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Skype updates should be optional or at least automatic

Status: New Idea
by vasmir on ‎23-07-2014 09:49

1. Do not shut down old versions of Skype. Make Skype updates optional. Users get used to their "old" versions and often DON'T WANT any changes in user interface. Remember that Skype is often used by beginner users (for example, parents and grandparents) and for some of them it is a big pain when familiar user interface got changed because of some "bright" ideas of UI designers. Remember that such users will often not need your new features also.


2. If your marketing campaign and product strategy are still more important than how many users feel about your products, make Skype updates AUTOMATIC as it used to be before Skype was purchased by Microsoft. Let's not go back to previous century when users had to update all software manually. 

by kimberlysan on ‎08-08-2014 10:40

THanks for the great share. I am using daily the skype software to ocntect with my friends,family,bussines use so on. So skype is a important element for ma  and this thread is really helpful for me to know more about skype

by on ‎10-09-2014 18:31

as the company upgrades their servers and features, older skype versions won't be able to make calls and connect, they automaticaly become obsolete.
it's just a matter of software compatibility. i'm sure that you update your AV or your OS to get new features and enchanced security, right?
do the same for skype then.


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