Slow and jerky video quality

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Slow and jerky video quality

I use Skype on a laptop at home with a wireless connection. Video quality is excellent.

However, my father bought a laptop and is also using a wireless connection, but when we connect to each other, the video is slow and jerky, similar to the early days of web cams.

I brought my laptop down and we sat in the same room, near the wireless hub, and my video was perfect but his was still awful. I checked the spec of his graphics card, and it has 64mb of dedicated graphics memory, where mine has 384mb. Which is pretty much the minimum for using Skype. I am wondering if this is the cause of the poor video performance? It cant be broadband speed, as both laptops are using the same wireless hub.

Although it has a lower spec graphics card, its still a new laptop and i would have thought it would be capable of handling Skype video calls. In the troubleshooting guide, it suggests checking that the call isnt relayed, as this will affect the video. The procedure

suggested is listed below. However, there is no "display technical information" tick box, under the Options, advanced, connection.


Any ideas anyone?




To check whether your Skype-to-Skype call is being relayed: 1.If you are using Skype 5.1 or lower: a.In the menu bar, click Tools > Options > Advanced

> Connection. b.Tick Display technical call info during calls and click Save.

2.Make a Skype-to-Skype call. 3.In the menu bar, click Call > Call Technical Info. 4.A box with technical information related to the call will be displayed. If the call is

relayed, the word next to SessionOut and SessionIn will be RELAY_UDP or RELAY_TCP.

If the call is relayed, you cannot make HD video calls.


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Re: Slow and jerky video quality

Just because your dad bought a new laptop doesn't mean it's a good platform for video calls.  There are laptops, or "netbooks" on the market these days that are very light weight in processing power, intended mostly for web browsing, email, and other undemanding tasks.


Check to make sure you and your dad both have the latest version of Skype installed.  Click on Help > About Skype to see what specific version you each have.  v5.9.0.114 is the latest as of today.  If you or Dad don't have that, update via this link:


Then try another test call and when on the call, click on Call > Call Technical Info.  Copy and paste the results here.  That may shed some light on where the problem is.  It will definitely tell your if your routing is relayed or not.


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Re: Slow and jerky video quality

i had the same problem and my corei3 also only has 64Mb of graphics memory.  I used process explorer from sys internals to see that my gpu memory was maxedd out.  


Fix: Turn of Aero to free up some graphics memory.  (desktop --> right click --> personalize --> select "windows 7 basic" profile)


my gpu was then using about 65% of its memory and with using skype my cpu was back to a normal 14%.

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