6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

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6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

[ Edited ]

We've just released Skype 6.13 for Windows Desktop - Please upgrade by downloading from www.skype.com/go/getskype


Thanks to your feedback on the previous 6.11 release we could improve various areas of the client and increase overall stability. This update should especially address the "High CPU" / "Skype lagging after update" issue that some of you reported here on the community. Again: Thanks a lot for the feedback and troubleshooting that took place here and helped us isolate the problem.


We are looking forward to hear your feedback shared with Skype here on the community so we continue making Skype even better.


UPDATE Jan 31st 2014:

We just learned about a problem with the call recording API functionality that third party tools can leverage to record call audio. If you rely on that functionality please do not upgrade to 6.13 yet.

Please always include as many details as possible: Operating system, Skype version, screenshots...
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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

Hello, thank you for the new version. Could you please tell me, did you return the "pending circle" issue in this version? That's a huge problem annoying a lot of people. I would really love if you remove the ability to send/receive offline messages and return the "pending circle" back. Thank you very much.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

I tried this latest 6.13 version along with the person I talk to using Skype.  The audio keeps breaking with distortion at times.  Also video will freeze once and awhile, but get jerking video a lot. One reason I think it does this is because of changine resolutions so often, something I saw in another version sometime in the past.  Also the video kind of glitches, with distortion in certain parts of the screen at times.


We both use Logitech C920 cams and the blue circle will flash when the resolution is changing. I do get 1080P sometimes but video is jerking with odd motion. It might be clear for a short time then start back but its not just on 1080P.  Always seemed to me it would be better if Skype would stop changing resolutions so often and fast or allow it to be set.


The version before this one didn't do that but the video would freeze sometimes, but it didn't seem to be happening enough to go back to older version.  I've actually had farily good luck using the new versions over the years but this one don't work for me.


So, I put a older 6.9 version and so did the person I'm talking to and it back to normal, except for whatever bugs are in that version.  Both computers are desktop using windows 7.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

I tried the new 6.13 version, hoping that it would solve this strange mic-level-adjustment I have been experiencing since version 6.11: basically, if I lower my microphone levels to 0 in Skype, the mic level settings in Windows 7's Control Panel also go down to zero, but if I increase the mic level settings in the Control Panel, the level in Skype's mic setting gets changed by a large amount.


Here are screenshots showing this issue: if I increase the mic level setting in Windows 7's Control Panel, the mic level setting in Skype goes to the right a lot, unlike in version where changes in the Control Panel reflect the same changes in Skype settings.


'Reverting to version to solve the issue temporarily. It would be great to receive any feedback or fix. Thanks.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

[ Edited ]

And still no Opus audio codec I see. I can't even get SILK to go into wideband mode when talking to people on desktop clients unless they are on a mobile client such as Windows Phone, Android, or iOS.  I want my SILK_WB_V3 and OPUS in Skype desktop please. I mean Skype hasn't even fixed the "Your video quality is medium" call quality indicator that has been broken since Skype series 6 and we're already 13 revisions in.  I mean Opus was announced in September of 2012 and we're now almost into February of 2014 and still no Opus codec. Have the engineers just given up?

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

I just updated my skype to, and the High CPU usage still happens on opening up skype. I'm on Windows 7.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

Drop the obnoxius "Stay Together" banner ad, or add a means of disabling it, and I'll upgrade from 6.9.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

You may have "improved" things as you say, BUT you screwed up the service even MORE with these STUPID adverts.

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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

My skype won't work for **bleep** now :/


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Re: 6.13 - Quality and stability improvements

Why is there an ad for Skype on Skype itself? Please remove this, it is very intrusive.

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