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Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

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Hello everyone :happy:, this thread is all about Skype major technical problems on Windows platform and how they could be resolved.

Now before we start I would like to introduce you to Skype first so we can get small information of what it is and how does it work.


Skype is mainly a peer to peer program, like in the old days if anyone has used Kazaa  Limewire. Skype is a tool that connects you with other computers and through it you can make calls and chat. This is the small simple explanation of everything that Skype mainly does.

Ok, so how does that work?

When you start Skype , your computer works as a node which Is one end of a line and the other computer as another node.

If you wish to know more visit the following link :


Ok, so what are the problems?

Since nothing is perfect, Skype sometimes may encounter some issues we will talk about them as follows:

a)      Installation issues

b)      Connection issues

c)       Runtime issues (while Skype is running)


First let’s start with the installation:

Installation has many stages : before you begin you will have to download Skype setup then run it and finally run Skype (which by then you would have not any installation problems)

If you encounter any problems with the installation then probably you would have one of two things:

a)      Internet connection problem

b)      Skype setup file has a problem


Nothing else!


Then if you have any installation problems make sure that you are not downloading alternatively any other programs or uploading images on Facebook…etc.

If your internet is good, then try downloading Skype one more time.

Now there is a tricky part. Skype setup comes in three packages.

1)      A small setup (for good and fast internet users) :


2)      Offline setup (if you wish to have a backup of Skype setup and you will have to download it regularly for Skype updates):


3)      Skype business setup which is a MSI file not an exe file which can resolve some issues if your exe is not working.


Tip: Always use the small setup because it is the most up to date.


Finally there is the BETA version that is released for users as a trial that you could try before Skype makes it official :


So we conclude that if you have tried the above, Skype will finally install on your computer.


Second, Connection problems.

Sometimes Skype is having connection problems like” Skype cannot connect” error or any other major problem.


Tip : Skype is using a file which is installed on your My Documents folder  which is called shared.xml


Now this file could get so big in size if you spend too much time on Skype so if this happens we advise that you delete this file and the method to delete it can be found using this link :


Now if you delete this link and the problem is not resolved try closing Skype and then opening it again , then you can login.


If you still cannot login , well this is due to that your Windows or any other commercial firewall or data guardian program is blocking Skype (as by default security programs defines peer to peer programs as unsafe). Then you should alter them to allow Skype or ask the support of your program on how to make Skype allowable through these programs.


Tip: If Skype shows that your username or password are incorrect this is not a connection issue, this is because you have written your username/password wrong and you should correct them or reset your password.


Now for the fun part which is the runtime issues.

First of all let’s get to know more about programs in general.


Programs can be written using many programming languages such as C++ or C# or Java.


There are lots of programming languages that can create programs such as Skype.

Now, since Skype is runnable on Windows. It must be written using C++ as a core and C# as an upper layer (since they are designed this way). But that’s not it. You see, Skype is also using HTML language which is the programming language of website (any webpage is and must be written by HTML code , it could also have some other codes like JavaScript and ASP).


Now to render (Rendering means drawing) Skype visual styles it also needs a renderer , Skype uses 2. The first is internet explorer (since it comes with al Windows based computers as pre installed) and the second is DirectX (which comes also preinstalled). Internet explorer is the basic renderer for the program itself (the visuals, the buttons , …etc). DirectX is the higher renderer for the video (if you are making video calls or playing games through Skype.


Now let’s have a look on the most common Runtime errors :


a)      If you encounter any of the following : (“Skype home page unavailable”, Facebook cannot be connected, no updates feed) This is due to that your internet explorer is not connected right to the internet . Now to resolve this go toInternet explorer (not Firefox, not chrome. INTERNET EXPLOERER). Click on File from the top menu and as you scroll downwards with your eyes you will find an option that is either tickable or not which is Work offline. If it is Tickable remove the tick and try launching Skype again. If this did not help try resetting internet explorer options to default, this could be found from this link :


b)      If Skype opens as a webpage or a database page, as we mentioned before that Skype uses HTML to render some objects. Then your login file is kinda messed up.

To resolve this issue here is what to do


First , If you are running Windows 7 or vista

Open start, run then type the following without the quotes “%programdata%

When a Window opens search for Skype folder


Then apps


Then rename the folder login inside apps to login1

Then go to your Program files folder inside your C drive and (or Program files (x86) if you have 64 bit Windows version). Then go to Skype folder inside program files and go to phone folder and then right click on Skype application and select send to Desktop (Create shortcut)


Now try running Skype and it will run perfectly.


