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New Idea

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

It would be really nice to see more hotkeys in Skype in general, but at the very least volume up/volume down hotkeys. Being able to adjust the volume of Skype while you're in another application such as a game can be crucial if the audio from the application is unexpectedly louder than Skype. Both Skype and Windows' volume controls require using the mouse and tabbing out of fullscreen applications, which can be very inconvenient :wink:

Could you fix a problem for calling skype2skype connections. 


I see green dosts for people who are logged in. BUt when I am calling them I am getting voice message that they are unavalible.  So could you make this people unavalible if they are not able to talk? 


Block spammers

Status: New Idea
by Aussienospace 2 weeks ago

I am tired of having spammers ask to be added to my contact list. 


Although I have in my settings "Allow IM's from = people in my contact list only" I still get the spammers who want to either spam me, defraud me.


I never chat to these people and always immediately report them as spam and decline the request. But I should not have to do this.


We need REAL privacy settings like we had in messenger as right now the current settings do not give you this.


I dont want people who are not in my contact list have the ability to pop up and ask to be added to my contact list - period!


New ads / Ad choices

Status: Under consideration
by Ahdd on ‎29-01-2014 18:06

My idea is, get rid of the new advertisement feature which has been put in and appears at the top of the screen when you're typing in chat with someone



Person you're typing to info here

Chat log here


The ad up top is HUGELY distracting.  I don't mind ads on the contact list or on the status updates page, but when it's where I'm typing to someone its just unbearable. 


This just started today for me and quite honestly it's making me want to switch to another provider for chat like things.


If there was an option to choose where you saw ads that would be acceptable as well, but right now this new thing with the ad popping up up top when I'm typing to someone is horrendous.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback! We will be raising this with the team.

I think you should be able to chance your Skype usernname, for instance, like on Twitter, you can change your @ name, and on Instagram, you can change it on there too, on pretty much everything really. I know many people that want to change their name including myself, it's annoying that we have to create a whole new account and re-add all of our friends on there to the new one, it's annoying for both myself and my friends and I do not wish to have to do it again.


It can't be too hard can it? So many people want to change their name, it could be a name that they made when they were like 12 years old and they look back at it feeling ashamed and embarrassed to add new friends cause of their name. There are a number of reasons that people could want to change their name, it'd be a great improvement and I really hope it happens some day, I don't know how much attention gets paid to any of these but please if you see it, at least take it into consideration? Pretty please? (:


Ads with music - Are you completely mad?

Status: New Idea
by Tenchuu on ‎24-03-2014 08:53

So I just came back to the office from the weekend just to figure that some stupid music is playing - gladly enough I know how to use the Volume Mixer.


And what was it? Skype happily played some stupid ad, seemingly over several hours, including music.


That's completely unacceptable and I recommend you refrain from such attrocities in the future.

Imagine I don't use headphones, then my colleagues have to deal with a notebook that happily plays music for no reason.


Basically, when setting yourself to Do Not Disturb mode, it would ask you if you wanted to receive notifications from certain people, or from nobody.  This change would be useful if you don't want to receive notifications from everyone on your Contact List at a certain time, and just wanted to receive them from a few that you could select.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for your feedback, I have moved this item to Under Consideration.

Transfer Calls

Status: Under consideration
by od.james on ‎07-03-2014 10:28
We use Skype for business use. It would be extremely handy to transfer a live call to another Skype account.<br><br>This feature used to exist, but was removed. Please bring it back. Skype cannot claim Skype for Business unless it has basic business calling functions!


So, I came here to complain (like many others) about the Skype update that changed :3 to a cat.  I used the face ALL THE TIME to express a happy attitude, but now I type it and people say "why the cat emoticon?"  Sometimes, emoticons won't get the proper message across. For example, I used >_< to give off a negative "whoops" feeling, but on some random site (not Microsoft), they made that **bleep** face have a smile, and it forces me to type out what I'm feeling.

Instead of just removing the emoticons directly (like many people want), why can't you just have some sort of delimiting character that forces everything before the next whitespace to be interpreted as literal text?  Maybe like, /:3 would print out as :3 instead of that cat.  And maybe make an option to flip it around in the Options for IM appearance, like "Type / before characters to display as plain text" OR "Type / before characters to display as emoticon (if applicable)"?  This will allow people to ALSO type :3 for just the plain text, and /:3 for the option of displaying it as an emoticon.


