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Better handling of MPOP (multiple point of presence)

Status: Implemented/Solved
by LeCoeurSec87 on ‎27-10-2013 18:26

It drives me CRAZY when I'm chatting with someone on my computer and I'm getting all the notifications about that chat on my phone and on my tablet (if it happens to be on, of course). Can't you somehow make the entire Skype "aware" that you are at your computer so there's no need to send notifications to your other devices at that moment? Please, do something about it.

Status: Implemented/Solved

This feature has been rolled out now. Thanks for your support.


Here's some more info on how it works:

by Dharms on ‎27-10-2013 19:02
This used to be brilliant when using Windows Live Messenger and the people hub, messages would come to the phone but when typing from the PC they would stop coming to the phone unless Messenger was "Out of focus" on the PC and then Messages would then again come to the phone in the people Hub. We need Skype to behave like this!
by cincoV ‎28-11-2013 19:14 - edited ‎28-11-2013 19:15

Agreed. In general, increase support for MPOP so that this advice on Skype's site is unnecessary:

"Can I use Skype on my Windows Phone 8 and on my computer at the same time?

You can start Skype on both devices at the same time but we don’t recommend it.

Being signed in to Skype on multiple devices may lead to conflicts between settings on the applications and you may find out that instant messages are delivered to one of the devices and not the other. We recommend only being signed in to Skype on one device at a time."

by DMuela10 on ‎28-12-2013 18:11

Work on this please

by StudioD on ‎30-12-2013 01:10
Its good sometimes to be able to jump from a device to another. For example, you could be at your PC and suddenly have to be away from your desk (meeting, lunch etc) and still be able to continue the chat, and you wouldn't always "close the browser window" on your PC. and you'd still want to see the chat history on the go... maybe the notification center also needs some work...
by Staff Moderator Staff Moderator on ‎03-01-2014 14:59
Status changed to: Under consideration
by Koert on ‎06-01-2014 11:43

I'm not sure how this would have to be implemented. But I totally agree with the general idea that it would be useful if Skype was somehow 'aware' on which device I currently am working.


For desktop: the window focus should be a good criterium.

For the tablet, pc app and WP app: having the app displayed on screen or not should be a good criterium.


If on my desktop I happen to have a Skype window open and as such I don't receive notification of new messages on my phone while I'm getting a cup of tea, that's fine. If I'm away from my desktop for a while it will go to lockscreen or standby anyway so then I'd receive notifications on my phone again.

That'd work fine for me.

by Camarojunkie on ‎25-01-2014 04:42
I use Skype all the time for work and usually stay signed in on my phone. It would be awesome if I didn't have to turn notifications off on my phone while I'm using the desktop application and then remember to turn them back on when I leave my PC.
by sandmanza on ‎21-04-2014 11:52

Agreed I keep having to open the app and turn notifications on/off depending on if I'm at my pc or not, this isnt a skype only thing of course, fb messenger and IM+ do it too so if skype pulled off multiple points of presence it would be a first.

by Spookylizard on ‎23-04-2014 03:03

Would it be possible to have the various apps 'talk' to each other, and reduce notifications based on your wifi networks? Leaving you able to configure a heirachry of notifications. Like your phone gets first dibs on notifications, unless it's sharing a network with your tablet, wherein the tablet gets higher priority. They all lose rights if they're on the same network as your PC. Ideally with somesort of temporary override, EG, hit a button on your phone it'll override your PC, if your at home, and want skype notifications, but your computer is in the other room.


Could maybe done with bluetooth, enabling/disabling notifications using a similar system. 

by on ‎14-07-2014 18:05

it works on facebook's messenger from version 0, its that simple, just stop sending notifications to devices that are not replying, if someone starts a conversation with me then all my devices get the alert, but when i reply from my computer, it stops ringing on my phone unless i dont reply to 2 incoming texts, then it starts ringing on all devices, but as usual, i expect this feature to come later on 2015, thats how skype works (:


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