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Dark Theme

Status: New Idea
by Tokinsom 2 weeks ago

There have been over a dozen topics requesting a dark theme.


People work at night while using Skype, you know. Others just have sensitive eyes.


It'll probably take half an hour to add.


Please do it already.


Hi guys,


That new feature of Mojis is really cool and funny - my friends and me used it the hole day after update. However it would be very good to have possibility to switch off notification when Moji comes. I use skype for work and communication with friends. Sometimes I switch off notifications in spam chats that I do not want to leave but they started sending notifications about emojis and it distracts from work. Please make some some option to switch of this notifications.



[Idea submission edited by moderator to replace "Emoji" by "Moji" - The latter being the Skype specific video emoticons introduced in September 2015]

Status: Comments Requested

Thanks for submitting this improvement idea. This was also discussed in the following topic:


Please share your vote for this idea if you want to see it implemented.

Skype for Gamers.

Status: New Idea
by yourdad165 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

Now I want to start this off by expressing beforehand that I've been a Skype user for about six years. All I've ever used Skype for since the start is gaming. My friends and I prefer Skype because of it's simplicity and easy to understand as well as navigate user interface. However, a lot of features have been lacking and were never implemented since I've first used Skype.


For starters here's some suggestions: Build a new client specifically for gaming OR update the current client to accommodate for Skype's large population of gamers.


First things first. Since the newest update of Skype, it's been terrible. With all due respect to the developers of Skype, I've usually seen an update to patch obvious issues. Although with this update I haven't. I play with over five other friends and we communicate using Skype every day, and all of us have experienced these issues. Also, I understand this is an idea thread and I do have ideas to improve Skype for everyone but I just wanted to mention these issues as well. 


Here is what I'm talking about:


1. Joining Skype calls and not being able to hear anyone.


2. Trying to leave a Skype call only to have the call still appear as active (out of the call but hangup button doesn't work and not being able to start a new call). Ending the processs is the only way out.


3. Issues signing in.


4. Getting kicked by nobody and then clicking the re-join button to be quickly kicked again. Usually takes 2-3 tries to get into the call properly. Note: My friends were not kicking me as it has happened to all of us.


5. Adding a participant to the group call only to be kicked and see the resume call button on an empty session. This is hard to explain but it's also hard to understand why it happens. It will usually happen when you are getting issue number 2. 


Now here are my ideas:


1. Like I said, make a new client dedicated to gamers. However, the following ideas should not affect anybody who uses Skype for business or casual calls. Adding these ideas should not conflict with the needs of any current users.


2. Add a mute participant feature. Seriously, this one is needed. When you're playing two different games nobody wants to hear each other. Making a new call can be a hastle in the middle of a game so adding a mute feature so that each group can mute each other and play quietly among themselves is not a bad idea. 


3. Add the ability to pass on host privileges. This one is also important. When the host has to leave it can be extremely frustrating to have the whole call abruptly ended tabbing everyone out of their games. This would also help out a lot in regards to connection issues (when the host's connection is affecting call quality). It would work as an option when right clicking a user, similar to the "remove from group" option. This would allow you to "Pass on host privileges" as an additional choice. Thus making you no longer the host and someone else instead.


4. Don't tab us out of our games when somebody is added, removed, or calling you while playing. I know there is "do not disturb." However, I want to know when I'm receiving a call and "do not disturb" mode disables that. Even just a separate setting to disable this feature would be nice.


I will add any other issues I experience in this update or ideas I have for the next update into this post. I would also love to hear from other users so that I can add ideas or issues they have experienced as well.


I would also like to thank the Skype developers. I really do appreciate all the effort they put into the updates and I understand it can be hard to answer everyone's requests. I also think it is pretty cool that you listen to the community too, and it is something that can be extremely helpful as well.



This has been mentioned quite a few times since the recent updates came about, but I wanted to propose what I think is a simple idea to get around the UI complaints and (I hope) please as many users as possible: add the option to disable the speech bubbles in IM view. This could be a simple checkbox in the Settings menu, along the lines of "use speech bubbles in IM", or the opposite, something like "compact IM view", that, when enabled/disabled (depending on the wording of the setting) would change the IM view to be more compact as it was in previous Skype versions, removing the speech bubbles, aligning your messages to the left of the IM window (in the same place as the receipient's messages instead of in its own right-aligned box with left-aligned text) and removing the large amounts of space between messages from different people (and maybe removing the display picture next to each message in favour of just the one at the top of the conversation, but I don't think that's quite as important).

