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New Idea

1. Do not shut down old versions of Skype. Make Skype updates optional. Users get used to their "old" versions and often DON'T WANT any changes in user interface. Remember that Skype is often used by beginner users (for example, parents and grandparents) and for some of them it is a big pain when familiar user interface got changed because of some "bright" ideas of UI designers. Remember that such users will often not need your new features also.


2. If your marketing campaign and product strategy are still more important than how many users feel about your products, make Skype updates AUTOMATIC as it used to be before Skype was purchased by Microsoft. Let's not go back to previous century when users had to update all software manually. 

"It’s easy to update Skype; once you do, you’ll have access to the latest features our team has worked hard to deliver."

You know what else is easy? NOT retiring the older versions that are SUPERIOR in NOT having the "features" of the newer Skype versions such as people appearing offline when they were, and still are, online a few minutes ago, people appearing online when they haven't been for hours, **bleep**ING ADS EVERYWHERE, general glitchyness and lag that has persisted since the dawn of time and only seems to increase with every new version.

You should "work hard on delivering" some punches to your development team's faces. I'm on 6.11 for a reason, and i have zero reason to upgrade to the newer version. And i find it outrageous that you people figure to give us a reason by making the old versions not work.

Imagine my disgust seeing some tall cat thing when I try to type out ":3". And the horror when I find out that (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) don't do anything either.


My idea for the Windows client is for Skype to restore the (fubar), (finger), (wtf), and (hollest) smileys and remove the ":3" smiley (and reverting any other changes that were made that I haven't listed). Put the emote set back to the way it was in version 6.13, please!

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback, we will raise this with the right team.

It has been two years since MSN/Windows Live was officially "shut down" (although it can still be used with a specific client), and users were forced to switch to Skype. While Skype does handle some things better than Windows Live, it is still lacking a lot of features a lot of us made use of. These features include


- Integrated image sharing. Whenever you posted an image url, or shared an image from your PC, the image would actually load up in the chat for everyone to see. There was no need to download the image, nor did you have to open a web browser. It was an extremely fast and helpful way to share images, but the nicest feature of all was how it handled screen shots. If you needed to show someone something, you could simply hit the print screen key, then hit CRTL + V in the chat and have it instantly load. You didn't need to save the image, nor did your contacts have to download it. It opened in the viewer instantly, and that's all there was too it.


- Font styles and colors were also a nice feature. While I understand a lot of people use Skype for buisness, that doesn't mean it couldn't at least be an option. It actually wouldn't be that difficult to set it up so stylized fonts can be toggled on and off with a simple check box (where you checked, or unchecked it depending if you wanted to see other's custom font styles). That way, anyone who wants to use a cusotm font and font color could choose to do so, while anyone who wishes to view the basic black font can do so as well. Its a basic feature, and I've never understood why Skype has yet to include it.


- Custom emoticons. Once again another feature Windows Live included. With its simple built in uploader, you could create your own emoticons by uploading just about any pic (including animated gifs), and then you could set whatever text you wanted to trigger it. For example, you could turn "^_^" into an emoticon of a smily face, or if you wanted to turn "lol" into a laughing face you could do that as well. Also, once again there could be an option to toggle this on or off. Windows Live had the option to turn them off after all.


- Nudge. It doesn't have to be an annoying shake and sound like it was on Windows Live, but sometimes people don't always notice skype's notification, or in some cases they won't even be notified. Rather than asking someone "are you there" or spamming them with pointless messages, it would be nice to just hit a little button that allows you to resend the notification. Really, the easiest way to do this, would be to make it so the button acts like a new skype message, without actually sending a message. Just the new message sound, with the orange dot next to the Skype icon is all it needs to be. On top of that, there could be an option to toggle this off or on as well (once again Windows Live allowed you to).

Hey :happy:

i tought it can be really nice if you will add custom emoticons to skype.

it was really nice function in the Messenger and many people love it.


hope you can add it :happy:

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for the feedback. Custom emoticons are being considered. There are other custom emoticon requests such as If other users would like this added, please include your kudos.

New ads / Ad choices

Status: Under consideration
by Ahdd on ‎29-01-2014 18:06

My idea is, get rid of the new advertisement feature which has been put in and appears at the top of the screen when you're typing in chat with someone



Person you're typing to info here

Chat log here


The ad up top is HUGELY distracting.  I don't mind ads on the contact list or on the status updates page, but when it's where I'm typing to someone its just unbearable. 


This just started today for me and quite honestly it's making me want to switch to another provider for chat like things.


