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Re: Delete history chat

MS is willing to loose market share and millions of dollars, but not willing to have users able to simply delete their chat history. As I have mentioned couple times before. Await the fall of the Empire.
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Re: Delete history chat

I'm convinced that the conversations are stored somewhere on the Internet.  When I go through the prcess of thoroughly deleting a conversation from my PC and then enter chat mode with the person whose chat I deleted, it takes about 5 seconds and then chat returns in chunks like it's downloading them.  If it was stored locally I would expect a text conversation to load almost instantly from the hard drive.

I've seen this more than once.  Our conversations are stored somewhere where we can't get at them.

And that's simply not good enough and I too am suspicious of the intent behind this.

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Re: Delete history chat

At the moment Skype is not extending functionality, but removing it.   See the iOS post.

 In the mean time Skype is no longer even mentioned as a competitor for Whatsapp, like in the NYT

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, the tech company’s chief executive, Jan Koum, said users in the second quarter would be able to make Internet calls through their smartphones similar to services that are already available on rival Internet messaging offerings like Kakao of South Korea and Viber of Cyprus.

So, what Skype is doing is to little to late.  

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Re: Delete history chat

Interestintgly, after many, many complaints regarding the loss of ability to delete chat history on the iOS app, MS has released a revision that now allows iOS users to delete chat history, and very soon after the release of the new ver. 5.0 for iOS. That means there is no technical, cloud–based reason why they cannot provide the same functionality to their very own WP users.


So why does MS continue to deny this capability to WP users?

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Re: Delete history chat

Not being able to move chat history on mobile phone is royal pain 😡 why have feature on laptop do not save chat history
Ever ? So why is there no
Way to do this on
My iPhone ?? Grrrr😡. ? This is not right it a question of privacy ? I chose to delete my chats yet Skype don't ??
This cannot be legal can
It ?
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Re: Delete history chat

At least, I have tried these steps and it works someway:

- Log on Skype on any computer device

- Delete all your message (Clear History)

- Log out, uninstall your Skype on window phone

- Re-install your Skype on window phone

However, this is so Inconvient and really a serious problem. No way to delele browsing history definately violates the privacy acts.

I recommend MS should consider to fix this bug; otherwise, there would be a thousand of sueee..

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Re: Delete history chat

It is even more funny. Apple's iOS is far better secured than a Windows Phone, what is not realy secured at all.
There is no need at all to delete your Skype History on an iPhone.  

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Re: Delete history chat

That Skype does not allow to purge chat history from servers once requested is a HUGE problem. This is not going to blow over - this makes Skype impossible to use for business chat, or private chat. 


Perhaps the moderator can address this question:


- how does Skype ensure that chat history is removed from servers if user requests it to be removed?

- what does Skype do in case user requests that chat history be purged? 

- what happens when account is not in use for more than 30 days?

- what hapens when user decides to delete account?


These are SERIOUS privacy issues and I would like to see replied to on this forum. One can expect some history on servers, but one should be also abel to purge that history onself. 



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Re: Delete history chat

Is amazin how can Skype and Microsoft don't give solution to this problem. I sent them so many feeback and never answer it. Is like them don't care abour the customer problem.

Another aplication like Samsung Tablet can delete it. Guess i will never buy Nokia anymore.

My cellphone is Lumia 720.

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Re: Delete history chat

Goodmorning they just dont care. Dont expect any answer becouse they really really dont care. Better stop using Skype i think they want us all to stop use Skype. Devolepers? I think there are no devolopers working with Skype its not to difficult to remove history in Whatsapp Telegram and so on. So
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