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Skype for Sharp AQUOS

I recently purchased a Sharp AQUOS 60" Model LC-60LE655U 3D TV and a Freetalk camera.  I was able to sign on to Skype once and then the second time I tried, I get the message "Not Ready.  Try Again".  The only way I've been able to get it to work is to do a system reset, which means setting everything up again.  I called Sharp yesterday and they did a hard reset and it worked when they did the reset but again today, I'm getting the message "Not Ready.  Try Again."  Any suggestions?

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Re: Skype for Sharp AQUOS

I have the same TV, but 70".  I have experienced exactly the same problem.  When the firmware updated the new Skype app just gives this error.  I have written Sharp twice since mine is still under warranty but there is no action.  The last suggestion was to contact Skype.  In the end I bought an expensive Sharp TV, then bought a fairly pricy Freetalk camera, just to find out that the Skype funtion is useless. 

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Re: Skype for Sharp AQUOS

An update on the Sharp TV issue: Sharp have identified the issue and have fixed it in an updated version of their software which will be distributed to TVs later this month. - This issue only affects Sharp TV models in the US. If you are experiencing this problem on a TV outside of the USA, please let us know via this forum. - This issue is only caused on Sharp's latest firmware (152U1310171). You can fix the issue immediately by taking the following steps: 1. Reset your TV. (Menu -> Initial Setup -> Reset) 2. Start Skype, and DO NOT turn on the check-box option [Sign me in when Skype starts]. This means you will need to sign-in manually each time you turn on your TV and want to use Skype. Otherwise, wait for the firmware update later this month which will resolve the issue on Sharp TVs in the USA. Thanks for your patience.

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Re: Skype for Sharp AQUOS

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I have the same problem and called Sharp today. Skype is no longer supported or available on Sharp HD TVs period. As they we not able to negotiate a contract for licensing from Microsoft (since they now own Skype) to have the Skype application on their televisions.


The Skype website (Microsoft) recommends a Freetalk camera.... yet YOU CAN NOT USE THEM it is a Microsoft contract negotiation failure and I am now stuck with a $100+ camera that can’t be used anywhere.


Thank you Microsoft!

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Re: Skype for Sharp AQUOS

No Prob.  Skype is failing the market left and right.  What is a good alternative?  Google Hangouts?


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