Change font size in Skype?

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

dearwebby1 wrote:

Just because you can make flawed programs, that does not make them "Windows Compatible" and rate the Windows logo. There are certain standards to meet before a program rates the "Windows Compatible" logo.

Using the magnifier might be OK for you, but most people hate it, because it re-arranges the desktop icons, and is a real nuisance. Using the magnifier is a klutzy way to try to compensate for poor programming, and does not fix the problem.

Another klutzy idea is to pretend to have a low resolution monitor and run the fonts at 100%. That does NOT fix the Skype font problem. The fonts in the contact list and especially in Tools-Options remain too small for grown-ups. Skype does not react to the WINDOWS font size setting changes. Changing the font size to 100% is a total waste of time. All that really does is mess up the desktop and move the icons around. It does not affect Skype at all.

Even though the Skype font problem seems to have gotten worse with recent updates, for some strange reason, that I have not figured out yet, reverting to older versions does not help. Maybe THAt info will put somebody on the right track towards fixing the quite obvious problem, that thousands of people have complained about for many years.  While the font may not be ideal for some I can imagine there are many more thousands that are content wtih it.

Something that is actually Windows compatible vs. carrying a certification logo that is Windows "__" Compatible is two different things.  Not having a certification, does not make an application flawed.  Software developers can chose whether they want to place that label on their products and adhere to the different guidelines for each version of Windows.  If those guidelines wouldn't work for an application I made, then I would not adhere to them.  Especially if it negatively affected the functionality or look of the product.   I would only be interested if I felt the need for my application to carry that logo, possibly to entice more sales out of a sense of security.  


I assure you I am grown, still have 20/20 vision, run multiple monitors and many computers and I've never had an issue with the static fonts.  Using the Aero-based Windows magnifier does not adjust any icons on any of  my screens, only changing resolutions does that.  So I'm not sure how you are using it.  I also don't know how you can speak for most people whereas I can only speak for myself.  possibly I'm just abnormal.

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

Pretty sure this is answer everyone is looking for, and arguing over magnification! 

Granted it does not change the size of the contact names... but I can see pictures there... and what I really needed was to make the text of conversations larger so I can glance and read... I dont mind focussing for a second or two to pick a contact!

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

Fonts in the IM message box are a different topic. They have always been adjustable.
Just get a little girl, who can read 1 mm fonts, and tell her to go to
IM Appearance
and in there hit the FONTS button and change the font size.

Making that change is easy for people, who can read 1 Millimeter size text. It ONLY affects the conversation window, not the contact list or the Tools / Options menu tree. That is now reserved for kids. Microsoft still claims they can not fix it.


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Re: Change font size in Skype?


Unfortunately the UI for that is broken in version 6. If "Im Appearance" is missing from the left hand menu, just restart skype until it appears, or click random things until it does appear.

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

IM Appearance is not what this topic is about.
This is about fonts in Contact list and Tools / Options.
They are not Windows Compatible (zoom with CTRL + Mouse or CTRL and + / -)
and they can not be adjusted to redable size when using wide monitors and Windows.
Might work OK in DOS.

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

When in Skype Go to:

Tools> Options> IM & SMS > IM appearance

After you click on IM appearance, you will see a "change font" box.

Click on the Change font box and change your font to what you want.


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Re: Change font size in Skype?

I like to add a few lines to these threads in the midst of my travels around the Community, as this happens to be one of my favourite pet peeve subjects.  (Let us remember that changing the font size and appearance in the instant message section of the Skype client software is truly and very different from what one of the writers, above, referred to as the contact list tree.) 


I have been an adult for a while, too, and like Techfreak (whose observations and commentary I agree with and enjoyed reading!), I paid no attention to the client user interface font size issue as my vision remained at 20:20 until I was an adult for quite a while longer.  Then, one day, I read the newspaper as usual only to realize the type looked a little fuzzy.  Where did that come from?!  How did that happen?! 


Now, I find myself wishing there was a way to customize the  font size in every app and client software package or suite that I use.  Particularly Skype.  Sigh. 

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

As mentioned a bunch of times already, this topic is NOT about IM appearance, but about font size in the contact list and in Tools / Options.
Please read previous posts before jumping to confusions.

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

I have been a premium skype user for years and my department at the university. There is one universal complaint:


The skype contacts list is too small on any high resolution screen!


I have a high end high resolution display on my laptop and the skype contact names are extremely tiny, hard to read even with my glasses that give me 20/20 !


Everyone in my department complains about it. People that don't even need glasses need to get a magnifying glass to to read the **bleep** contact or recent list!


This is crazy. I have written to skype for years about it. But nothing.


You can change the IM and chats but not the most basic thing you use every day!


B... the skype contact names show up as tiny as ever.... even if everything else in windows showing up huge.


This is pathetic!


I have my contacts on skype and use it so often but almost every time I do I am bothered by the extremely small font size. 


There must be font size options or I will look for any alternative I can to skype though that is a pain as I have used skype for years..


Do a poll!


You will find that the most requested feature requested by skype is to have larger fonts available for the contact list.


Why can't skype do anything about this?


Is anybody listening?


It can't be that they don't make enough millions to give their customers what they need, its just theat skype is so universal now that people have few alternatives to talk with other people who already have a program like skype installed. So they don't give a **bleep**.

Let's hear from a skype executive on this problem.. And it is a huge problem for everyone who has a high resolution screen and uses windows!


Dr. Max


PS the download and reinstall DOES NOT WORK!

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Re: Change font size in Skype?

Dr Max, it is refreshing to see somebody posting actually ON TOPIC and not jumping to confusions. Microsoft and Skype support KNOW about this issue, and have been told about it ever since the sheeple have been persuaded that sawed off (wide) monitors are good and suitable punishment for voting for Obama, or some such BS.

The problem does apparently not exist on the expensive standard 4:3 monitors available at Microsoft. Their programmer has no problem with the font size and can not understand why Millions of us have a problem. 

So far the only solution seems to be to upgrade to Google+ Hangouts. It's a major hassle getting all contacts to upgrade, but we did it from IRC to PowWow to ICQ to Skype.
Since Microsoft is so fanatic about chasing us from Skype to Google+ Hangouts, we don't really have a choice. Sad, but true.
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