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Love Skype, I use it primarily as an IM. But I never use those two buttons, and I can't seem to get rid of them.


Please provide an option in the View menu to hide them!

P2P Group Chat for moderated groups IS NOT A SOLUTION !  (they lag!)

Yes, we get it you even removed abilities of message editing/deleting privileges of group MASTERS/CREATORS and for all we know they might never come back

However a few basic but very essential stuff needs to be added to new cloud-based group chats:


  1. Controlling who comes in and out.  Give admins the option to allow or disallow regular users to add new participants to the chat

  2. Allow lists and black lists [similar to p2p ones]

  3. Option to lock the editing of group topic and picture to admins only [similar to p2p]

  4. Different UI layout for group chats and group picture.  Current layout [which many already hates] might be ok for small personal chats or small groups.  But in large groups they seriously need to be reconsidered.  For instance scrolling through messages in the hundreds are a huge pain, I enjoy the scroll wheel of my mouse and scroll features of trackpads on laptops everywhere you know, except on skype where I am forced to use a pre-historic scroll bar on the side to quickly scroll up and down at the pace I want to.   Another thing is people get in different groups for different purposes, but easily confuse one with the other, and say stuff in 1 chat and realise it was the wrong place.  So identifying what group you're in shouldn't be a matter of checking the topic title each time.  Perhaps replacing the "medallion" style picture to a wider banner-style picture for group chats would be an interesting identifier to what chat anyone is currently in with just a glance.

  5. Disclaimers - Upon joining /being added to a group chat the user should be notified about him/her being in a group where certain rules may apply and/or certain people have certain administrative powers which may prevent the user from adding others or even remove the user from the group and that Skype and MS aren't liable and won't take any responsibility for stuff happening in that group chat

  6. Oh, how about instead of just getting dragged into groups without my consent I instead get a notification of "You've been invited to join xxxx Group chat by yyyy"  and then i get to see the group info : rules, topic, banner/picture, admins list, may be even participants list, and then I make the decision whether I want to join the group or just decline it.  Will surely save many from coming back to see they got added into groups to with thousands of messages and not-so-pleasant contents or entourage

  7. Filters - Such a basic thing of so many chats and chat system.  If group admins want to make a "clean" chat with no f word, they should have an option to set the word on a filter and whenever someone tries to post a message with that word, it either gets refused or the concerned parts gets **** censored

  8. Also perhaps letting group admins control what's being shared in their groups, or may be even get to approve of refuse certain types of material getting shared, that too could be an interesting feature to have for groups

  9. You know how in this PC+ era there's so many different types of devices and different Instanst Messaging & Calling apps out there and that sooooooooo many of us only bother sticking with skype cause of the 1 thing these others don't have.   Decent group chatting possibilities across all devices and OS.   So don't wait for them to snatch us away man 

Windows 10 is set to launch on July 29. Microsoft is discontinuing Modern Skype on July 7 thus creating the following inconveniences for Windows 8.1 tablet users connected with using the Desktop app:


  • The Desktop app is blurry due to the DPI issues
  • The app slides off the screen if the app is maximized and the user scrolls to the end of any list
  • Users need to use the desktop virtual keyboard which is subpar in numerous aspects
  • Users who primarily use the Modern part of Windows 8.1 are forced to use the desktop environment
  • There is no way to see any Skype notifications without going to the Desktop which, again, the tablet users don't do very often or don't do at all


Every single one of the abovementioned issues isn't minor by any means. We'd understand your decision to make users move to a better app if it was indeed a better app. Please finish the proper Windows 10 integration first (or, at the very least, wait till Windows 10 is released) and then we, the tablet users, would gladly move to a truly better experience.

A (trollface) emoticon wanted

Status: New Idea
by dserg on ‎22-04-2015 14:57

Hi guys,

Many of your emoticons are really cool, like (facepalm), (rofl), (flex) and others. But there is definitely something missing there... A (trollface) one!


Could you please add a "(trollface)" emoticon?

