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Idea: Remove History - button (maybe located below Send - button)

Status: New Idea
by TemporaryCom on ‎21-06-2014 17:08

Maybe below Send - button, I would like to see Remove History - button. For faster and easier navigation, and for privacy.

by mmKALLL on ‎21-06-2014 20:24

I don't personally consider this to be in such a big demand that it should be visible at all times - I guess it would be alright if it were in one of the menus, but isn't it there already?


As for local privacy, you could just disable history saving altogether, no?

by TemporaryCom ‎22-06-2014 15:47 - edited ‎22-06-2014 15:52

Well, if not Button then keyboard shortcut for faster history removal, for example if I have to remove history very fast from lurking eyes keyboard shortcut would be great.


For example: Ctrl + Shift + H + R


And looks like even when you have History set to No History still Skype keeps my chat history and does not remove it automatically, I'm not sure how this feature was suppose to work but it's not removing my chat history. I have to manually remove it every time I start Skype. I think that once No History is enabled I should have a blank canvas when I start Skype right? In my case it's not blank.

by mmKALLL on ‎25-06-2014 00:41

It would make sense to me that when No History is enabled, you would not record any new history, instead of deleting all the previous ones. However, I think that Skype syncs history data when you log in. Unfortunately, I can't help you much further myself.


Is it an issue if you don't start from a "blank canvas" anyway? I wouldn't expect other people to log onto my skype account.. Besides, if it's some sort of immediate screen coverage you are in need of, you could lock the computer by pressing Windows key + L instead.


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