Where did the skype volume go!

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Where did the skype volume go!

I just got the new update today for skype and i've noticed that one thing is missing!

The volume changer isn't there anymore. Before you could change the volume of the call now it's not there anymore. I was wondering if it was moved somewhere? or just taken off completly.


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Re: Where did the skype volume go!

They hid it. But it is still there.


If you look on the Call Window, and if you move your mouse into it, you will see a bunch of options magically appear at the bottom. One of these toward the right, looking like a pipe organ or something equally obscure, is an icon representing "Call Quality Information". If you can manage to click on this icon while it is visible, then you will be treated to a non-standard, immovable tabbed dialog that gives you a bunch of wonderful options. This dialog will probably pop up right in front of the video image but do not let that slow you down. Stop and read the options at the top, like Microphone, Speakers, Webcam, Computer and Connection. Then try to remember what you were looking for...


In your case it's probably Speakers. It will probably tell you that your Speakers seem to be Working Fine. Ignore that. Then look around for a slider bar with a blue button. If you grab that blue button with your mouse then you can simply adjust the volume and listen to your friends voice in blissful comfort.


That is, if they have not already hung up on you. In reality, you might find it more expedient to just ask them to speak up.


So troybolton23, sorry if this response is overly long. It was really meant for the Skype Gods. Just hope they are listening.



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Re: Where did the skype volume go!

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I too noticed the volume control had moved from the front panel.  I have to say though that I use the volume control quite a bit especailly in landline-based conference calls where one participant on a landline may have lower volume than others.  To have it moved from the front panel to the background has for me, not been a product improvement!  Mute and Volume control are my 2 most used features. Man Sad


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Re: Where did the skype volume go!

That is strange(or not), this happened right around the time MS pulled a corp takeover of Skype. I swear they aim drive us crazy on purpose! Obviously not an improvement.


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