It would be really really useful, I'm sure 146%

And I'm sure it is really wanted and there is even a proof here 

I'm sure many people would appreciate if you do that.




Status: New Idea
by AshleyKC a month ago

I think it'd be useful to have a color customization option. Rather than only being able to have blue text bubbles, be able have transparent ones, or green ones, etc. I feel like this would be especially useful in group chats. Expample:

Of course, this is just an idea. A pretty good one.

This is just a reccommendation I would follow. Or, maybe just have a simple:

Colored Username: text/colored text


My computer forced me to start using the new update. I have a few issues with this version, but the one that really bothers me the most is something the old version had. With the update, an active video chat is forced out of full-screen mode when I activate the instant messaging. Furthermore, because the the new version is no longer in app form, I cannot split the screen in order to use more than one app at a time. Instead, the new version reduces your video to a small square -that you once again have no control over. The reason I have a problem with this is because of the way I use Skype. When my significant other and I am seperated we like to fall asleep using Skype in order to simulate being together. This means (with the old version) leaving the instant messaging open on the side in full-screen mode at full brightness, so that we can still see each with minimal light source to fall asleep. I know this seems like a trivial problem, but, due to my seeing-impairment, I cannot see him without the screen being in full-screen mode. This is why I want the new update to bring back this feature from the last version.

This has been mentioned quite a few times since the recent updates came about, but I wanted to propose what I think is a simple idea to get around the UI complaints and (I hope) please as many users as possible: add the option to disable the speech bubbles in IM view. This could be a simple checkbox in the Settings menu, along the lines of "use speech bubbles in IM", or the opposite, something like "compact IM view", that, when enabled/disabled (depending on the wording of the setting) would change the IM view to be more compact as it was in previous Skype versions, removing the speech bubbles, aligning your messages to the left of the IM window (in the same place as the receipient's messages instead of in its own right-aligned box with left-aligned text) and removing the large amounts of space between messages from different people (and maybe removing the display picture next to each message in favour of just the one at the top of the conversation, but I don't think that's quite as important).

I understand that some people favour their IM windows looking like a smartphone text conversation and the current layout is perfect for that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Skype for voice/video calling and hardly touch the IM side, in which case it shouldn't matter to them. However, the layout does not work well for people who have IM conversations very frequently (personally, I rely on Skype to keep contact with friends and important contacts, so this is my main method of conversation), as the speech bubble-look makes every message take up a very large amount of space, causing older messages to be pushed off of the screen much quicker and making conversations harder to follow. The way that your own messages are displayed in a speech bubble that is aligned to the right of the window while the text is left-aligned also breaks the flow of conversations like this by a large margin; I personally find it hard to track conversations when each line begins in a different place on the screen, and shorter messages that I send appear to just be floating somewhere near the middle of the screen instead of at a definitive edge, which looks very jarring.

This is an even larger problem if you use group IMs; if the group is a busy one, the large amount of space between each message means that individual messages leave the screen very quickly, often making it impossible to even keep up with the conversation, and the more complicated visual flow makes the problem even worse. I always have my Skype window maximised and it is still a problem for me regardless, because it can fit only half of the messages that it used to on screen at the most. Again, I can see that this wouldn't be a problem for people who use voice/video chat or don't use IM groups as frequently because they will usually have time to read the conversation fully, but having to scroll up the window to be able to read messages before they leave the screen makes more serious IM groups quite inconvenient to use, and I don't want to have to find something other than Skype to do this because the groups I use are quite well-established on Skype. I'd think that I'm not the only person who feels this way because some of the groups I use are reasonably large (about 12-20 people) and most people in the groups agree about how the new UI affects them.

I hope that what I'm asking is a reasonably simple change; I'm not asking to just get rid of the new layout because I know that some people are happy with it (and have no problem with it being the default as long as I have an option), and I'm not asking to just make the whole of Skype look like an older version. I'm just asking for the option to use the old IM layout rather than the speech bubbles. I know that it is probably easier for a development team to just keep one UI that works on all desktop and mobile devices, but, as you have already had the more compact view I'm asking for in previous versions, I would hope that it wouldn't be too much work to reimplement it as an option.

