Skype Lag/Issues..

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Skype Lag/Issues..


It has been some time that I've had skype issues, but this issue didn't start right away. When I got my new Windows 7 Pc built for me. I downloaded skype, skype worked fine for a long while. Then one day, skype started having issues. I would log in, make a call, and skype would shut down. I struggled with this issue for a LONG time. Then finally I uninstalled, and installed an older version of skype which fixed the problem for a little while. However, a new issue arises, what I like to call ' Skype's Lag of Death. " Yeah, it's pretty much along those lines. I've tried everything from uninstalling, re-installing. I even had my boyfriend (who is a computer tech by trade), remove all the files that pertained to skype on my computer, and tried to do a complete fresh install. Nope, this did not work either.


The issue I am experiencing for the last year is; When I first log skype in, make a call things move quickly, after being on the call for a couple hours, or using screen sharing for longer than 5 mins, skype begins to slow down considerably. - When I try to open up the skype window from task bar, I will click it and have to wait around 1 minute for the window to appear, then I try to click End call, this usually doesn't work. Unless I choose to wait 2 minutes for the action to be registered, I usually force shut down, through task manager. If I try to right click and shut skype off from the task bar, that lag is terrible there too. Once I force shut down skype, it literally take a couple of minutes for the call to actually end. This means, that skype is no longer running, but I can still hear them and vice versa for atleast 50 seconds after shutdown of the skype program.


- I'm constantly having to restart skype. On restart, things move well, until I spend a period of time on there, then all bets are off. I absolutely love skype, but this is getting to a breaking point for me.


Please, someone with support knowledge of skype, help me. My friends are all tired of chatting to me while I'm on, and when I do work calls and such, they too aren't impressed by the lag I recieve. It would be much appreciated it.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Skype Lag/Issues..

Try to reset skype settings


Exit Skype : From the system tray >> right click on the skype icon and click "Quit Skype"


Click Start >> Run Type: %appdata% Rename folder "Skype" to "Old_Skype"


Re-run Skype


Note: You will need your password to re-log on, and re-set any options from default

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Re: Skype Lag/Issues..

Thank you! You also fixed my problem lol 
Thank you very much sir, cheers from Argentina!

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Re: Skype Lag/Issues..

Thanks man you fixed my skype which I couldn't use for 4 days!


Much love. 

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