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Bring back Skype Account Login

Status: New Idea
by DisappointedUsr on ‎06-03-2014 03:18 - last edited on ‎11-04-2014 21:02 by Community Manager Community Manager

Dear Skype, 


Please, bring back the option to login with a Skype account alone. This is no longer possible on Windows Phone and Windows RT. 


Your forcing us to create/use a Microsoft account in order to access our Skype account is unfair and in direct violation with your own Terms of Use License agreement, whereby it states the following:

"4.1 Licence. Subject to your compliance with these Terms, you are granted a limited, non-exclusive, nonsublicensable, non-assignable, free of charge license to download and install the Software on a personal computer, mobile phone or other device; and personally use the Software through your individual Skype or Qik user account (as applicable) (“User Account”). For the avoidance of doubt, (a) IT administrators working on behalf of a company may download and install the Skype Software onto personal computers or other devices used by personnel of such company; and (b) you are permitted to use the Software at a university or other educational institution, or at work. Skype reserves all rights not expressly granted to you under these Terms.


Your forcing us to create/use a Microsoft account in order to access our Skype account is also discriminatory. Users running Skype on Android, iOS, or Windows Desktop devices are not required to login with a Microsoft account.


by bwnaylor on ‎21-03-2014 19:47

Not letting me use my Skype login and forcing me to use a Microsoft account is super lame. Thanks for making me flush my Skype credit down the toilet since I can't login in my useless Windows 8 phone, what a joke. Did someone get fired for Windows 8 yet? 

by mudder on ‎03-04-2014 07:33

I totally agree with disappointedusr !!! I just updated skype on my windows phone & when it was done it wanted me to sign in , except now it would not let me unless I used my Hotmail signin & linked my Hotmail & Facebook contacts with my Skype ones !!! It angered me to the point that I uninstalled Skype from my phone until I can sign in with only my Skype sign in !!!! & if Microsoft doesn't get on the ball with their apps by the time my phone contract runs out, I'll be going Android & Google !!!

by lookbothways on ‎23-06-2014 04:56

I find I need to use my Skype login on my phone, and for the Community, but my Microsoft login to access Skype on my PC. What a hoot! After a few login attempts I can usually get it right.

by ShadowChaser 3 weeks ago
I disagree with this. They need to go the opposite direction - dump Skype accounts entirely and only use Windows accounts. The current "sort of one, sort of the other" is a confusing disaster.

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