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Can I move my # & Subscription to another Skype account of mine?

I've been with Skype for over 10 years.  At the time I did not know that I couldn't change my name.  My name is that of a nickname associated with a former business I've been out of for over 5 years (associated with Mexico & now I'm living in Costa Rica).

I have a U.S. # PLUS an Unlimited US & Canada plan - both of which are due for renewal in Sept. & I'm getting ready to renew my Latin American plan.

Is it true we STILL can NOT switch our User Name?


If I can not simply change my Skype name, I REALLY REALLY would like to move EVERYTHING over to a NEUTRAL name if I can.

Otherwise I'm looking at other options that are LOTS cheaper that even claims I can keep my current # & move it over - but I REALLY overall like Skype (& weekly convert people over to Skype that have been afraid of it - but Skype's REALLY ESPECIALLY AWESOME for us ExPats living abroad.



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Re: Can I move my # & Subscription to another Skype account of mine?

Hi, SarongGoddess,


Yes, it is still true: Skype does not permit the change of an account name once it is created, and neither can credit, subscriptions, or paid features be transferred from one account to another.




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