My camera does not show my end

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My camera does not show my end

When I make a video call I have always had a small screen showing me,ideal if there are two of us to make sure we are in a good position , this has now gone but the person I am calling can see me fine, any ideas please

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Re: My camera does not show my end

Do you have all Windows updates and updates to your system and any hardware devices by the manufacturers?

Please see these:

If you are using WIN7 then please see this:


Also, you can use the Skype client program window at anytime and do:


Hellp -> Call Quality Guide -> Sound Check Wizard


Note: The Sound Check Wizard also supports Video as well.

A new version has just been released August 02, 2011:

Please click the "Get Skype" link at the top of this page and download the normal version of Skype, NOT the beta version to get this new version.


This new version is to check what version you have, using the main Skype client window please do:


Help -> About Skype

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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Re: My camera does not show my end

shrimper wrote:

When I make a video call I always had a small screen showing me, this has now gone

If you are talking of Skype 5.5.x, the self video is dark and small when you first see a conversation window. After you found it, you may drag it anywhere and resize it from one of its corners. Compare a small and a big self video on this screenshot:




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Re: My camera does not show my end

What the OP reports is most likely how Skype 5 versions up and incl. 5.5beta behave. The small video picture becomes visible upon hovering with the mouse over the bottom of the video screen and disappears as soon as the mouse is moved away. However, it was possible to keep the picture always visible by clicking on the small arrow on the top of the picture. The behaviour is changed in the final 5.5. The small picture is always visible but in two basic states: as a miniature in the upper right corner or as a “normal” size somewhere at the bottom of the screen. As suggested by kicks-mobil, you can drag and resize the picture but it’s also enough to double click on it, which will result in changing of the display state.
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Re: My camera does not show my end

Hello.  I've used Skype a few times and I always have my camera's picture of me in a small box on the same screen as the person I'm speaking with.  The last time I Skyped, the person's video picture was small and my box was obscuring them, so I dragged it off to the side.  After doing this, the person I was Skyping with said they couldn't see me anymore and I was unable to retrieve my box.  Do you know what happened?  I logged out, re-started everything and the problem remained.  I'm thinking there has to be an easy fix to this.  Thank you.

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