Problem with sound and mic cutting out

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Problem with sound and mic cutting out

So I've had this problem off and on for at LEAST a few months now but it seems to be happening more and more lately and I am getting extremely fed up with it.


I'll be talking with a friend on Skype and suddenly my sound will go out completely, as well as my mic. My friends have verified that they cannot hear me when it happens. Until lately I thought it was my headset, but today I realized that upon changing my sound/mic settings in Skype's settings, the sound and mic will come back and function regularly for another few minutes before it goes out again. When this happen, I cannot use my mic or hear sound from any application, not just Skype. But it has never happened before while I wasn't actively using Skype.


It's extremely frustrating and I've tried everything I can think of, including: Trying the beta version of Skype, downgrading Skype, and putting Skype into compatibility mode. My current headset is a USB headset, and the only other headset I've used with Skype ever was not one, but it didn't have any problems like this. But please don't simply suggest I buy a different headset. I've heard it too many times and this is a nice, expensive wireless headset that works amazingly in anything else.


I should also mention that I have a friend who has the -exact same- headset as mine and uses Skype regularly as well, but has no problems. I am at a loss.


If it helps, here's some specs:


OS: Windows 7 64 bit


Headset: Logitech F540


If any other specifications might help, please tell me.


I would be grateful for any suggestions or ideas on how to possibly fix this. It's a hard issue to test, however, as only time shows if whatever I've tried to do has fixed it or not. There is no certain way to make my headset fail during a Skype call.


Thank you.

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Re: Problem with sound and mic cutting out

did you ever figare it out? I have the same problem, used to work now no one care hear me. The incoming sound is good as well as both videos.
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Re: Problem with sound and mic cutting out

Over the last 1-2 weeks, we have had the same problem. Noticing that the pattern was regular, and checking with the stopwatch shows that in the most recent call the interval between loss of sound was around 70 seconds. Like clockwork.


There appears to be nothing this regular happening on either my LAN nor on that of the person I was talking to, so one would tend to feel that this is external. 

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