I understand that some people favour their IM windows looking like a smartphone text conversation and the current layout is perfect for that, and I am sure that there are a lot of people who use Skype for voice/video calling and hardly touch the IM side, in which case it shouldn't matter to them. However, the layout does not work well for people who have IM conversations very frequently (personally, I rely on Skype to keep contact with friends and important contacts, so this is my main method of conversation), as the speech bubble-look makes every message take up a very large amount of space, causing older messages to be pushed off of the screen much quicker and making conversations harder to follow. The way that your own messages are displayed in a speech bubble that is aligned to the right of the window while the text is left-aligned also breaks the flow of conversations like this by a large margin; I personally find it hard to track conversations when each line begins in a different place on the screen, and shorter messages that I send appear to just be floating somewhere near the middle of the screen instead of at a definitive edge, which looks very jarring.

This is an even larger problem if you use group IMs; if the group is a busy one, the large amount of space between each message means that individual messages leave the screen very quickly, often making it impossible to even keep up with the conversation, and the more complicated visual flow makes the problem even worse. I always have my Skype window maximised and it is still a problem for me regardless, because it can fit only half of the messages that it used to on screen at the most. Again, I can see that this wouldn't be a problem for people who use voice/video chat or don't use IM groups as frequently because they will usually have time to read the conversation fully, but having to scroll up the window to be able to read messages before they leave the screen makes more serious IM groups quite inconvenient to use, and I don't want to have to find something other than Skype to do this because the groups I use are quite well-established on Skype. I'd think that I'm not the only person who feels this way because some of the groups I use are reasonably large (about 12-20 people) and most people in the groups agree about how the new UI affects them.

I hope that what I'm asking is a reasonably simple change; I'm not asking to just get rid of the new layout because I know that some people are happy with it (and have no problem with it being the default as long as I have an option), and I'm not asking to just make the whole of Skype look like an older version. I'm just asking for the option to use the old IM layout rather than the speech bubbles. I know that it is probably easier for a development team to just keep one UI that works on all desktop and mobile devices, but, as you have already had the more compact view I'm asking for in previous versions, I would hope that it wouldn't be too much work to reimplement it as an option.

Thank you.

Status: Comments Requested

Please take a look at the latest Skype 7.0 which introduced a compact chat mode:

It sounds like this answers your request from this idea.

A (trollface) emoticon wanted

Status: New Idea
by dserg on ‎22-04-2015 13:57

Hi guys,

Many of your emoticons are really cool, like (facepalm), (rofl), (flex) and others. But there is definitely something missing there... A (trollface) one!


Could you please add a "(trollface)" emoticon?

It would be really really useful, I'm sure 146%

And I'm sure it is really wanted and there is even a proof here 

I'm sure many people would appreciate if you do that.





We need a little help from the Skype Community.


The issue of receiving unsolicited contact requests from spammers is affecting our business and many other businesses and home users.


We have two common-sense solutions to resolving this issue we would like the Microsoft Skype/Security/Development Team to implement quickly (i.e. given top priority):


1.  A ‘filtering’ system put in place to block unsolicited contact requests that come from the same Skype id. to several other Skype ids. of the opposite sex.


2. Add an extra privacy setting in Skype Options to specify that a user does not receive any ‘unsolicited contact requests’.


If you are have the same issue, agree with our solutions, then please could you give this post a kudos/thumbs-up vote.  


Hopefully, the kudos will get our post noticed and someone in Microsoft will get this issue resolved.






I am the MD of a company in the UK.


We have been using Skype for our staff as business users for several years. It’s fundamental to our company and customer communications.


However, for the last year or so, my staff receive several unsolicited contact requests (targeting the opposite sex) every day, despite all the privacy settings being set to the most private possible limited to our company.


The system is ‘embarrasing’ and ‘inappropriate’ for business use.


Building up lists of hundreds of blocked spam users on each and every staff Skype account is time-consuming, inefficient and annoying for my staff.


This problem has been highligted for a couple of years now on various Skype forums, and Microsoft has not responded at all.


I don't believe The Microsoft Skype Team are incompetent.  However, after such a long time of ignoring this issue I do think there is room for improvement regarding Microsoft’s Customer Support & Software Development strategies?



Kind regards,


Managing Director of a UK Limited Company

Gif Uploading

Status: Duplicate
by Shy__Guy 4 weeks ago

                                                    Hey Skype I thought the whole "Mojis" thing was a good idea but, it would give us a very unique experience if we could upload our own gifs. From GIF files to URLs we could share a variety of gifs with eachother. Mabye you could add a button to the "Mojis" thing that allows you to upload your own gif via URL or GIF file.

