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Messenger/MS account & Skype account Merge

Status: Under consideration
by Plop-Plop-Mouse on ‎08-10-2013 09:48
Using Skype on Windows Phone and Surface (as well on my desktop pc) it's now obvious to me that Skype contacts need to be merged with my Messenger contacts.

The duplication on a functional and visual standpoint is just messy and confusing. At least copy the Windows concept of linking if you're not able to integrate contacts.

The log-in for Skype is unintuitive. Maybe it's time to do away with the Skype log in and sensibly switch everything to Microsoft Account log in.

I find the Facebook log in pointless and seems to me just pandering to Facebook. Which is just bizarre. By adding another complication, it's diluting the message or concept of having one account across all services.

Please absorb Skype accounts with MS accounts and scrap the pointless and confusing Facebook log in.
by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎06-02-2014 11:30
Status changed to: Under consideration
by JoscTr on ‎25-02-2014 04:30

I am surprised to see that this suggestion is under consideration still. To me, of course, it is the other way around. As with Windows 8.1, the Messenger hub should be replaced with Skype. Even more, on Windows Phone the standard Phone app should be replaced by Skype to handle all phone functionality as well. It should also be possible as an option to have Skype handle Facebook messaging in such a way that it is integrated for the contact, i.e. it does not matter if a Contact sends a message through Skype, Facebook, sms, it will all be in the same message thread.


Of course there should be Messenger and Skype account integration, i.e. clear up the current mess.

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎11-04-2014 19:22

With Skype 2.16 for Windows Phone we went the first few steps towards the full merge of both account types. Read more about it here:

by andFishGoBlub on ‎02-05-2014 02:09
Y'all need to move much faster on this
by Plop-Plop-Mouse on ‎14-05-2014 13:25
The problem is that we still get duplicated contacts, see windows phone skype app: One for Microsoft Account and one for Skype. . There should just be one Account/contact and I'm assuming it's this way because there's still a vestige of Messenger hanging around. Of all the Microsoft services, Skype is the slowest!!! It's frustrating! As for the Skype app, if this is to be the single point to go to, the UI and UX definitely needs an overhaul. . The Windows Phone Messaging Hub style needs to be adopted.
by on ‎27-05-2014 17:55
I strongly agree with this, we need to move forward, only one account to rule them all
by ShadowChaser on ‎06-08-2014 17:55
I realize this is a complicated, difficult task that you need to implement carefully. Migrating all of the existing non-Microsoft account Skype users would likely get equally as mad the merge is botched. At the same time, would nice interim step would be to automatically use the Microsoft Account profile details when the account is merged. At very least, pull the Microsoft Account profile image as the Skype image once they're merged. Almost all of my contacts forget about their Skype profile images, but tend to keep the Microsoft one up to date. Even my wife is guilty of this - I asked her why her Skype image was so blurry and out of date. Her response? "I have a separate Skype image? Why doesn't it update automatically?" The same could apply to the First and Last Names, country, and contact information. Would be a nice step in the right direction.
by dpuqb on ‎26-08-2015 22:00

i can sign this. even if contacts were just linked together it would tidy the mess up a bit. 


I dream of a day when all users get prompted that their old accounts "must" be linked to their ms-account or that the skype account will be transferred into one. And then all WP Contact lists are wonderfully healed into that neat well-arranged list they always wanted to be


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