Push to Talk?

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Push to Talk?

Hello everyone
Folks, I use Skype for various things, but here at home I have a big problem with the noise, and my friends complain all the time so when I'm in a conference with them ...

I wonder if there is any way to make skype mode Push to Talk, which is my microphone so that only activates when I hold a certain button ...

I await answers.

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it would be wise to ask for clarification before making such rash declarations, because clearly you do not understand the feature fully

read this post again CAREFULLY


here is the detail on how to actually use this feature


1) for this example, I have set Ctrl+T to be be used for PTT -- in other words, for the hotkey sequence labelled 'Toggle mute (Push-to-talk)' -- as you know, many other key combinations are possible

2) start a call and then either manually mute mic using the call control bar, or use the mute mic hotkey sequence that you may have enabled -- in my case that is Ctrl+Space

3) do you agree that the mic is muted at this point?

4) now press Ctrl+T and HOLD BOTH KEYS DOWN -- note that the mic is now NOT muted

5) as soon as you release EITHER key, the mic is muted again

6) press and hold Ctrl+T again and the mic is re-muted until you release either key

7) if you want to operate in push-to-mute mode instead, then unmute the mic manually or re-use the mute mic hotkey sequence and continue at step #4 and you will see that Ctrl+T now operates as Push-to-mute -- I do agree that not many need or want Push-to-mute that does not 'latch' -- but those who do want mute to 'latch' can use the original mute hotkey sequence and mute will toggle as it always has

8 ) imo, you are not likely going to get a single-key PTT feature from Skype -- all Skype global hotkeys involve 2 keys

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Re: Push to Talk?

Currently this is not supported.

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Re: Push to Talk?

Please add me to the user base of people requesting a PTT feature. If there is compensation concerns about a heavier user base of people showing up due to the functionality this would create - make it a paid feature. Charge a monthly fee for the feature, but at least add it in as an option.

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Re: Push to Talk?

Same here. Add me to that list. I'd love to have PTT. Would cancel out unnecessary noises from the background.

I hate having to mute/unmute all the time. Even I have that macro'ed but PTT would be the WAY to go.
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Re: Push to Talk?

I had the same problem with Skype so I wrote my own Global Push-To-Talk. The soruce code is available on request (if you know in C# and C/C++) EDIT: I cannot post the link to my site here so mail me at globalpushtotalk@hardingonline.se if you want to check it out.
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Re: Push to Talk?

While I appreciate the work at putting in a Push to Talk function, it is backwards. I'm supposed to push the button to be able talk to others on Skype, not push to mute as it is now. I would also like to see removed the requirement for a modifier key (shift, alt, ctrl) for Mute microphone.

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Re: Push to Talk?

Push to Talk eventually implemented in the latest version of skype!!!

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Re: Push to Talk?

There is an option for PTT, but it should be renamed PTM (Push-To-Mute) which is completely usless. 


Tools | Options | Advanced | Hotkeys   and check Toggle mute (Push-to-talk)

Highlight it and press the "Change selected shortcut" button to change the key binding.


 I set it to use the CTRL key.  So after setting that option, nothing happes, all can hear me, but when i press CTRL, it mutes.  OMG, you guys at Skype are dumb, going back to using Ventrilo until you fix this.

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Re: Push to Talk?

Heh.  That does seem sort of backwards, doesn't it?


One thing that might work until such time as Skype actually makes push-to-talk push-to-talk, is use the Mute microphone function instead.  I don't usually have need for the feature, but I tried it. 


I selected Mute microphone in settings and select Shift-z and the combo.  Then I could use Shift-z to mute the mic, then toggle it on as long as I wanted to talk, and then toggle it off again.


Not exactly push-to-talk but maybe better than nothing.

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Re: Push to Talk?

I agree push to mute is as useful as putting the enter key on the back of a keyboard. I just registered for skype as my mates use it. Now i know why i have never downloaded till now.
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