  I dont know, I thought it was a good idea, hopefully this is implemented!

Status: Duplicate

Duplicate of this idea.


i tought it can be really nice if you will add custom emoticons to skype.

it was really nice function in the Messenger and many people love it.


hope you can add it

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for the feedback. Custom emoticons are being considered. There are other custom emoticon requests such as If other users would like this added, please include your kudos.

I know that there's a post for getting GIFs availalble in the mobile section but I wanted to add it to the laptop/desktop section. 


I think that being able to add GIFs just like if they were regular images would be a tremendous improvement to the IM system. 

Look I understand that it probably feels awful to put so much time and effort into updating skype only to have the community hate it so much.

To be perfectly honest though it's horrific and you should feel awful.

I can give you a list of things right now that would make the community love you to the moon and back and they aren't even hard changes.


  • Windows is not a phone. Please get rid of this weird blown out word bubble aesthetic. Backdate to the old Skype and keep it as it was. It was clean solid and efficient. We don't want pretty colors and nice rounded edges. We want it sharp and to the point. I just want outright text.
    ie: Friend A: Hey
        Friend B: Hey
  • We ALL hate non-consensual formatting. I don't want asterisks around my words to make them bold. You should literally fire whoever's idea it was. It's an outright awful idea.
  • Emotes are annoying. :I is a straightface not an idea emoticon with a lightbulb. What even is that Skype seriously. Remove all auto-emotes. Yeah I'm 100% aware I can turn them off personally but I still look like a moron when I type :I and my friends think I have an idea.
  • You know what weird thing on some versions where you click a message and it highlights it in dotted lines and yellow? Don't.. don't do that.. just no.
  • Ads are bad mkay.. Every time I see "It's your friends birthday buy them Skype things!" I want to buy them skype things even less.
  • Stop offering pseudo-"solutions" such as "@@ " removes formatting from a message! I'm not typing "@@ " before every single one of my messages.. how about "@@ " to use formatting!
    See what you do is you make the less commonly used alternative use the complicated procedure.

In all seriousness though I love Skype.. but these changes and "features" hurt my heart.

I have a good 40+ people that I frequently talk to in massive group chats on a daily basis.

We are ALL contemplating moving to a different program. Every last one of us. I get the feeling the rest of the community isn't far behind.

Status: Not right now

Plesae only request one idea per submissions.


Regarding the multiple requests you had: Please make sure you are making use of customization options described in 7.0:

Similar to the features that Skype already has, such as using asterisks to create a bold affect, or using underscores to create italic text, I believe there should be a way to add code.

Prefixing your message would include "[code]" and end with "[/code]". Once you paste your code into your message, you will be able to send the message, in a nice, simple format. The code would result something like this with the line numbers, and the indented code:

This code would also be non-interrupted as in, emojis will not appear within the code, because currently, if you paste code and add something similar to "(6)", a devil appears, or "(", and a music note will appear, which makes your code quite annoying, and you cannot fix that.

Status: Comments Requested

Please review the information in this idea comment:

It looks like majority of what you requested is already supported.

Using Skype and having a chatroom on it is a really nice thing to have, but the commands to manage what and what not is submitted to it is kinda limited.


To fulfil this, we need some extra commands, such as:

- /mute (skype id) (time)

- /unmute (skype id)

- /removemessage (message id)

- /clearchat

- etc


It would be awesome if we could somehow script commands as well.

The latest skype update "fixed" the "glitch" of editing other user messages, I think that you guys should add it back because its really useful on large group chats (166+ Ppl) as a moderation tool.

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

Essential Group Chat Features

Status: Not right now
by damn_slow on ‎30-06-2015 18:58

P2P Group Chat for moderated groups IS NOT A SOLUTION !  (they lag!)

Yes, we get it you even removed abilities of message editing/deleting privileges of group MASTERS/CREATORS and for all we know they might never come back

However a few basic but very essential stuff needs to be added to new cloud-based group chats:


  1. Controlling who comes in and out.  Give admins the option to allow or disallow regular users to add new participants to the chat

  2. Allow lists and black lists [similar to p2p ones]

  3. Option to lock the editing of group topic and picture to admins only [similar to p2p]

  4. Different UI layout for group chats and group picture.  Current layout [which many already hates] might be ok for small personal chats or small groups.  But in large groups they seriously need to be reconsidered.  For instance scrolling through messages in the hundreds are a huge pain, I enjoy the scroll wheel of my mouse and scroll features of trackpads on laptops everywhere you know, except on skype where I am forced to use a pre-historic scroll bar on the side to quickly scroll up and down at the pace I want to.   Another thing is people get in different groups for different purposes, but easily confuse one with the other, and say stuff in 1 chat and realise it was the wrong place.  So identifying what group you're in shouldn't be a matter of checking the topic title each time.  Perhaps replacing the "medallion" style picture to a wider banner-style picture for group chats would be an interesting identifier to what chat anyone is currently in with just a glance.