Thank you.

Status: Comments Requested

Please take a look at the latest Skype 7.0 which introduced a compact chat mode:

It sounds like this answers your request from this idea.

Now text formatting in Skype is available only by enclosing the formatted text in special characters. It's too complicated, requires too much time to make simple formatting, and has restricted formatting abilities (just bold, italic etc.). Moreover, in some conditions formatting is not applied (e.g. when certain characters appear before formatting signs), and sent message should be edited or deleted.

Please add a text formatting menu that will allow formatting the text by clicking on appropriate icon (like in MS Word). It will make text formatting more simple and will extend its abilities.

UI - Minimalise

Status: New Idea
by Oter2k a month ago

Consider this one idea, as it is a comment on the general UI and UX.


First off: I may come off as somewhat of a UI snob. Not my best attribute, but there you have it.

And then: the Windows Skype UI is not one that I'm happy with. A list. Everyone likes lists:


  1. The enormous advertisement banner above the conversations. It takes up so much space that is is almost ridiculous. This is a chat client, not an online newspaper with a full browser windows of space to waste.
  2. The conversation header. Also too big. It takes up almost as much space as the ad (see, the ad takes up more space than even important UI elements. Not good design). It is about the size of three separate lines of text conversation.
  3. The contact list has a limit of narrowness which is not very narrow. Wasted space right there.


As it stands, with the Skype window taking approximately one fourth (upper left rectangle) of my monitor. One third (2/5) of that space is advertisement and a big white header.  About 1/5 of the window is the input box. That does not leave much space to the chat itself (2/5 actually), which one should think was the important part of the window.

I know there are options for "compact view", and they are all enabled. But is is not very compact, is it? Please, please refrain from making everything "big and touchy", because this is not a touch interface. If I could have my way, the Skype client for OSX would be portet over to Windows. There you actually have most of the window set aside for the chat, not banners and ads.


I am aware that the current Windows design philosophy isn't minimal in terms of size and stuff, but minimalism in regards to depth (flattening), but that is not an excuse for taking up most of an UI with unnecessary bloat (yes, it is perceived as bloat when is serves no "real" purpose other than just "being there").


Please consider a more minimal apporach. The "compact view" just isn't cutting it.



PS: I do realise that it may not be the most encouraging thing to receive feedback that the design isn't up to peoples liking, but know that it is said with the best intentions: better UX and a more satisfied community and user base.

Categories For Contacts

Status: New Idea
by Oblixir on ‎29-05-2015 00:25

I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. I think it'd be a great idea for skype to create categories because people like myself that have over 100+ friends on skype, NEED categories. I know there is a "Favorites" category, but does not suffice as I need more of a breakdown. Thanks. -Josh

Old UINew UI

Look I understand that it probably feels awful to put so much time and effort into updating skype only to have the community hate it so much.

To be perfectly honest though it's horrific and you should feel awful.

I can give you a list of things right now that would make the community love you to the moon and back and they aren't even hard changes.


  • Windows is not a phone. Please get rid of this weird blown out word bubble aesthetic. Backdate to the old Skype and keep it as it was. It was clean solid and efficient. We don't want pretty colors and nice rounded edges. We want it sharp and to the point. I just want outright text.
    ie: Friend A: Hey
        Friend B: Hey
  • We ALL hate non-consensual formatting. I don't want asterisks around my words to make them bold. You should literally fire whoever's idea it was. It's an outright awful idea.
  • Emotes are annoying. :I is a straightface not an idea emoticon with a lightbulb. What even is that Skype seriously. Remove all auto-emotes. Yeah I'm 100% aware I can turn them off personally but I still look like a moron when I type :I and my friends think I have an idea.
  • You know what weird thing on some versions where you click a message and it highlights it in dotted lines and yellow? Don't.. don't do that.. just no.
  • Ads are bad mkay.. Every time I see "It's your friends birthday buy them Skype things!" I want to buy them skype things even less.
  • Stop offering pseudo-"solutions" such as "@@ " removes formatting from a message! I'm not typing "@@ " before every single one of my messages.. how about "@@ " to use formatting!
    See what you do is you make the less commonly used alternative use the complicated procedure.

