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Problem with Caller-ID setup, when the number is member of Skype Manager

Dear all,


while setting up our customer service center using Skype, we found out that is impossible to set up the Caller-ID for our existing number. The Skype forces us to buy new "Online number", which does not make sense. The only thing required is to show our customers our phone number, while calling them.


Could anyone help us, please?


Thank you and warm regards,



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Re: Problem with Caller-ID setup, when the number is member of Skype Manager

I am having the same problem. It seems like I may be able to use a cellphone but not the Skype number for Caller ID. Although, I have read that people are having trouble with that as well. The interface and support for Skype is really iffy but they are good about not overcharging you if you reach out to them. But the service itself works really well. There is definite room for improvement. 

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Re: Problem with Caller-ID setup, when the number is member of Skype Manager

Skype doesn't care at all about making it easy for people to set up Caller ID.. this has been an ongoing issue for me for over a year almost 2 ... it seems that after sending me in circles (after all if you go into accounts and select "set up caller ID" it sends you to another screen that makes you hit the same button which sends you to another screen..)for hours.. I just plain give up.  In the past when I was able to set it up it expires just before the first.. siting they just plan on peoples accounts expiring so they mess up your system every 30 days.. whether you have an excess of money in  your account or not. I have been hoping that a replacement for Skype comes soon. In the meantime; check out ringcentral.  They are pretty good and they give you a caller ID that shows your number not someone in California.. 

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