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"Show Hidden Conversations" doesn't restore group chats?

I'm trying to setup a Skype group for a long term (always active) group chat in our business.


But I don't want the chat window up all the time. I want the notification bubbles so I can easily ignore until I see something interesting.

This is not really working. In fact the group chat support feels rather half-baked:


1) When I Hide a group chat via Conversation->Hide Conversation,

then it WILL NOT come back when I do "View->Show Hidden Conversations". (Note that the option is not grayed out - It is there to select, just nothing happens when you select it. After selecting once it does 'gray out', so something happened)


2) Moreover, when hidden, the first inbound message I get on the group DOES show up as a bubble, but it also restores the chat window (to my task bar anyway). Further messages just flash the taskbar entry - And I get no notification bubble. Pretty useless.


3) Actually, you only get the bubble if the conversation is hidden and the main Skype Window is closed! (Or something like that)


4) The notification bubbles only give about 3 words anyway so are pretty useless as they are.


Basically, I REALLY want to use the Group Chat feature on a long term 'background' basis, but it all appears somewhat broken, inconsistent and poorly thought out.


Where the heck do I report bugs?


There are a lot of forums here, but not one sounds like a "Report Bugs Here" forum???


Are Skype so bold as to think their software has no bugs???

Not bold, naive and annoying.


In the meantime I'm investigating other group chat solutions for our business group. It feels to me like an old IRC client could do a better job...


I'm in WinXP using version (Business Download).

I though the business Ed might work better, but it doesn't.


Any help/pointers/bug-fixes appreciated.

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