If there was an option to choose where you saw ads that would be acceptable as well, but right now this new thing with the ad popping up up top when I'm typing to someone is horrendous.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you all for your feedback! We will be raising this with the team.

Group chat invite privacy. 

Whenever someone adds your name onto a list of contacts that they wish to add to a new group, the persons (contacts added) get added into the group unwillingly. 

And by "unwillingly" i mean they have no choice or say (option wall asking if they would like to join) availible. 


This annoys me because of all the contacts i have, someone always has the great idea to round up as meny contacts they can list and add them into a group chat at whatever time.


I want an option to asking me if i would like to join, or not to join said group via invite page. 

There are too many people that add me to there groups without asking me, i just get dragged into them with random people i don't know, and it's vary uncomfortable. 


If there is already an option on skype to do this, then my apoligies, but this has been going on for too long, and i'm tired of being dragged into these random group chats.


Thank you 


Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for the feedback. Would other users like to see this feature added? Please include your kudos or comments.

Better Emoticon System

Status: Comments Requested
by Onihikage on ‎20-06-2014 06:43

The way emotes are handled currently leaves something to be desired; emoticons are meant to be a way for a user to express themselves, but Skype currently only allows us to express ourselves with a very limited set of emoticons, which we have no control over, and sometimes don't even know about (as with the recent change to making the :3 be an emoticon). Here's how I would have them work:


We need to have individual control over which emoticons are enabled, and what we type to get each emoticon. If we like the emoticon currently assigned to :3 but also like using the actual :3 as text, we can reassign the emoticon to (cat). Having such a system in place opens the door to custom emoticon, but I'll get to that in a minute.


A user's settings for their own emotes will be visible to others. If they reassign :3 to not be an emote, neither they nor other users will see the cat emote in their own message when they type :3, but other users will still be able to use and see it just fine in their own messages. Here is an example of how various emoticon settings will interact:


Users Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma are chatting in a Skype conversation. Alpha's emoticons are all set to defaults, Beta has unassigned the :3 emoticon under their settings, Delta has disabled the :3 emoticon, and Gamma has reassigned that emoticon from :3 to (kitty). Alpha, Beta, and Delta all write :3 and Gamma writes (kitty), in messages sent in the same order. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma all see the kitty emoticon, :3:3, and the kitty emoticon again. Delta sees :3:3:3, and (kitty), because she disabled that specific emoticon, no matter how it's renamed. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma all have the option to hide specific emoticons by clicking on them in the text, whether in their own messages or others'.


In this way, users would have control not only over which emoticons they see, but also over the emoticons that others see in their own posts. With that working, the rules around custom emoticons are quite a bit simpler to implement; a user could supply an image file which fits Skype's own emoticon requirements (dimensions, file size, file type, etc.), and a text code by which they'll summon it.


There would be a menu option (on by default) which would automatically download other users' custom emotes when they use them; without that enabled, a user would only see the text associated with the custom emoticon, and could tap or click on it to download/show or hide the emoticon (unless they have all emoticons disabled). Users could right-click an emoticon and get an option to add it to their own emoticon library, making it very easy to use and share emoticons which are most effective at expressing certain emotions.


Sorry for the long post, I hope it's not too much.

Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for the detailed feedback. Custom emoticons are under consideration. If other users would like this, please add kudos or comments.

Unread Message Notification Timer

Status: Comments Requested
by Xaser on ‎23-05-2014 12:08



many people I collaborate with using skype are very fast typers, like me. That means that reading a new message is a process of tabbing over, reading the message and tabbing back in the matter of about a second.


However the new message notification seems to be combined with a delay that results in the message still being marked as unread when tabbing back, which can be very annoying.


I therefore propose to remove this delay timer alltogether or at least give the skype user the ability to turn it off using the settings menu or a configuration file.

Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for the feedback. Would other users like to have this as well? Please add comments or kudos and we will monitor the interest level.

Some of the Facebook users choose the option "Turn off chat", which sets their state as offline, but they can still message to or recieve messages from anyone. The problem is that, since Skype won't allow you to message "offline" contacts, no one can reply them through Skype itself.


Also, it's useful when one wants to send a message for a friend that is currently offline, but expects him to see it as soon as he comes online.


Client Customization

Status: New Idea
by Golden_Bolt on ‎14-06-2014 08:06

I'd love to see some client-side customization options for Skype, Stuff like changing the colour and font of text, Adding a picture to the background and / or changing the colour of it.

