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USB Mic doesn't work on skype (works on all other apps)

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I recently bought a usb headset since i used to get some static noise on my old ones and someone recommend that i go with a usb to have no noise. The issue is if i use it in windows 7 and select listen to device in control panel i can hear myself on my speakers. If i use sound recorder in windows xp then i can record myself but it doesn't work on Skype or Ventrilo. I tried using it in Audacity and it works there. So i've what i've been able to figure out is that in Audacity when i record from the microphone it only records on the right channel. Same is the case when i select 'listen to device' i can only hear myself on the right speaker. So basically my usb microphone doesn't work when i set it to mono on under Audacity but records on single channel when i set it to stereo. Is there any way i can fix this issue, somehow making skype use the right input channel of my mic ?


This is quite a strange issue, any help would be great. The mic itself is from a company called 'A4 Tech' and they seem to offer no support. I'd be happy to make it work even with the use of a third party application. Thanks in advance!


Edit: My issue seems to be a bit similar to this one

His audacity is only showing his mic recording on the right channel just like mine.

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Re: USB Mic doesn't work on skype (works on all other apps)

I've fixed this issue with a rough solution, i'll post it here incase it helps anyone. 



Voice only recording on the right channel/speaker so it doesn't record at all in mono since i belive it only records the left speaker in mono. Ventrilo and Skype both work in mono so my mic wasn't working with that.



You'll need 2 softwares to fix this. 

1. Virtual Audio Cable (

2. Pedalboard2 (


You can somehow also use only Virtual Audio Cable with some configuration but i couldn't do it alone with it. 


Step 1

Install both softwares then go into Options -> Audio Settings and select the input device as your Microphone and your output device as 'Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable). It'll appear once you've installed Virtual Audio cable. Note In Audio Device type you can use DirectSound but i was getting delay in audio if i used that so use Windows Audio instead.  In Active input channels disable the channel on which your mic isn't recording which will most likely be Input Channel 1. Here is what my configuration looked like.


Pedalboard2 Settings


Step 2

Now you need direct this single channel audio to your virtual audio cable so you can plug that virtual cable in any software you want. To do that simply draw a line from Audio Input to Audio Output.



Step 3

Run skype and go to Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings and select Mic 1 as your Microphone. Everything should be fine now if your issue was same as mine.



This solution will work with ventrilo as well if your mic wasn't previously working with it but you'll have to experiment a bit with ventrilo and its codecs. On ventrilo i disabled 'Use Direct Sound' for Input device and used the codec Speex with 8 KHz, 16 bit, 10 Qlty to make it work smoothly.


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