's why I suppose giving this encryption at least to users who paid for Skype.
I will get the first working alternative if Skype stays as insecure as it is right now.

Status: Not right now

We are currently not looking into pursuing any of the two aspects of your idea.

Display user local time like in previous versions. It is very useful information when you chatting with people from other countries.

UI layout

Status: New Idea
by Garrettvm on ‎22-12-2014 11:43

The new version of skype just installed itself on my laptop and I really have to wonder, was it designed by a 12 year old girl? Maybe with a My Little Pony fixation?


The old format was good - practical, easy to read. I don't understand why you changed it. Can't you at least give us the option to switch it back so that normal people can continue using it without being constantly frustrated?

As simple as that.
Everyone I know uses Skype to communicate with people, Wants Skype window to be filled with text wrote to them by their loved ones. Not some random designers self-expression.

So my idea is: when Your designers come up with some bright new idea, let Your programmers to add a checkbox to disable it.

Square avatars

Status: New Idea
by vrubleg on ‎18-12-2014 14:53

Please add an option to disable rounded avatars. It looks inconsistent with other square elements.

Downgrading to 6.21

Status: New Idea
by maldoror on ‎14-12-2014 20:32

Hello Skype,


You clearly did not listen to pretty much any of the complaints on 6.22, as listed in practically each and every topic in the 38 pages of that forum, and went ahead with version 7, which is exactly the same. So I feel like I'm wasting my words here.


I am using Skype mainly for business, and sometimes I have up to ten conversations open at once. I need to find people and text easily, and fast. There have been countless comments stating the same, so I am hereby adding my voice too:

- We hate the stupid blue ballons.

- We hate the waste of space in the chat windows and the contacts list.

- Please provide again a compact, business version.

- Skype for Windows is not an App.


I will be downgrading to 6.21 until you listen to your users.

Thank you.

I use Skype at work and at home. When I'm at work and log onto Skype, I don't want my friends to start sending me IMs or calling me becuase my name has just popped up, 


Similarly, when I log on at home, usually with a particular reason (I want to call person A), I don't want everyone else to be notified that I'm suddenly available. I do not want to be invisible however, as I want person A to be able to see that I'm online when they look in their contacts.

Since early 90's (80's) black text on white background (or white on black) without any distracting artifacts has been a preferred UI for many. It worked on DOS/Unix-prompt, IRC, Notepad, Word, even Visual Studio.


I'm sure some guy or gal designer somewhere read a book and managed to convince you that chat bubbles would look great in Skype. Maybe even some researched showed that new users had difficulty distinguishing their own text (which they just typed and is displayed with their name) from other people’s text.  But it does not look good, I'm sorry. It only serves as a distraction from what is important - the text being sent back and forth between two or more people.


Chat bubbles belong on an iPhone, not on a PC-screen. Do not hire iPhone designers for PC-programs.

(Come to think of it ... Metro interface on Windows... Gawd Microsoft, that’s exactly what you did with Windows 8, isn't it?)


Please leave Skype out of the Microsoftification of things. We need a simple text window with file sharing and few emoticons. You have already robbed us of peer-to-peer connection and the comfort of encryption without Microsoft, NSA and any other interested party listening in - so at least let us keep a plain normal chat window.

Status: Duplicate

We have taken a lot of this feedback into account when building Skype 7.0 which offers more customization options:

Please review and share your feedback in that topic, so that we can make 7.1 even better.

Group name font is too large, we don't want all these bubbles...


Is it needed to write it again or will we finally get what we need and not what you want us to use ?

Having Contacts in multiple timezones around the world, it can be tricky to know when a particular user TYPICALLY uses their computer and is so online and available to accept a call.

If Skype gave me even basic contact history - last online and last offline| date/times then I would have some idea when they used Skype and could plan accordingly



WYSIWYG editor

Status: New Idea
by vrubleg ‎18-12-2014 15:00 - edited ‎18-12-2014 15:46

I think that text have to be not formatted unexpectedly. Please add simple WYSIWYG editor instead of annoying automatic formatting for constructions like *text*. For example, you can use this keystrokes: Ctrl+B for Bold, Ctrl+I for Italic, Ctrl+U for Underline, Ctrl+S for Stroke. Also there is have to be a button and a keystroke for monospace font (for code).

Please stop updating!!!

Status: New Idea
by jsherr1 on ‎11-12-2014 14:37
Your new versions just get worse and worse. Change you designers and stop hassling us with your terrible improvements

The new design is extremely counter-intuitive, and you have us in such a way that we have nothing else to do but just work the way you want us to.


This is not what we've come to know and love about this uber-powerful messaging client.


There is now a huge block showing our own profile on the left side. Believe me, I know who I am. I don't need a quarter of the window to remind me who I am.


If you need to make such changes, at least allow for a skinnable interface. This way we can have something more similar to 5.10 interface.


Allow your clients to have an interface that they can actually use! With this current update, there is a section that allows me to see only 3 contacts out of my hundreds that I need to scroll through. The buttons below the massive profile picture are also completely unnecessary. It's hard to imagine that this version actually passed all of the stages of development. Did nobody at any point say "hey... um guys? You know people won't really be able to use this..."


C'mon. This is just unfair.


That is all (actually it's not, but I'm going to keep my cool here and not go insane, because this is going to extremely hinder my productivity, and I will be forced, likely along with many, many others, to seek another chat client).


Thank you, and have a wonderful day!


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