Voicemail support for Windows phone?

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Voicemail support for Windows phone?

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When will we get voicemail support on Windows Phone?


Here is my issue

I am out of the office,  Skype rings, I cant resume fast enough to get to the call someone leaves a voicemail, and now I can access the voicemail, I can't call back and ask who called me?



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Re: Voicemail

This is seriously overdue. It is available on Android and iPhone but not on Windows phone. I took Skype number so that I could do my business on the road. I took Windows phone because I found both iPhone and Androind full of applications that I had very little need of. Windows met my needs with a sort of Microsoft Office included. And free music from Nokia swung it for me. 


Come on Microsoft, you own Skype and Windows - Get Voicemail working. I know I keep on hearing Misrosoft is working on much better implementation of Skype with better integration. That maybe so. In the meantime, can you provide us a workaround... maybe in the form of an mp3 file or access to the Voicemail server.


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Re: Voicemail

Still waiting for voicemail support on Windows Phone....

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Re: Voicemail

Please show your support to get this implemented by voting for the idea here: http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows-Phone-Ideas/Add-Voicemail-support/idi-p/2050185

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Re: Voicemail

Actually, it seems that voicemail support is not available on the latest versions of Skype on the Android nor the iPhone!


Microsoft: Please, urgently issue a new version of Skype which allows at least accessing of voicemail (and ideally the ability to create new voicemail greetings).


Many thanks in avance!

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