And if you're ambitious, have options to enable and disable specific emoticons?  Cmon, it shouldn't be too hard, and for people that don't go in calls often, this would be a HUGE benefit for them.


If / is typed before something that isn't an emoticon, display the /, and if it is typed before emoticon text, make it disappear and show whatever is determined by the options, and if for god knows what reason someone wants to type /:3, they'll just type //:3 or whatever (programmers will see a familiarity with this).


I bring this up because of the other side of the conversation (the people who you talk to).  This will give you control over whether OTHERS see :3 or the cat.  I know you can uncheck "Show emoticons", but what are the chances that you'll get tens, possibly hundreds, of people, to do that if you use Skype with a lot of other people?  Slim to none.


I know that things like "literal text interpretation" don't seem user friendly, but think of it in a practical sense.... they're merely typing "/" to change the behavior of something.  Not too hard, right?


I want you to please listen and consider this idea.  Thanks.

Please make Skype for Desktop compatible with Windows RT so that people can log in using Skype accounts other than the one linked to their Windows account. Windows RT users are stuck using the Modern UI app, which requires us to log in only using the account linked with our Microsoft account.


If making an RT-compatible desktop app is too much to ask, then at least make it possible to log in using non-linked accounts in the Modern UI App.

Status: Not right now
Thank you for your feedback, however at this point we are taking feedback on Windows desktop client and not the Modern application. If you merge your accounts you will be able to sign into the Modern UI using the Microsoft Account.

Seen Feature

Status: Under consideration
by Ava1338 on ‎21-01-2014 13:15 - last edited on ‎21-01-2014 15:42 by Mirunan Staff

Hi, I have seen this system on "Facebook". It tells you if the person has read your message. It is a really useful feature. Just avoids spamming, harassing etc. It would also show you if the person/user is ignoring you or not.

Could you please add the same feature to Skype? It would be great.


How is the system working?:
You pm someone, If he saw your message without reply = It'll display this small line/message "Seen 00:00 PM/AM"


An example:

 Seen feature


Thank you so much!


Provide additional statuses

Status: Under consideration
by Mirunan Staff on ‎14-01-2014 20:53

Would like a feature that shows that I am in a call.  This would help to show other users that I am busy in a call and may not respond to their messages immediately.


Selective status availability to contacts

Status: Under consideration
by dr.agisic on ‎18-01-2014 20:13 - last edited on ‎04-02-2014 19:22 by Mirunan Staff

It would be great if possible to choose what contacts in my contact list could see my online status.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for your feedback and helping to clarify the scenarios!

I have many contacts and would like to be notified only when certain people come online or go offline.  But, Skype currently only allows for an "all or nothing" notification, so I am frequently notified about people that I really don't care about!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for your suggestion. We will enter this item for consideration.

Since the new awful updates that introduced aberrations like the new :3 emoticon, sometimes we dont want to upgrade but the message box annoys everytime we start Skype. An option to turn that notification is so obvious that I dont know why it hasnt implemented yet.

It would be great if skype can "cut image program" and send a picture and it "automatically views the image" without having to press Save File and going to press Open File. I am saying this because it is quite annoying having to do step by step to just view the image, Unless it is a file for a missing program(For example: .dll , .txt , .exe and etc.), it would be okay but for image I find it annoying always having to press Open File when you can just Cut image, Send, Viewed on the other person's screen. Also it would be nice to have an option to set weather you want it to be "Automatically View Image" or "Open File".


Support spell check

Status: Under consideration
by Mirunan Staff on ‎14-01-2014 18:21

Currently spell check is not supported within the Windows desktop client.  Adding spell check will allow for users to ensure that they will not be mis-spelling items when posting on Skype.

It is inevitible that different people have different input audio levels. As such, I perceive that it is necessary to have control over individual volume levels for group call situations. Sometimes, certain people overwhelm others and the ability to adjust the individual volume levels would be really really useful. Even a mute function for when some people might be away but in a call and have unbearable background noise.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for the feedback, we will be routing this to the right team.

Custom Emotes

Status: Under consideration
by BananasGoMoo on ‎30-01-2014 04:12

My idea is to add custom emotes such as the ones from WLM, since all of those users were merged onto Skype, it would be nice to have that feature again.


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