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Add Voicemail support

Status: Under consideration
by FDMS on ‎27-10-2013 19:09

As the title says, I would like to see Voicemail support in the Skype app for Windows Phone 8.

by dmarelia on ‎07-11-2013 16:20

To add onto this, what's worse about the lack of voicemail support in both the WP and "Metro" versions of Skype, is that if any of them are logged in and running, Skype Desktop voicemail never picks up. The call just continues to ring on these other versions and then finally disconnects. No bueno.

by Community Manager Community Manager on ‎07-02-2014 10:52
Status changed to: Under consideration
by on ‎08-04-2014 18:44

Others mention these same issues in other message threads.


Voicemail support is of great value!

by polychromenz on ‎11-04-2014 10:26
I cant believe we need to vote for something that is so obvious. We pay for voicemail but cant use it
by JG7 on ‎14-04-2014 22:57
Please add Skype voice mail support for Windows Phone. My Skype number is my business number and I need access to voice mail when away from my laptop. Thanks in advance! I know you know this is important.
by Mantistech on ‎12-05-2014 02:09

Yes please... I really need this support on my windows phone. I don't want to have to change back to an Iphone because this feature is not supported on a Windows phone. As these are all Microsoft Products (Nokia Lumia Windows phone and Skype) I would expect that if Apple users get voicemail support then Windows phone users should too??

by PatMcK on ‎20-06-2014 19:51
I hope Skype/Microsoft is NOT waiting until Windows Phone 8.1 to fix the Skype Voicemail issue in their Windows Phone - Skype client.....
by jamuss on ‎30-06-2014 17:02
Pls, I think its fair that Skype support voicemail on windows phone. Its been available on iOS and Android for like ages. Come on guys. You are really late on this one.
by PatMcK on ‎15-09-2014 05:13
3 months latter (for me) and the Nokia Lumia problem with Skype voicemail overriding Skype account voicemail settings resulting in no voicemail capability while the Windows Phone is running the Skype App for Windows Phone (logged in). (Questions: Have Microsoft (windows Phone 8.1) and Skype actually started working together since the merger? Do they even talk to their partner Nokia ? Maybe they should all go back to using a telephone to communicate.)
by polychromenz on ‎15-09-2014 23:51

How is this still not under development. You CHARGE for voicemail and then when someone leaves a voicemail i cannot listen to it.


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