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CallNote Causes AVG General Behaviour Detection Problem and Windows Firewall Java Problem

Sorry can't include Screen Snap Shots.


I have installed Skype on all my devices:- 

1. iMac Mac OS X Mavericks
2. iMac Windows 7 (VMware Fusion)
3. HP Desktop Windows 7
4. HP Laptop Windows 7
5. Apple iPad3
6. Apple iPhone 3GS.

I have also installed Click to Call on iMac Mac OS X Safari and CallNote on iMac Mac OS X. However after installing CallNote on iMac Windows 7 and activating I got the following warnings from AVG AntiVirus re CallNote. I tried your Support site and the web for any info about the problem but couldn’t find anything.


Snapshot 1

Eventually I OK’ed AVG to proceed with Protect Me and it apparently uninstalled CallNote. At the same time as I got the AVG warnings I got a Windows Firewall warning about Java - but I’m not sure it is related. Anyway I checked to see if Java was installed via Windows Features, Revo Uninstaller, TuneUp Utilities and Firefox plugins but no sign of it. I thought I had better run some checks on system integrity. I run CCCleaner and TuneUp Utilities and got an Invalid Firewall Rule on CCCleaner:-

Snap Shot 2

I also got errors on TuneUp Utility relating to SkypeUpdates Class:-

Snap Shot 3

I uninstalled Skype using deep clean via Revo Uninstaller and run the checks again but CCCleaner just kept repeating the same error and TuneUp Utilities kept hanging when it reached a registry entry for Skype Update. I checked Windows Programs & Features and TuneUp Utilities Uninstall to see if there was Skype components to be seen - nothing. At this point I rolled my sleeves up and loaded Regedit and got started cleaning. First of all I removed anything referring to Skype Update and CallNote- can’t recall exactly what I did remove. Then I tried CCCleaner and TuneUp Utilities again but got the same results as before. I got past the TuneUp Utilities hanging on the Skype entry but it then hung on Wwansvc about which I couldn’t find anything. After several searches of the registry and runs of the utilities I decided to be brutal and removed every single entry relating to Skype, ran the cleaners and everything appeared to be OK. This all took me about four hours.

Skype and CallNote seem to be functioning OK on Mac OS X Mavericks. I haven’t tried reinstalling anything on Mac/Windows, nor have I tried installing CallNote on my two HP systems till I get an answer to this problem. It is highly likely that it was a false detection but I wasn’t taking any chances. Welcome your feedback.

I also installed Click to Call on Mac OS X and it said it was imbedding it in Safari. I have Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera on my Mac OS X and also Internet Explorer on Windows 7. I only use Safari and the others when I have problems loading web pages Firefox. I see that the Skype Click To Call for Safari plugin has been added to Firefox (V24.0 BTW) but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything with telephone numbers on webpages. I have downloaded Skype and Click to Call again and reinstalled but nothing’s happening on Firefox. Tried Safari, got the Trust message which I trust’ed but again nothing happened. Tried right button contact menu - nothing there. Tried electing numbers and hovering over then but again nothing. How exactly is it supposed to work? Your Support documentation isn’t a lot of help!

Snap Shot 4

Right I’ve wasted a lot of time on this and I’ve got better things to do so the ball’s in your court. If I hear nothing I will abandon Skype across all platforms.

Bill Shaw

PS You can always give me a Skype call on my iMac. Having said that I though I would load CallNote as well as Skype and lo and behold:-

Snap Shot 5

So CallNote has got something to do with my Firewall warning. In the middle of the night I got a Java update message on the Mac. Despite all the warning recently about Jave I proceeded with the installation but subsequently found that Firefox had disabled it. I really have had enough now so I’ll give you my real numbers in case you want to call a real phone, i.e. of course, if you can remember what they look like!!!

Landline - 0131 467 3733
Mobile - 07702 522 528


First time I try to reports this (10:20 Thursday 24th):-

Snap Shot 6

I surrender!!!

Your Heartbeat has a glaring omission - it doesn’t display the state of Support.

I’m off now - I’ll try again later.


That's now.

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Re: CallNote Causes AVG General Behaviour Detection Problem and Windows Firewall Java Problem

[ Edited ]

Based off the information you provided I can conclude:


You are using a registry cleaner and it doesn't like empty entries so it flagged Java and the Skype updater.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with an empty key.  Programs can be allowed to have and empty place holder.  Your cleaner sees no use for this so it assumes it's unnecessary/incorrect/left over.  You can decide to remove it or leave it alone, it won't harm any thing.


If the latest version of Skype Click to Call isn't compatible with the latest version, then forced compatibility may work, beyond that only an older version of Firefox may work if no future update of Click to Call is made.  (


It would seem to me that there is either an issue with Callnote or more than likely a false positive in AVG for that software.  You may want to contact AVG or the makers of Callnote ( to inquire about/report the issue since it doesn't appear the issue is caused by the Skype application itself.



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Re: CallNote Causes AVG General Behaviour Detection Problem and Windows Firewall Java Problem

Excellent, most helpful response - I will take your advice and contact them.

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