  5. Disclaimers - Upon joining /being added to a group chat the user should be notified about him/her being in a group where certain rules may apply and/or certain people have certain administrative powers which may prevent the user from adding others or even remove the user from the group and that Skype and MS aren't liable and won't take any responsibility for stuff happening in that group chat

  6. Oh, how about instead of just getting dragged into groups without my consent I instead get a notification of "You've been invited to join xxxx Group chat by yyyy"  and then i get to see the group info : rules, topic, banner/picture, admins list, may be even participants list, and then I make the decision whether I want to join the group or just decline it.  Will surely save many from coming back to see they got added into groups to with thousands of messages and not-so-pleasant contents or entourage

  7. Filters - Such a basic thing of so many chats and chat system.  If group admins want to make a "clean" chat with no f word, they should have an option to set the word on a filter and whenever someone tries to post a message with that word, it either gets refused or the concerned parts gets **** censored

  8. Also perhaps letting group admins control what's being shared in their groups, or may be even get to approve of refuse certain types of material getting shared, that too could be an interesting feature to have for groups

  9. You know how in this PC+ era there's so many different types of devices and different Instanst Messaging & Calling apps out there and that sooooooooo many of us only bother sticking with skype cause of the 1 thing these others don't have.   Decent group chatting possibilities across all devices and OS.   So don't wait for them to snatch us away man 
Status: Not right now

Thanks for taking the time to summarize these improvements. For feature ideas to be voted upon individually and stay actionable you would need to submit these items individually though. I'm therefor closing this submission. Maybe you can re-submit and contain a link to the other ideas from the same group in the first comment to these new ideas.

Add a feature on Skype that allows a user to set a maximum resolution and video quality.


The best feature would be to allow the user to toggle between Standard Definiton (480p), High Definition (720p) and Full High Definition (1080p) rather than allow skype to auto-scale.


There are many cases where it simply is not necessary to see the caller in HD.


We are having a major problem at work where we can no longer afford to have certain users make video calls.  They have HD or FULL HD web cameras and as soon as they enable video they start consuming >3Mbps of our internet connection and we only have a 5Mbps connection.  Giving the users the choice to scale back and force the video to a smaller size would be a huge help.

Custom Emotes

Status: Under consideration
by BananasGoMoo on ‎30-01-2014 03:12

My idea is to add custom emotes such as the ones from WLM, since all of those users were merged onto Skype, it would be nice to have that feature again.

Windows 10 is set to launch on July 29. Microsoft is discontinuing Modern Skype on July 7 thus creating the following inconveniences for Windows 8.1 tablet users connected with using the Desktop app:


  • The Desktop app is blurry due to the DPI issues
  • The app slides off the screen if the app is maximized and the user scrolls to the end of any list
  • Users need to use the desktop virtual keyboard which is subpar in numerous aspects
  • Users who primarily use the Modern part of Windows 8.1 are forced to use the desktop environment
  • There is no way to see any Skype notifications without going to the Desktop which, again, the tablet users don't do very often or don't do at all


Every single one of the abovementioned issues isn't minor by any means. We'd understand your decision to make users move to a better app if it was indeed a better app. Please finish the proper Windows 10 integration first (or, at the very least, wait till Windows 10 is released) and then we, the tablet users, would gladly move to a truly better experience.


I think that skype should have the option to integrate with Windows 10 Notifications bar. The notification should show the message (or at least part of it) and also, you should be able to reply through the notification, rather than needing to open skype.

Status: Not right now

The Windows 10 notifications currently do not allow any direct interaction apart from dismissing them in the notification center. Once more functionality becomes available we'll review to makeu use of them in a sensible way.

Categories For Contacts

Status: New Idea
by Oblixir on ‎28-05-2015 23:25

I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. I think it'd be a great idea for skype to create categories because people like myself that have over 100+ friends on skype, NEED categories. I know there is a "Favorites" category, but does not suffice as I need more of a breakdown. Thanks. -Josh

Old UINew UI


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