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Skype Invisible Mode

It is DISAPPOINTING that Skype now does not distinguish the different between Invisible Mode with the OFFLINE as Skype used to be.


I had enough with unsolicited calls and or stangers adding me while I am online, yet I now will miss lots of important calls mainly from family because they can not call me while I am on my Invisible Mode.


How sad and disappointed I am.

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Re: Skype Invisible Mode

What version of Skype are you running?


I just ran some tests.  I'm on version beta 5.7 and the contact I tested with was on 5.6.  If either of us set our status to Invisible, we showed as Offline to the other, yet the other person was able to send IM's and make a video call to the Invisible contact sucessfully.


You should be able to get calls when you're set to Invisible.  But maybe setting your privacy to "allow callers....from people on my Contacts list only" would prevent those unsolicited calls, even when you're online?

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Re: Skype Invisible Mode

with the new update in july 2013 with the new interface to the mobile skype CANNOT RECIEVE CALLS OR MESSAGES IF YOU ARE INVISIBLE...and you CANNOT CALL OR MESSAGE CONTACTS WHO ARE INVISIBLE ....PLEASE FIX!!!!

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Re: Skype Invisible Mode

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Hi, Sandragudino, and welcome to the Community,


I do this all the time ... "invisibile" status (or stealth mode, as I fondly refer to it as) is one of my best friends ... what version of Skype are you running,  and on which platform?


"Offline" status virtually shuts Skype down, but "invisible" does not.


I just tested placing and receiving calls and instant messages to and from from Skype 4.0 running on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android) and a BlackBerry Z10 on OS 10.2 - both parties had status as "invisible."


Kind regards,


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Re: Skype Invisible Mode

I'm stuggling with this too. (Nexus 4, Android v.4.4.2, Skype v.


  1. When the phone is locked, Skype shows as "Not connected" on the phone status bar.
  2. IM was delayed 40 mins. This was the time until I unlocked my phone.
  3. I'm having trouble verifying the Invisible mode traits do to 1. above.



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