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Hi there, i am got this message from unknown id and this what it say.".AWARD PROMO! We are pleased to inform you the result of the first online promotion conducted by SKYPE in UK, your skype id was among the 10 Lucky winners who won £500,000.00 You were entered as an independent candidate and your id was attached to winning Number (SKUK-663-12), to claim this prize, kindly email your full name and your Winning Ref.NoSKUK-663-12) to our prize administractor Rev. Mark Duke on:*edited for privacy*"

what do u say aout this message?

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Re: inquire

Hi, kalvi75, and welcome to the Community,


This is a known scamming and phishing attempt.  Thank you for checking it out and for not replying!  Please Block and Report as Abuse; doing so sends an alert and reports the incident to Skype.





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