I know this isn't in-depth but I felt as though it would be best to keep it short and sweet.


Text formatting for chat

Status: New Idea
by mmKALLL on ‎13-06-2014 16:53

Considering that HTML rendering support is more or less in Skype already and thus this wouldn't break old versions, I think it would be a marvelous addition if some sort of text formatting was possible. Even such basic things as bolded, cursive and over/underlined text along with several colours would enable a wide array of usages. This would be especially helpful when learning a language, for example, which I believe is a considerable use of Skype for many.



It is currently not possible to rename Messenger contacts in Skype.  Please make this possible.



Skype for Windows Desktop should use Windows Desktop Scaling.  Right now, on Windows 8.1 with high DPI displays, Skype scales very badly.  It is either very blurry with scaling turned on or is too small to see when scaling turned off.  This negatively affects not just SMS and IM but also webcams.


Since Skype is a Microsoft product it should follow the Microsoft guidelines for desktop scaling, even if it is not a Windows 8.1 specific application.  There are a multitude of other applications, like Firefox and Internet Explorer, that work perfectly with desktop scaling.  Skype should do this, too.




Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for the feedback. Would other users like to see this? Please add comments or kudos.

Nudges, Emoticons and Formatting

Status: Comments Requested
by jase.y on ‎19-06-2014 17:17

MSN/Windows Live Messenger were the best IM Clients ever made, in my opinion. Not only did they possess many customization options, but they were also fun to use. They were useful. Skype is neither of those, unfortunately.


Most of my friends miss Messenger. We miss being able to Nudge each other, we miss being able to add our own emoticons. We miss being able to change our "Status" and/or Display Name.


Now, I know that not everybody is into Nudging, Emoticons and Status'/Display Names. So here is my "Idea":


  • Bring back Nudges, with the ability to turn off sending/receiving of nudges in settings.
  • Bring back Custom Emoticons (Skype already has the ability to not display emoticons - no extra setting is required here).
  • Bring back Games. This is my least-desired feature but would nevertheless love to see it appear (just hopefully not before Nudges make their way back).


And I know that many others want text formatting. I.e. Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough - and colors.


Skype is a great IM. But it can be greater with the above features.

Status: Comments Requested
Thank you for the feedback. We are listening to the high volume of requests for custom emoticons - this is under consideration. Regarding Nudges and Games: if other users would like to see these added, please include your kudos or comments.

Seen Feature

Status: Under consideration
by Ava1338 on ‎21-01-2014 13:15 - last edited on ‎21-01-2014 15:42 by Mirunan Staff

Hi, I have seen this system on "Facebook". It tells you if the person has read your message. It is a really useful feature. Just avoids spamming, harassing etc. It would also show you if the person/user is ignoring you or not.

Could you please add the same feature to Skype? It would be great.


How is the system working?:
You pm someone, If he saw your message without reply = It'll display this small line/message "Seen 00:00 PM/AM"


An example:

 Seen feature


Thank you so much!


Custom Emotes

Status: Under consideration
by BananasGoMoo on ‎30-01-2014 04:12

My idea is to add custom emotes such as the ones from WLM, since all of those users were merged onto Skype, it would be nice to have that feature again.

Basically, when setting yourself to Do Not Disturb mode, it would ask you if you wanted to receive notifications from certain people, or from nobody.  This change would be useful if you don't want to receive notifications from everyone on your Contact List at a certain time, and just wanted to receive them from a few that you could select.

Status: Under consideration
Thank you for your feedback, I have moved this item to Under Consideration.

Block spammers

Status: Implemented
by Aussienospace on ‎08-04-2014 13:59

I am tired of having spammers ask to be added to my contact list. 


Although I have in my settings "Allow IM's from = people in my contact list only" I still get the spammers who want to either spam me, defraud me.


I never chat to these people and always immediately report them as spam and decline the request. But I should not have to do this.


We need REAL privacy settings like we had in messenger as right now the current settings do not give you this.


I dont want people who are not in my contact list have the ability to pop up and ask to be added to my contact list - period!

Status: Implemented
In the latest Skype build (6.16), we currently limit the message size to 300 characters for users to identify themselves, this should help to prevent users from trying to add you and sending you this information.

Transfer Calls

Status: Under consideration
by od.james on ‎07-03-2014 10:28
We use Skype for business use. It would be extremely handy to transfer a live call to another Skype account.<br><br>This feature used to exist, but was removed. Please bring it back. Skype cannot claim Skype for Business unless it has basic business calling functions!

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