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Re: Wrong email language

In Skype settings you are required to set your preferred language.

Skype has access to this setting, and yet they choose to completely ignore it and use some bizarre method of choosing the default language for emails sent out.  


They also have access to the fact I have cleared the tick box accepting emails and adverts.  

Yet I still get emails from Skype, in Chinese, despite my settings saying I speak English and don't want spam.



Skype are not alone in this behaviour.  Many large companies have no idea what data they have available, and even less idea how to use it effectively.



Somebody at Skype probably thinks they were very clever to tailor email langauge to registration country and they are patting themselves on the back for it.   I'm sure it wasn't easy.  

Can somebody else at Skype please explain to them that they got it wrong?  You have access to our preferred language settings and our "opt out" settings", please use them appropriately.


Thank you.








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Re: Wrong email language

[ Edited ]

All of my emails are in German.  If I uncheck the "no more emails" box I may miss a TOS change, but it's not like I could read it anyway. This is absurd.  Good thing you just rolled out a "hey pay us" feature like skype wifi. I suppose I'm not too surpirsed to learn MS is the parent company.

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Re: Wrong email language

It looks like Microsoft has no handle on getting this error fixed.  I contacted chat support and was told to change my email to a different that is active for me and then change it back in a few days.  Well that did nothing and the emails are still coming in Italian.  Thank Larry & Sergey for Google Translate.


Their excuse that it's based on the country of origin is lame.  I registered in the US from day one and never moved.  Looking at the dates of the complaints of other people, this has been going on for too long.  Microsoft needs to put email language selection on the profile setting to close this problem once and for all.


Practice safe hex,



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Re: Wrong Language

I have had the same problem - I just contacted Skype via the chat option and got it resolved in a 2-3 minutes! Easy peasy!

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