i can't log in with Skype's password.

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i can't log in with Skype's password.

       I have problem can't sign in skype with my skype password. The program say "Sorry, we didn't recognize your sign-in details. Please check your Skype Name and password, then try again." But around 3 days ago i can sign in with this password. I don't know make some mistake or not?

       Now, I still can sign in Skype but it's abnormaly coz I sign in with my MSN Account (i use Skype Mix msn version) I can't fix this problem with the way to change password coz the program say my old password not correct and I can't use the way to change password in token mail from enter primary e-mail coz maybe the program can't send mail to me. That time register skype i typing primary mail is "@yahoo.com" but in the real it's "@yahoo.co.th" coz all time i use "@yahoo.com" for contact with other else and it's ok.


    After wait the System send token mail to me for change password, I try send mail from my hotmail to my yahoo.(I typing @yahoo.com) but it can't send thay why i check my yahoo and meet it like this. What should i do? I Hope the Admin of Skype see my problem and help me. 


My Skype Name : Poung_ko

Contact me at : Poung_ko@yahoo.co.th 


*** If admin of Skype want to check i'm really ower of this Skype Account or not so you can check my activity in this day i go to add my hotmail in skype's profile and can see my hotmail Account as well. My hotmail like i register at here too.

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