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Skype constantly freezes randomly then drops the calls

I only have an issue with skype and it only recently started to happen within the last 4 or so months (it's been getting consistantly worse). I'll just be talking and skype will drop the call. I know it's only my computer because I don't have this problem on my other devices. I even reformatted my computer and re-installed all the latest drivers and it still is acting up. It also will randomly freeze while sending messages. It will lock up for a good 10-15 seconds after I send one message and immediatly try to start typing another (it will eventually unfreeze and all will go well while the rest of the computer works fine). What can I try? This is really frustrating me I pay for skype and I'm thinking of finding another provider if this keeps up. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Skype constantly freezes randomly then drops the calls

I have the same problem for years with diffrent computers!! since ebay bought skype it became worse! since microsoft took over it became 3x worse! whenever MS gets its hands on something it crashes, freezes, bluescreens or just ist frustrating to use!! SECONDLY this happens when somebody is listening in on ur conversations and trys to insatl a trojan, worm or splasher virus. I use other voip pgms which work much better than skype, are completely free to land lines and cell phones in USA! but when ther is a cyberattacker the same happens as with skype. "the conversation gets scratchy or speedsup the voice and than the pgm freezes can not be quit and than not started, so i must restart the computer which is a drag.

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Re: Skype constantly freezes randomly then drops the calls

May i ask what you did if you have fixed it?

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