Second, If you are running Windows XP(this would rare happen and I will post the answer in further comments if any of you have the problem).


c)       If You are having any of the following errors :

1)      Cannot start video renderer.

2)      Error with a dx then some code , example : dx089000000

3)      Video is not working at all or working funny (video is upside down, ..etc)


The answer is very simple :


               Reinstall your webcam drivers ( go to or , whoever made your webcam) and search for your webcam, download the latest drivers and reinstall them.


               Reinstall DirectX (which said earlier that it is essential for running high rendering functions like the video ). You can find the latest version here :


Remove ANY webcam programs that came with your webcam or your laptop (like HP mediasmart) cuz they are the main reason for messing up your video (flipping it, turning it to black and white).


d)      If you see your contacts as offline, make sure that they are online (try chatting with them).then make sure that your Status is online and not do not disturb: and as mentioned before make sure that you have allowed Skype through your firewall or data guardian program.


Now for the final problem now which is a very big and common: Skype crashing

If you see this message: Skype has encountered a problem and needs to close then unfortunately Skype has crashed.


Now it is very simply to resolve this problem.

As mentioned before Skype is a program in the end. Programs to run needs some libraries defined in your system to execute the code within the program.

So you first have to make sure you have all libraries installed:

The main libraries for C# programs are found in a package called .net framework.

Some C++ packages are found in a library called C++ framework.

This could be downloaded from the following link :

.net FW 2.0 :

.net FW 3.5 :

.net FW 4.0 :

C++ redistributable package :



After that ( as mentioned before) you will have to make sure that you have all latest updates for your webcam , microphone, sound card, DirectX

Other than that try deleting shared.xml file as explained before because if this file is corrupt then Skype will tend to crash.



If you have 5.5 or 5.6 and recently had a crash this was a bug in the program (an error) and you can download 5.7 BETA which has proved it has been working on all platforms and try to run it.


Other than that , try downloading an earlier version of the program from here:


If it works then you have a compatibility issue with one of your hardware and the newest version of Skype.


If it does not then your Windows system needs to be repaired.


One would ask, how Skype had been running the other day and now after the update it is crashing?

The answer would be : You do not have the latest updates of something. You see, programmers use the latest libraries and programming languages to create programs. You must have this library to get Skype working and all the time make sure your system is updated so all your programs will work normally.


So, that’s all folks :bigsmile: . I will post Mac problems some other time and please try to follow the steps in the above thread as they are simple and easy.


[Update] How to make sure your Windows is up to date :

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Re: Skype Windows technical errors

Hi I had Skype working on this computer before and when I tried to update I received a message that the installer could not uninstall Skype 5.5 and to contact tech support could you help?  I used Revo Uninstaller to delete the Skype program but I still get the aforementioned message..Thanks.

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Re: Skype Windows technical errors

Your installer must have had an issue while uninstalling, if you have Windows XP try manually deleting Skype folder from program files and all folders related to Skype as mentioned here :

Then try reinstalling Skype once more.

If it fails or if you have Windows 7 then you must contact Microsoft support because then it would be a system error and not from Skype :
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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

Windows 7, when I type a message to someone, the messages have a loading symbol next to them for quite a while. I leave my computer and a few hours later I recieve a reply from the person telling me they've just recieved my message. I've also been one to recieve messages late. Any fixing this?

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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

Thanks Thanks 

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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

hi, my old headset broke and now when im trying to use my new one, skype can't find the new one. How do make skype find my microphone?

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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

when i have an update for skype. the installation faile's. error message CrogramFiles\Skype\Phone
and also my shortcut is gonne. how can i solved this?
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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

A week or so ago, Skype stopped working on both my laptop AND desktop PC. Both are running Windows 7 Professional, which are always kept up to date. Skype simply would not load. The timer symbol loaded briefly, then nothing. It would not uninstall either. Tried everything appropriate on this thread and spent many, many hours trying to get this cursed program to work (I use it to simply send SMSs). FINALLY, by using System Restore to restore both computers to around 11/11/11, after which there were a series of Windows critical updates, I have gotten Skype working on both PCs. I have turned off Windows updates until someone on here advises me what to do next! Thanks.
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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

You can try and check the drivers if you are using a USB headset , if you are using regular ones through the sound card then make sure that the sound card's drivers are up to date
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Re: Skype Windows technical errors [MEGATHREAD] SOLVED

Try downloading the latest beta version from :

It should work on latest Windows 7 updates and on all computers
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