In all seriousness though I love Skype.. but these changes and "features" hurt my heart.

I have a good 40+ people that I frequently talk to in massive group chats on a daily basis.

We are ALL contemplating moving to a different program. Every last one of us. I get the feeling the rest of the community isn't far behind.

Status: Not right now

Plesae only request one idea per submissions.


Regarding the multiple requests you had: Please make sure you are making use of customization options described in 7.0:

So, some of us have been using skype for very long times and things change. I for one used my then active gametag for skype, a decition I today regret. I cannot be the only one that's been with Skype for several years and later have come to realise that just like an email, you kind of want something that's not ridiculous and easy to understand. 

According to techincal support it's simply impossible to change ones username, something which I beleive is anything but true. Twitter did it, and so can Skype. 


So come on Skype, let us change our usernames without having to cancel our accounts! 

Global search

Status: New Idea
by Chornomorets a month ago

Often I need to find some message and I remember its keywords but don't remember a contact to whom I sent it. So the search in all chats history is required - not only for single conversation.


i tought it can be really nice if you will add custom emoticons to skype.

it was really nice function in the Messenger and many people love it.


hope you can add it

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for the feedback. Custom emoticons are being considered. There are other custom emoticon requests such as If other users would like this added, please include your kudos.

Implement an option to be "unfindable"

Status: New Idea
by Moderator ‎14-05-2015 17:12 - edited ‎14-05-2015 17:13

Since the spambots on Skype are getting more annoying in the last few months an option to not be findable would be great. Those bots look through the userlist of Skype and randomly add users. If I wouldn't be listed, they couldn't add me. By implementing this, users could only find each other if they know their friend's username. Combined with this idea, spambots on Skype would be a thing of the past.

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

I don't like the new Skype user interface. (Version


The old user interface worked well, and the new user Interface has low contrast. It's difficult to find items and it's not intuitive.


Please give us the option to use the old skin, or old user interface.


6.22 is probably the worse Skype update ever.



Status: Duplicate

Consolidating the ideas about "Reverting layout from 7.x to 6.2x" into this one:

Please share your votes and comments there.

Hi-DPI awarness support

Status: New Idea
by on ‎16-06-2015 20:31

Since you are forcing tablet users to use desktop Skype version please add Hi-DPI awarness support. Currently the desktop version is blurry on tablet devices because of it.

Ability to disable receiving friend requests

Status: New Idea
by Lucine_Sweet ‎17-06-2015 20:29 - edited ‎17-06-2015 20:36

Plain and simple: Allow us to disable (or enable) the ability for others to send us friend requests. Give us the freedom and choice to be the one who DECIDE whether or not we want that. Allow us to be the one who add, not get asked to be added. This feature would not be activated by default, however.


  • How is this feature useful?


Simple: Prevents Stalkers. If you are haunted by a persistent stalker, they won't leave you be (they will keep making new accounts and spam you with friend requests), unless you either change your skype account, or call your local police. Neither options are the best. Changing your skype account can be a big and undesirable change for some, and it would not guarantee the stalker would stop. Calling local police is not an option many would go for in an issue that is seemingly trivial (it is not), not to mention it may not even do anything if the stalker is from another country, with a hidden IP Addresses that keeps changing.


  • How would 2 users with friend request disabled add each other?


They can receive add requests once they Both have successfully requested to add each other.


Summary: I completely understand that Skype is a massive social network, however, that is not a valid justification to not give it's community an option to completely prevent harassment/abuse should they need it.


Please thumb up the idea using the "Kudos" feature at the top left of my post if you think it would be useful.

Custom Emotes

Status: Under consideration
by BananasGoMoo on ‎30-01-2014 04:12

My idea is to add custom emotes such as the ones from WLM, since all of those users were merged onto Skype, it would be nice to have that feature again.


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