No ringing sound on incoming calls

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No ringing sound on incoming calls

I have Skype ever. (the latest version) and Windows 7.


I continue to have a problem with the incoming call not ringing (no sound).  Everything else with Skype work OK, but the incoming call has never worked.  I have to be looking at the telephone icon to know I have an incoming call. I have deleted Skype and reloaded the program several time to no avail. 


I have two external speakers and they work on everything including Skype.


Under Tools, Options, the audio setting  shows the Microphone as (Microphone (HD Pro Webcam C910) a Logistic webcam unit I use for Skype.  For the speaker it shows (High Definition Audio Device). Ring setting is (Ring on all devices)

Under Sounds I have reset everything to default.

In my computer control panel under sound devices, under (Playback) I have Speakers set as Default Device (Check mark in red circle) and a Digital Audio (S/PDIF) device set as Default Communications Device (Phone receiver in red circle). I have swapped these around trying to get the incoming ring, but nothing works.


All programs and the operating systems are updated including Skype.


As I said Skype works….. video, and speakers on both ends of a conversation, but it does not ring on an incoming call.  I have tried everything Skype suggest on the web site, but nothing works.    There has to be an answer to this…any ideas? 

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

what happens if you check and select "ringtone", then click on the "play sound" button as shown here:



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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

I am having the same issue. Recently started using HP USB speakers through a docking station. When I click play this sound, the sound plays fine through the system. I have tried every settings and also delete the config.xml and shared.xml.
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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

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1. Can you make sure that you are using the most current version of Skype, if you are not on version ("You can use the main Skype window menu and click on Help -> About Skype") to check your version, then please click on the link below that says "Windows 5.8" to install over what you currently have now.


2. Make sure that your Audio settings for Skype are set to ring on ALL devices:




You can get to your audio settings to make this change by using the Main Skype program window and then using the menu:


Tools -> Options -> General -> Audio Settings


Note: If you see a button that says "Show Basic Settings" click on it.


If you make any changes, please make sure to click the "Save" button.

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

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I have the same issue, except I'm on Skype on Windows Server 2003 R2. And under "Audio settings", for "Ringing" I can chose between "Use selected speaker" or "SigmaTel Audio". But neither setting works.

I have no outgoing call sound either.

Chosing "Play this sound" under "Sounds" does work as expected.



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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

I have exactly the same problem ..word perfect , tried everything !

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

I also have this exact same problem. I have tried all the troubleshooting solutions and nothing works. I don't get a pop up and I dont hear any sound when someone is calling my skype number. I hear sound for everything else and the test sound works.

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

same for me it's very annoying

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

I have exactly the same issue on windows 7 with the latest skype

By the way, I want the old skype contact icons back (skype 3), it's very hard to distinguish the online user from a regular phone number on the list, they look similar.

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Re: No ringing sound on incoming calls

I too have no ring to PC speakers on incoming calls to my Online number.  The test for ring tone does go to the speakers.  I do not have call forwarding, and have set VM pick up time to 90 seconds.  Callers report one ring then straight to VM.  I do not hear even the one ring on speakers.  In audio settings I have set ringing to "speakers" instead of all devices.  All devices was the original setting and did not work.  I have unchecked pick up calls automatically.  My calls are not muted.  I have incoming skype calls set to anyone.  I do use logitech headset on calls which is always plugged into PC.  My skype version is up to date.


Why does ring testing work and calls from my cell to Skype number ring to speakers but actual call to my online number does not ring on speakers??  Why doesn't VM answer pick time not work?? Why can't I set the number of rings before going to VM?? 


Running Windows 7 64 bit and have US subscription for landlines/mobile calls as well as for online number. 


It is very irritating to pay for an online number but not be able to hear the number ring to answer it. 

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